Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi says Tushar sir why didn’t u stand for me, I didn’t steal the Basuri I was, why are u ignoring me, why are u angry, I will never stark anything, u know that, u know me then why didn’t u stand for me,Tushar says no I don’t know u,Anokhi says what,Tushar says I really don’t know who u are, it’s just few days since our wedding, in such short span how can I know u,Anokhi says us re saying this, Tushar says yes it’s me saying this, may be even u don’t know few secrets abt me n so do I,Anokhi says I never knew u would leave me this way in half way,mataji calls Anokhi,Anokhi goes out.Tushar says even I didn’t knew u would cheat me Anokhi.

Anokhi goes out, who,e family gathered already,mataji says Anokhi it’s time

to repay for ur mistakes, u have to go with this punishment,Anokhi says but mataji I didn’t steal I was, no sees Pulkit pulling heavy jute sack,Jassi smiles seeing that n gets very happy n excited,Anokhi says God what is this,mataji says ur punishment,Anokhi asks what am I supposed to do,mataji shows Anokhi a stone grinder n says u have to first clean n then grind these grains, nikita starts smiling too, mataji says n yes by tomorrow I want 5 kg flour ready.

Jassi says Anokhi, why do have u think for punishment when u didn’t think while stealing,anokhi says I didn’t steal trust me,Dadu says shutup I caught u red handed,mataji says enough,Anokhi u have to go through this punishment n if u are innocent God would have given us some sign,Pulkit wispers to Jassi now have fun seeing ur sister in pain,mataji says everyone leave but this place is so dirty needs cleaning,Jassi says ok Kalpana go get broom n hand it to Anokhi,mataji says Pulkit u get it n give it to Jassi u two will clean whole garden n living, Jassi says us why,Anokhi made mistake, mataji says she got her punishment but don’t u forget she saved us too and now go start with garden I don’t want any uncleanliness n anyways Jassi even u made mistake by making fun of Anokhi.

Everyone leaves, Anokhi says mataji I will just talk to Tushar sir n then begin with work,mataji says no need u won’t leave unless u done with ur punishment,Tushar sitting with recorder n thinking abt his meets with Anokhi,Kunal walks in n says so u ready, I can understand u are finding it weird, shall we talk to mataji abt it,Tushar says no lets go n packs a bag,Kunal says I never thought u will ever take this decision,n why mataji wants u to do so, what all is happening is so confusing, but ur friend is always there for u,Tushar says I have made up my mind,let’s go n leaves with bag n Kunal n while going sees anokhis family picture n gets emotional.

Anokhi thinking abt how will she manage 5 kg flour in just one night,she walks to kitchen,Kunal says Tushar Anokhi can’t see u while u leave n so let’s leave quickly. Jassi In garden with pulkit says this mataji is a pain,Jassi hears some noise n calls out who it is, pulkit says I hope it isn’t mataji, Anokhi walks to them n says it WA some just went to get a big dabba,Jassi says did u start,Anokhi says not yet now I will n leaves.

Anokhi struggling to open the grain bags,Pulkit n Jassi watching her struggle, Anokhi rushes to kitchen n gets matchbox n burns the nylon thread n with help of her hair pin opens the bags, but by mistake spills the grains, Pulkit says look Jassi she is making it difficult herself n starts laughing, n gets back to cleaning n says Tushar this time didn’t save Anokhi,Jassi says poor Anokhi,Pulkit says anyways everyone isn’t lucky like u.anokhi gathers all grains n thinks it’s Kalpana n says thank god u came to help me n sees dadi, dadi says Anokhi do one thing give this to me n helps her gather all grains n teaches her how to clean the grains.mataji says so do u want me to fast tomorrow,dadi n Anokhi turn around n sees mataji.

Precap: Anokhi makes an arrangement to grind the grains quickly,Jassi slowly tries to add dust in her grains.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. tanya ur update r not dat bad but if u can, can you write it lengthy? u dont have infact i can understand why u r writing it like this, noooooooo prooooooobleeeeeemooooooooossss!!!!!!!!!!!!!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Epi was good! hoping for tushar anokhi’s children!!!!!!11

    1. guys i didn’t know what to write so i just wrote waiting for tushar and anokhi’s children coz that’s what dadis usually say!!

  2. Nice serial

  3. Why did tushar left house. They are so nice but I think it will boring nowdays

  4. Ha ha ha Pari Miss…

    Pls update the Monday episode..
    Sad to Tushar ans Anokhi that way, pls clear everything soon and show the real face of Dadu and jassi and Nikita

  5. I too want mataji to realise the true faces of jassi and nikita and know that it was nikita that stole the bansuri. Also that jassi can walk. Isn’t this serial ending soon?

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