Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar takes the kerosene can,Kunal keeps asking from car what’s wrong n tries to figure out but gets nothing,Tushar walks with suit case n the can away from car,Kunal smells kerosene n rushes to Tushar n sees him burning the the suitcase.

Next morning everyone Wakeup n see Anokhi sleeping on grinder,Dadu calls everyone n says here are ur salary envelopes n asks where is Tushar,dadi says I think he is asleep let me call him,Dadu walks to Anokhi n keeps tushars envelope in her hand,Anokhi Wakes up n says morning Dadu,what is this n checks it,dadi goes to tushars room n finds he is missing, n thinks may be he must have gone for a walk n sees cupboard empty, Anokhi says did I get money for this flour is grind,nikita says it’s tushars,Dadu says this is tushars

salary,Anokhi says people get salary here,dadi rushes out n says Tushar is missing his clothes aren’t in room too.

Anokhi runs to room n says how can he leave,dadi comes out n asks what happened between u two,Anokhi says I think he was upset with Basuri matter,dadi says why did u do this Anokhi, anokhi says dadi trust me God promise I didn’t steal the Basuri , let me try n find something n runs out.dadu says this Tushar is a pain in nose,Jassi wispers to Pulkit not even two days n Anokhi made her husband runaway,Pulkit laughs on it. Anokhi n everyone see Tushar walk in a new suit n with a new bag, all remain surprised seeing tushars new look. Mataji smiles looking at Tushar.

Anokhi keeps starring at Tushar,Pulkit says what happened to him,Tushar removes his shades n looks at everyone all confident,he walks in , Jassi says Tushar what all is this new look all were worried here n u,Dadu says u fool always wasting money what all is this,Pulkit says Dadu I guess Tushar is trying n be trendy n fashionable but Tushar this suit doesn’t look good on u,u looked good in ur old kurtas u know,Dadu gives Pulkit a cold look,Pulkit says I mean fashion come with Change in attitude n not clothes n this doesn’t suit u right Dadu,Dadu says yes u can’t,Tushar says u are right Dadu, attitude matters n so when a person wants to change he can do what he wishes to n with a correct attitude n proper dressing.

Tushar says Pulkit bro so do u like this now attitude of mine,all are surprised with tushars new attitude,dadi says Tushar u looking very handsome,Tushar says thanku n hugs her,dadi says Anokhi do u like him,mataji says this flour doesn’t look 5 kg, Anokhi says it was 5 kg n when Tushar sir walked in lot of breeze n blew the flour too.p,mataji says new Tushar good,anokhi says yes he is looking so nice n thinks from nashpatti to total new look. Mataji says Anokhi ur salary,anokhi says Tushar sir is junior Malik why salary n then sees cheque n says so less, I thought atleast 4-5 lakhs but this is so less n gets upset n makes faces.

Mataji walks to Tushar n says it takes time to change people’s attitude n I know u will transform Anokhi into a nice good girl n now ur bday is here n it’s like u have new life as a gift.tushar in his room waiting for Anokhi,Anokhi walks I ,Tushar starts ignoring her again,Anokhi says see Tushar sir I will adjust with ur less salary but ur new look,Tushar gets a call from Kunal n Tushar says yes I’m fine, Anokhi tries to talk to him but Tushar on call,Tushar says yes it’s late but I changed myself, yes all are shocked n surprised but soon they will get use to it,Anokhi says why is this new attitude, Tushar says people are behind me Kunal, want to know abt my new attitude anyways see u later bye. Anokhi says Tushar sir why are behaving like I don’t exist,say something nashpatti,Tushar gives Anokhi a cold angry look n says what did u say,Anokhi says I will call u nashpatti,Tushar says I’m warning u dare u call me by this name,anokhi says I’m not scared of u I will keep calling u nashpatti,Tushar says try n say once again, Anokhi tries to sneak out but Tushar doesn’t let her n says it’s Tushar for u,say it,Anokhi says ok Tushar.dadu calls Tushar n he leaves with his cheque.

Pre cap: Kunal n dadi get cake for Tushar n wish him in his bedroom, Kunal says its first bday after wedding,give Anokhi cake,Tushar forces cake into anokhis mouth, dadi n Kunal find it odd.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Liking the new tushar. Anokhi deserves what his mis treating. Hope the truth also comes out that she taught kunal was rich guy and eyeing him to marry, then she realised it’s tushar who is rich.

    1. Tushar is a coward no matter how you present.

  2. Yes loving new tushar
    …hope anokhi changes her perception soon….

  3. Really liked this episode and Tushar’s new look. It was high time for him to change his clothing trend which was just not him.

    Hopefully Tushar realises that it was Nikita who trapped Anokhi in this contract marriage and the Anokhi realises also that Tushar is made for me. She needs to look beyond the material aspect of life.

  4. This is totally garbage show like another weak show like namkaran. This show is full of crappy ideas which is waste of all our time. Stupid anokhi for no reason does not communicate with tushar which makes the show unbearable. This show should end [email protected]

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