Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tushar wishes Anokhi congratulations n says what did u say to, Anokhi says plz keep to ur business, Tushar says tomorrow be in time Dadu will ask for u don’t be late n here is ur appointment letter, Anokhi says thanku Kunal,Tushar says u can take ur ice cream home too congratulations.

Vrinda gets stuck in washing machine, Priyanka n Sashi try pull her out,she comes out, Priyanka says sit here I will get u water, Sashi says ma what were u doing in here, Vrinda says shut up, Priyanka go arrange food anokhi will be here anytime, Priyanka says ok aunty, Vrinda says Priyanka now u are part of this family n now call me mummy, now go work,Anokhi walks in n says so Priyanka how are u n sorry I couldn’t arrive in time for function n this machine, oh Rajni aunty, Priyanka asks

how was ur interview, Vrinda says Priyanka go in kitchen, Vrinda tell me u got rejected.

Anokhi says ma I’m not like Sashi, Vrinda says Sashi go get some grocery from market,Anokhi says ma I got selected n that in mineral waters office, Vrinda says what in Malik n sons.

Tushar tells Kunal abt anokhi said confusion that he is Kunal n not Tushar, Kunal says why didn’t u clear it, Tushar says I don’t know, I got chances too but I didn’t tell n u know she is so talented, she is not like others there’s something in her like a spark, Kunal says wow spark n all, anyways u talking so much n that too abt a girl this is interesting, do u like her.

Anokhi shares her interview experience to ma n Priyanka n also helps Priyanka in kitchen, Vrinda says Anokhi now take advantage of this n get yo know nikitas son n impress him may be u become a permanent memeber in their house. Kunal says Tushar for sometime keep this confusion as it is may be some interesting thing will cook. Anokhi says ma I have to study tomorrow I have to see head of company some Dadu.

Dadu stops Jassi wedding video n says Jassi I’m here to share some good news, n it is, Dadi says what are u teaching them, Dadu says listen watch the video in reverse its great fun, all watch it n have fun,Jassi says to her hobby oh this is funny for u, dadi says Jassi no one will make fun of u, my lovely daughter, Dadu says now we will have one more wedding in this house, I have fixed tushars wedding with aroras daughter, n Parul n Tushar no each other very well, Kalpana asks dadi are u ok with it, dadi says I was saying, Dadu says no more delay, nikita says Dadu Arora are rich people, Dadu says yes they are n will be helpful in our business too, so make necessary arrangements n don’t tell Tushar or else he will run away as usual, dadi says Parul is really nice.

Kunal n Tushar join them,Tushar asks what are u discussing, Dadi says nothing, Dadu says what are u here for, Tushar says Dadu a girl,I mean accountant is finalised, Dadu says ok tomorrow I shall meet her. Anokhi studying accounts, Vrinda says wear this top n go n o have told Sashi to give it a modern touch, Anokhi says ask him to be careful,Priyanka says Anokhi here’s hot chocolate for u, Anokhi says thanku I love u, Vrinda says Priyanka give ur gold earrings to Anokhi for interview ok n now go to sleep, Priyanka says ok bye, ma leaves.

Anokhi says wait Priyanka don’t go, n I don’t want any earrings n don’t be so bothered abt ma,Priyanka says aunty is so changed, and on other hand even mummy is behaving so weird,anokhi says don’t interfere in these elders business n now go have fun with ru hubby.

Vrinda wakes Anokhi n says it’s 9 Wakeup, quickly, Anokhi wakes up n says oh that nikita will kill me if I’m late, get me parathas I’m not bathing.

Dadu waiting for Anokhi n says Tushar where is ur account and did nikita meet her, Tushar says yes, Dadu says I’m going for morning walk n if I don’t see her when I’m back fire her. Dadu leaves n Anokhi walks in, Tushar says u are 45min late, Anokhi says u are a manage don’t behave like a Malik, Tushar says what, anokhi says come lets go do some work.

Vrinda scolds Priyanka on calling papa uncle, papa says let her call me uncle I like it, Rajni calls Vrinda, Rajni says abt the machine, Gautam says oh we got machine n will reach soon with Priyanka, bye now. Gautam says Priyanka go get ready we will be late. Papa calls Gautam n says come here read this joke on my phone,Gautam takes phone, papa typed thanku son, I’m proud of u.

Anokhi gets to her desk , Tushar says Dadu was asking for u, Anokhi says n where is Jr. Malik, Tushar says he will join soon, anokhi says he must be a dude man, luxurious life n all, Kunal walks down, Anokhi says oh look Jr Malik n imagines being on a date with Kunal,Kunal kissing her hand n gifting her diamond ring n both sharing drinks n having quality time.

Tushar n Kunal shook Anokhi, Anokhi realises it’s a dream,Tushar says hi I’m Tushar Malik.

Pre cap: Kunal gives a huge bundle of files to work,Anokhi says oh god I need a laptop.
Delivery boy at Malik house, gives Dadu laptop, Dadu in shock listening laptop.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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