Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar says Tushar Malik, Tushar points at Kunal as Tushar mailk,Kunal says we met right,Anokhi says yes at my brothers wedding, Kunal sits on managers chair, Anokhi says this is his chair why are u sitting, Tushar says his company his wish, and sir I have explained all the work, Kunal says good very good, look there are files go start with ur work. Anokhi gets shocked seeing bundle of files,Anokhi says n where’s laptop,Kunal says laptop,Tushar says here no one uses laptop we work manually n so even u have to follow what we do, Kunal says yes Anokhi work hard n if u need anything else just let us know.

Nikita sees Anokhi in office n says u are late n I hope work is done on time, Anokhi says sure,nikita says I have a surprise for u, get back to work u will know later abt

it n leaves.
Kunal to Tushar lets keep this act going for some more time I’m loving it,Tushar says I’m not I dont lying, Kunal says it’s not a lie just a confusion, Tushar says actually she is so scared for u but me she speaks to me freely, Kunal says see that great,n miss Anokhi thinks she is very smart, Kalpana comes n says nikita is calling u two.

Anokhi says I have decided this company needs laptop for speedy work n calls dealer. Priyanka gets to know that Gautam gave washing machine n says we would manage, Gautam says it’s fine, n it will help u n mummy so let it be n we needed a machine, Priyanka says thanku. Sashi walks in n says I made a hanky for u, designer hanky u know,Priyanka says thanku Sashi,Gautam says yes go now.

Dadu n luv reach home,after walk, delivery boy stops Dadu n says I got delivery of laptop,Dadu says what no one uses it here, u must be wrong, Dadu checks address n says wait here I will be right back n goes inside house n starts shouting who got it,Anokhi says I asked for it n why are u shouting, Dadu says Tushar come down,Anokhi thinks Dadu is delivery boy n says wait i will give money n why are u shouting, Tushar n Kunal comes down, anokhi says look at this delivery boy, Tushar says Dadu she is the new accountant, Anokhi says oh no.

Anokhi says I mistaken him as delivery boy I had ordered laptop, Tushar says what laptop,nikita walks down too, Anokhi says this is my company too n so I thought abt speeding work of company so,Dadu says so appointed her, u told me she knows her work look at her, she bought a laptop without anyone’s notice,and u this is my company, and so I know what my company needs, give it back, delivery boy refuses to take it back.

Dadu says this girl is so useless n Tushar u appointed her so u will pay for it, Anokhi says but Dadu,Kunal appointed me not Tushar sir,nikita mam also appointed me, nikita says what do u mean I asked u to get laptop, Anokhi says Dadu this will help us do work very quickly n will save time n so more work can be done, let me show u features of this laptop, Dadu says u useless girl get out of my office, Anokhi starts walking away.

Tushar says Dadu, laptop is imp for working, and this expense is for company’s benefits, Kunal says yes Dadu this will be very helpful for company’s future, Tushar says n if u think later that this is useless u take away from anokhis salary, Jassi says Dadu this girl is very intelligent plz let her be,Dadu says did anyone check can this girl work or just talk, nikita says she’s got laptop lets see if she works.

Dadu says Anokhi said time is money right n so save time n money n do all work In a day n show me n leaves, Tushar says Anokhi, Anokhi gets angry n leaves, Jassi heards Anokhi n gets surprised.

Pre cap : Anokhi thinks of sending Tushar friend request n abt to open his account.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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