Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi says u accept my conditions n then u get keys, nikita says how did u get these keys, Anokhi says it’s a secrete u see, nikita says shut up n tell me ur conditions,Anokhi says ok,u insulted my parents n that wasn’t done n so my first condition is u will ask my parents for forgiving u for the insult u did, nikita says ohk I will next, Anokhi says u need a bride for ur son Tushar n so the deal is u have to convince Dadu for me n Tushar,nikita says what. Anokhi says once I marry Tushar these keys will be urs, nikita says no way,Anokhi says ohk forget these keys then n remember no way u can get to these keys,so think quickly, nikita stops Anokhi n says how do I believe these are real keys, Anokhi says u will get to know when I marry Tushar that these are real.


says ohk I agree to ur conditions give me keys, Anokhi says how do I believe that u may not turn after I give keys n so first convince Dadu n then these keys, Anokhi thinks abt how upset her papa was n says nikita Malik u called me a penny right so the penny is taken as a auspicious coin so never come down to my standards n if u do it again u will never know what standards I will show u, so would be mother in law get going.

Jassi sees Anokhi with nikita n says what are they doing together. Jassi later goes to Anokhi n asks are ur parents fine, u can share ur pain with me, Anokhi says Jassi all is fine it was just a misunderstanding so forget it, now I will work on time n repay losses, Jassi says I saw u talking to mummy,just be careful n u can share ur secrets with me, Anokhi says I’m soon gonna marry in this house, mark my words now I got to work bye.

Anokhi sees a ladder in between n keeps it away, n after that sees Tushar hanging n says give me my ladder, Anokhi says sorry,Tushar gets down,Anokhi says this is my job why are u doing it, Tushar says no worries, was just helping u,anokhi says why,why are u so sweet with me,tushar says u know it right,Anokhi says I shd leave now bye.

Tushar says I love u Anokhi n says its so easy but never can tell her when she is in front of me. Parikshit says to nikita how did Anokhi manage it, I worked since so long but could never but Anokhi, nikita says look Anokhi messaged me,she is so over smart, parikshit says this picture she sent proves the keys are real,n invaluable and Tushar anyways love Anokhi n we don’t really care abt what he does, we have a free accountant n tank keys so let Tushar marry Anokhi, nikita says I have to do something very soon.

Anokhi with keys in her house,n gives it Sashi m Sashi says why is this key having m sign, Anokhi says I made it m for mehras.dadu says what nikita Parul has boyfriend, nikita says yes even Arora u cake knew it they wear cheating us, our son got saved thank god, we are saved from big insult, Dadu says us re right what next, nikita says we shd forget abt aroras n think abt Tushar n Anokhi,Dadu says what, nikita says we get a free accountant u see, Dadu says Tushar is a coward n how will he handle business after us but that girl never, nikita says plz listen.

Dadu n dadi n Tushar together, Dadu says Tushar do u really love Anokhi,dadi says look at his face he likes her, Dadu says but I don’t like that girl, dadi say su aren’t marrying Anokhi, Dadu says u are making big mistake tushar, Tushar says but I want to marry her, Dadu says go sleep, dadi says go son I will talk to him.

Dadi says Tushar never asks u for anything but plz for once do something for his wish, Dadu switches off the lights,dadi starts troubling him n says plz a accept Anokhi.

Vrinda wakes up n says this leakage God, I have told this man, papa says budget is low,Gautam calls Priyanka n says look at this shirt,Priyanka says its mama her saree marks, anokhi wakes up n says these people fight 24* 7 oh no I’m late n checks phone n says nikita Maliks no message I hope she didn’t get to know these keys are fake n no issues if she agrees well n God or else let it be.

Vrinda on breakfast table as well complains, anokhi says mama why didn’t u wake me up now Dadu Malik will scold me n sees nikita n Dadu standing in front of her n says oh no Dadu.

Pre cap : nikita says to mehras, we are guilty abt last night n Dadu says we are here for marriage proposal but have some conditions.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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