Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi shocked to see Dadu n nikita n hides her face, papa n Vrinda walk to them n welcome them In,Anokhi says he came home to complaint, Vrinda says poor Anokhi woke up late n is busy n is so tired working all day and she also has new job offer but she denied saying I will work at Maliks,Priyanka go get tea, nikita says I’m actually sorry abt yesterday we are guilty abt it so very sorry and all that I said abt states n job it wasn’t meant to hurt u n so sorry if u were hurt by my comments.

Papa says nikita it’s ok, nikita says we are here for one more thing n looks at Dadu, Dadu says we are here with marriage proposal,Anokhi imagines dancing all around the house,Dadu says we are here for Tushar n anokhis marriage proposal.nikita says but Dadu has some conditions,

Dadu says after marriage, I mean this marriage will take place when nikita n Jassi agree to Anokhi for Tushar and so Anokhi has to pass 3 tests, Vrinda says what, Dadu says yes I know it’s weird but it’s necessary n our ritual.

Tushar cooking, dadi says ur Dadu will come with good news, tushar says its so hard to believe all this,nikita says as Anokhi passes the tests, functions will take step by step, but if she fails any of the tests, she will lose her job n Tushar,tushar says dadi it was wrong what happened yesterday,dadi says u two live each other n so all will be fine,anokhi says nikita mam even I have a condition if I pass all three tests u have to relief me from repaying the losses,Dadu says ok.vrinda says that’s good get sweets Priyanka.

Papa says wait Anokhi are u fine with all this, Anokhi says yes papa,I accept this challenge,Dadu says ok we shall leave,nikita stops Anokhi n says don’t think I will help u solve these tests m Anokhi says ur help no way n ur keys, it’s for them after all.nikita leaves.

Anokhi to whole Mehra family, I will win This challenge, Vrinda says now u will have lot of maids, Anokhi says there’s only Kalpana,papa calls Vrinda n she leaves,Gautam says this is wedding not a joke so be careful Anokhi. Tushar says dadi this tests n all I’m not liking all this, it’s like a burden or a trap,dadi says don’t be negative, ur love will give her strength to win all these challenges, Anokhi will pass all of them now tell me what are u doing for sangeet,Jassi hears dadi n Tushar talk n gets surprised.

Dadi says tushar I’m with u, all will be fine,Jassi says Tushar why are u upset, dadi says see even I’m telling him same thing, dadi says Tushar see u are in love, so if Anokhi needs help how will we help him, we need to think on that.

Anokhi says I was born with struggle n so my marriage will be a struggle too n abt Dadu mailk he is strict with employs n not family n Tushar sir he is so sweet n always stands by me, n when I have my family with me all my challenges are worth facing n now it’s time to end my struggle, look at Jassi living in peace, n so will I now after marriage,Gautam says ok Anokhi if u are happy we are happy. Anokhi says thanks for being with me. Nikita says Kalpana make herbal soup with less masala, Jassi very angry, adds Chuli Powder in soup, nikita says what’s wrong, Jassi says Anokhi mummy, nikita says Jassi stop it.

Nilay says Jassi why all this drama, have some water, Jassi says I always told u Anokhi ain’t right for us, nikita says why are u troubling urself, n who told u she is gonna marry Tushar, she has to pass tests, Jassi says dadi is gonna help Anokhi, nikita says but we are deciding challenges n so she will never pass them n so she will be kicked out of our lives n u know her weakness so make a tough challenge, so relax now.

Jassi says Anokhi now u will never win, u have to face me n that’s not a easy task.

Precap: Anokhi says to Tushar u don’t worry abt conditions n challenges u think abt wedding functions n be positive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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