Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar at selfie Chowk n messages Anokhi abt it,Anokhi looks at Tushar n says oh he is here to, Tushar unaware messages can we meet me plz, Anokhi says sure, Tushar says wow u here only how nice, and actually I got to know abt the conditions so, Anokhi says yes n says lets have Channa Behl, n don’t worry its hygienic,bhaiya says only one remaining, Anokhi says no worries we will share.

Tushar tastes it n funds very spicy, n says anyways conditions, Anokhi says forget that think abt our wedding functions n sees Parul starring at them,Parul walks to them n says so u two really getting married,that was quick Tushar n u really were in relation right, Tushar starts coughing due to strong taste,Parul says Anokhi don’t u even know that Tushar doesn’t eat too spicy,

Anokhi grabs bottle off Paruls bag n says instead of letting me down u could have helped him, Parul says anyways good luck bye, Anokhi says don’t worry sir, Tushar says I like u calling me nashpatti.

Anokhi says ok ok now calm down n enjoy our wedding functions n says look at this ring picture how pretty n classy, Tushar likes to see Anokhi very excited abt their engagement, Anokhi says I can handle anything. Anokhi gets message from Jassi to come in time for challenge by Jassi, anokhis ays oh it will be easy my sister she is after all.

Anokhi next day’s wakes up late n gets ready n abt to leave calls pizza delivery boy n says I want ur pizza from Chandani Chowk branch n rides with delivery boy to office, the boy keeps complaining but Anokhi says shut up n drop me.

Dadu trying to adjust the time so that Anokhi isn’t late, Pulkit says where’s Anokhi it’s 10, Dadu says no it’s not see, dadi has all dust on her hand , Dadu says what’s on ur hands, dadi says look Anokhi is here, on time n winks to her, Anokhi says I got pizza for u dadi, Jassi says ur challenge Anokhi, n it is u have to live my life today, Anokhi says ok, Jassi says every single work sitting in wheel chair, anokhi says good I will even be trained to be part of this house,Jassi says like me I mean lift ur left leg,Anokhi finds difficult to stand, Jassi says good, actually I don’t have an extra well chair so u will have to work on one leg.

Dadi says that is very difficult Jassi, Jassi says I do it everyday n its best to taste Anokhi bcoz if some day she meets with an accident can she serve us as I do n keep the balance so let’s see can she balance with one leg, Dadu says Jassi is right. Anokhi says Jassi u know I have rod on my leg, Jassi says ok Anokhi won’t do it,Dadu says ok then no Tushar n Anokhi wedding.

Anokhi says can I some other option,Jassi says no, Anokhi says ok I accept the challenge, Jassi says very good, Pulkit get the rope, Pulkit tries anokhis left leg so that she can’t keep it down n has to manage with her right leg which has rod in it, Anokhi is in great pain, Jassi says its 10.15 n if u keep ur left leg down U loose it, then no functions nor wedding, Anokhi abt to fall, Tushar catches her, Jassi gets very angry.

Tushar helps Anokhi stand n says careful, are u ok Anokhi, this challenge, n looks at Jassi n bhabhi, anokhi says I will manage,Tushar says u are very intelligent Anokhi u can do everything n the smartest person I know, n so u will manage this n complete this challenge very easily, Dadu says Tushar go do ur own work,Tushar leaves Anokhi. Dadu says Jassi explain her what to do, Jassi says Kalpana whole day u have to be with Anokhi n keep an eye on her n smiles at anokhis condition.

Anokhi says oh god, plz be with me.

Pre cap: Anokhi stumbling an working, Tushar says to Kunal , if she can complete this challenge for me I will get her this ring she liked yesterday.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Irritating jassi.just hate u…

  2. Thanx tanaya for updating the shoe

  3. Hate Jassi. Anokhi believes on her so much. Bahaar se kuch aur and andar se kuch aur.

  4. Hope anokhi will do the task

  5. Tushar loves her so much,hope she eventually falls for him and doesn’t ever hurts him..
    Jassi is really annoyingannoying,I liked her in “Is pyar ko”.

  6. Please teach Tushaar some words to talk. He is a very shy guy, cannot tolerate him. I think Anokhi has to teach him a aa e ee to him now.

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