Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi saying this Kunal how dare he say cut from my salary, Anokhi thinking of Tushar as Kunal, Tushar knocks door n gives some more files to Anokhi, Anokhi says u taking revenge from me,thank god tushar sir saved me but u, Anokhi gets call from Vrinda,Vrinda says ma I’m working I’ll call u later bye, Anokhi looks at Tushar n says u still here, what u want, Tushar says miss Anokhi calm down why are u, Anokhi says don’t think I’m week I’m very strong player, dare u plot anything against me,I’m keeping an watch in u, keep in mind.

Jassi looking at her wedding lehenga, Kunal says bhabhi u want anything I’m getting medicines, Jassi says u go I will manage in my own n have to fix lehenga for wedding, Kunal asks what wedding,Jassi tells abt

Arora n Tushar wedding n ask him to keep mum. Kunal goes n informs Tushar abt Parul n his wedding.

Anokhi forgets her bag in office n goes to get it back, Kunal asks Tushar what will he do now,Tushar says u know Dadu I will have to meet Parul now,Kunal says I know u like Anokhi so what will u do, Tushar says Kunal plz, Kunal says see u blushing, Tushar says I don’t know I feel like taking a stand for her, Kunal says this is love effect, Anokhi effect, so take a stand again n say no to Parul.

Kunal says this is final this relation can’t be done,Anokhi listens this,Anokhi says oh no Tushar sir getting married. Jassi sees Anokhi walking away n says Kalpana u know I’m not Jassi Mehra now I’m Jassi Malik,Anokhi listens n says Jassi n walks to Jassi n says Anokhi kisi me haath na aye,Jassi looks at Anokhi, Anokhi says I thought ur my Jassi,Jassi says ur Chandni Chowk anokhi, anokhi says u are my Jassi hi n hugs her, Anokhi looks at her wheel chair n asks how did this happen,Jassi says met with an accident, n I’m fine now, Anokhi says if ma n Shila tai wouldn’t fight we would have been together, Jassi says forget it its past, is that car urs, Anokhi says yes yes it’s mine n Jassi I’m so happy to see u n how are u.

Anokhi gets call from Vrinda, Anokhi says ma u won’t believe whom I met today, Jassi sees car leaving, Anokhi says ma wanted something so I sent driver, Jassi says Anokhi that car is mine n u still are same, still u keep lying, Anokhi says bye Jassi n leaves. Anokhi says why God u put me in such situations,but today I will buy a car.

Anokhi taking test drive of a car,Anokhi sees everyone starring at car, n says cheap people , Anokhi gets off the car, salesman ask mam did u like the car, Anokhi says this car won’t fit on my colony roads, actually now I can’t afford this card, but some day sure I will buy this n that too from ur showroom, thanku n leaves.

Anokhi tells everyone at house abt seeing Jassi in Malik house,Anokhi says there’s a sad news too,Jassi met with an accident n she is on wheel chair now, Vrinda says learn something from Jassi, Anokhi says what, Vrinda says if Jassi can get married in that house why won’t u, papa says forget all that, Vrinda says do one thing marry that insurance agent ur papa brought, papa says Vrinda u are like a poison trust me,Vrinda says u can’t afford anything not even poison so be quite.

Tushar n Kunal jogging, Kunal says u have Anokhi now what will I do. Anokhi says to Vrinda, ma Tushar is gonna get married soon, I heard him taking to manager Kunal,but Tushar doesn’t want to, Vrinda says this is a good sign n remember one thing this is a good opportunity n now u have Jassi there too n so start studying on Tushar n get to know him well n then no one will come ur way.

Vrinda gets off the auto n says keep in mind my advice take care bye. Anokhi says ma is right I will send friend request n will get more info abt Tushar, Anokhi searches for Tushar Malik. Kunal says Tushar what will u do now,I have an idea we will tell Anokhi that me that is Tushar dont wanna get married n so plz act as Tushar sirs girl friend to stop Dadu, Tushar says no Kunal. Anokhi looks at tushars account n gets shocked.

Precap: Jassi tells Anokhi that everyone is out to finalise tushars wedding, Anokhi tells Vrinda abt it, Vrinda says Anokhi u have to stop this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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