Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi gets ready, n says that one slap by nikita Malik made me feel so bad n when Tushar sir will know I’m cheating him how painful that will be. Anokhi picks her identity card n walks out of her room, Parul keeping an eye on her hits her on head from behind when Anokhi was abt to call Tushar, Anokhi faints,Parul pulls her n hides her under bed n takes the card n says Tushar will marry me not u Anokhi n hides her face with ghungat n walks out.

Vrinda Sashi n Priyanka take Parul as Anokhi n ask her what’s wrong why ghungat, Vrinda abt to see her face, Parul hugs Priyanka to avoid it, Vrinda says oh how emotional come lets go to mandap,Arora n Dadu hoping Karun has done her job,Tushar waiting n excited to see Anokhi.
Vrinda n Priyanka come along with Parul

in mandap unaware of the identity,Vrinda makes her sit beside Tushar,Parul thumbs up to Dadu n Arora, Arora says good Parul has done her work well, Dadu says yes good we are as per our plan.

wedding rituals start, Vrinda says to Tilak see how lucky our Anokhi is, her husband n family are so loving n caring. Dadu says Arora smile now, I have kept my promise, Arora says yes u have, Vrinda asks Sashi to get Pooja coconut from room, Parul thinks god I hope he doesn’t see Anokhi n signs Arora to follow Sashi, Arora goes behind Sashi.

Sashi enters the room n starts looking coconut, Arora walks in n says Sashi everyone is waiting for u downstairs come fast,Sashi says yes this ok come lets go n Arora locks the room. Kunal clicking pictures, Sashi says to Gautam n Priyanka that something is fishy with Arora uncle, Gautam says forget him enjoy the wedding. Panditji calls brides father for kanydan, Tushar wispers Anokhi u wanted to says Something tell me,gautam taking Tilak near Anokhi, Arora says let me help n walks along with Tilak n helps him, Gautam n everyone else finds it odd.

Anokhi starts gaining conscious,Arora holds tilak a hand n carry on the rituals,Tushar thinks how is Anokhi quite on Arora uncle helping papa.sashi says to Vrinda , ma look Arora uncle helping papa, first he hated us now,Vrinda says forget him just focus on wedding. Anokhi gains conscious n tries figuring out what happened,n says my head is so heavy.

Panditji asks bride n groom to hold hands,Tushar puts forward his hand, Parul hesitating, Tushar says Anokhi ur hand, Dadu says yes give ur hand,Parul gives her hand,Tushar realises no ring in her hand n asks Anokhi where’s ur ring, Parul starts panicking. Anokhi says god I shd be in mandap what m I doing here but my head is so heavy n remembers someone hitting her head n says there’s some problem I have to rush to mandap but finds the door is locked from inside.

Anokhi says oh no all must be worried down there,n decides to make call n starts looking for her phone n finds it in broken state.Tushar says Anokhi why aren’t u saying anything, Dadu says Concentrate in rituals. Anokhis ays why is it me always in trouble,Kalpana on call asks when will u come,priyanaks muumy praises Tushar n says nikita ur lucky to have a son like him, Kalpana hears door bang n walks to door, Anokhi locked in but ignores n leaves.

Anokhi trying hard to get out,prays to Lord n says plz help me get out of here.

Pre cap: Anokhi with knife on her neck n kidnappers at mandap door, Tushar shouts Anokhi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Can anyoneplz tell me about which truth Anokhi is talking about?

  2. Adityakiran

    About The TRUTH Which He is Willing to Say to Tushar
    Regarding The Agreement Which She Signed With Nikhita for The Sake of MONEY for His Father’s Operation.
    5 LAKH RUPEES. Anoukhi Was Helpless to Do that.

    Ajivika Please HELP Me for ONE Thing
    How Can We See The Story of COMING EPISODES (FUTURE STORY)?

  3. what agreement??? is it like leavng him or smethng?

  4. Why there is no originality in any show? Again shameless people copy switched bride groom!!!!! And this TUSHAR IS A COWARD with a nice face NOT A HERO.

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