Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi sees tushars profile n funds his n Kunala picture n send shim friend request, n says oh this manager a,ways behind Tushar sir. Tushar sees friend request n say look Anokhi,Kunal says well technically she sent e, friend request n Bhai u plz say no to Parul as u know this is just a deal for Dadu. Dadu calls Tushar n says be here right away my friend Arora n his grand daughter are gonna be here for ur wedding talks be there on time.

Anokhi says Jassi I wish I would have married in same house as u did, Jassi says all are out, Anokhi says n why are u alone, Jassi says no yaar , all went to fix tushars marriage with dadus friend, anokhi says what fix wedding. Kalpana says jassi water, Jassi says ok n leaves.

Arora family n mailk family, meet in restaurant, Tushar asks

Parul how is she, she says she is fine,Kunal teases her, Parul says Kunal we aren’t kids, I’m fine though. Nikita says Tushar look Parul is still Innocent as she was when a child. Vrinda asks Anokhi to listen to her n go n stop the wedding n says first go find where they are.

Dadu says Parul is perfect for Tushar,Arora says how true n Tushar are u ok with this relation, nikita says yes he is,his ma makes decision for him, n we are very happy with it,Tushar gets a call, it’s Anokhi, Anokhi says laptop boy is here he needs signatures,Tushar says I can’t hear u,Tushar says ok ok dont send him here, anokhi says where shd I send him,due to poor connection but misunderstand each other’s words.

Kunal asks Tushar what happened,Anokhi tries calling Tushar again, Tushar says it was Anokhi. Kunal says Dadu I will pack luv fav dish, Dadu says sure n wispers to Kunal orders cheapest dish ok,anokhi tries figuring out which hotel Tushar is in,luv looks at Anokhi n says ur my mummy’s sister right, Anokhi says call me masi, Anokhi says luv u are so talented tell me where is Dadu, luv says masi Kunal Chachu was saying kachori at that hotel is very tasty,Jassi calls luv n he leaves,Anokhi calls Sashi n asks him where do we get best kachori n name starts with b,Anokhi says I got it its Bhagyashree bye n leaves.

Parul says Tushar I never thought we would get married, but I’m glad yo marry a friend like u but this is all so fast, Anokhi on her way to the hotel. Dadu says Arora what abt the deal, we have to fix before wedding, Arora says sure soon we will start a new venture together, Dadu says very nice. Anokhi reaches hotel n says God I wish Tushar sir is here in this hotel, Anokhi closes her eyes,n Tushar passes.

Anokhi starts looking for Tushar,she sees Tushar going upstairs n says oh look Kunal n so my Tushar is here. Anokhi follows him n sees everyone together n says now I have to stop them now,Anokhi sees Parul going to washroom n follows her n acts as if on call n say Tushar Malik won’t attend the anti alcohol session, Parul says what, u said mailk, actually I’m tushars fiancé,anokhi says so u are the one bcoz of who Tushar sir is changing, i mean he is leaving cigarette alcohol drugs all for u n plz, don’t tell anyone or else my job u know, Parul says oh no n leaves.

Anokhi keeping an eye on everyone, Anokhi hears Parul say yes to Tushar, Anokhi says oh no.

Pre cap : Anokhi says Parul I told u abt Tushar sir but u, Parul says u liar I know u were tricking me, Parul holds anokhis hand n takes her along with her n says Tushar do u know her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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