Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mataji sees dadi helping Anokhi n walks to them n says gaumti I asked u to teach her not help her n if u don’t agree to what I say I will fats whole day tomorrow,dadi says I’m sorry,mataji says Start working now,anokhi says yes I,mataji says I’m talking to Pulkit n Jassi go start working and Pulkit hand this broom to Jassi n u go rest, Jassi will do remaining cleaning,Pulkit says thanku n hands Jassi broom n leaves.

Dadu says to dadi, I’m so happy to see Anokhi get punished,who shameless of that stole Basuri n caught her red handed,unbelievable,mataji says yes it is unbelievable, Dadu says mataji I told u not to trust this thief, how can u give her such easy punishment,she shd be sent jail,dadi says enough she is daughter in law of this house,mataji

reminds Dadu of things he stole when he was young,n says so did u turn into a thief or go jail,Dadu says u comparing her with me,mataji says no I’m not I’m just saying every person deserves a second chance n leaves.

Anokhi working on the stone grinder n says this is impossible to finish this in a night n thinks of an idea and goes gets a table a big container and attaches rope to it. Jassi abt to add dust in grains,mataji stops her n asks what are u doing,Jassi says I wa sheer to ask Anokhi to help me throw this dust out,mataji says learn to do things on ur own, anyways the gardens looks clean,Jassi smiles at her,mataji says u won’t get a gift for it go sleep now.

Parikshit says nikita what’s wrong with u,it’s all weird Mataji n Tushar are against Anokhi now,nikita says us re right but I don’t care really but this Anokhi how did she enter my room,anokhis phone rings she thinks it’s Tushar but it’s Vrinda,Vrinda asks how come u are awake so late,I wasn’t feeling sleepy so called u n is all fine there, Anokhi starts crying n says ma Tushar is upset with me, he doesn’t even talk to me properly n today he,Vrinda thinks God I hope he didn’t learn abt contract,n says yesterday u said all is fine what happened suddenly,nikita comes there,Anokhi says I will call u later bye.

Nikita says Anokhi hero adept u steal Basuri form my room,I will not leave u alone,anokhi says I did that bcoz mataji asked for Basuri,nikita says be great full mataji spared n me I will not leave u so easily,Anokhi says what will u do,I’m not scared u of anymore I will do whatever I want to,nikita says how dare u n abt to slap Anokhi,Anokhi holds her hand n says don’t mess with me, I know very well how to deal with people like u,nikita says u cheap, I guess u forgot abt contract,anokhi says oh yes n so u want me to be scared bcoz of that contract, so the thing is I told Tushar sir abt the contract n he even forgives me for it but anyways how come Tushar is ur son,he is so nice but u,anyways u can do nothing now except if u want to help me with this punishment or else leave,nikita leaves angrily.

Anokhi makes her idea ready, mataji keeping an eye on her, Anokhi with her idea makes the task very easy,mataji gets very impressed with Anokhi.anokhi says Tushar sir today I will take u up n ask what’s wrong with u,Anokhi walks to bedroom but mataji asks her so is ur task over,anokhis ays u didn’t sleep yet,mataji says that’s not what I asked,Anokhi says no I just wanted to see Tushar sir,mataji says no need first finish ur work. Tushar asks Kunal to stop car n asks him to stay in car n gets down,Tushar takes kerosene can.

Pre cap : dadi tells Tushar isn’t home,all start looking for Tushar, Tushar walks with the kerosene can.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This show is total failure! This TUSHAR is nothing but a COWARD. The story is full of garbage, it is waste of time.

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