Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi says papa I will work overtime from tomorrow, Dadu says not tomorrow from today itself, Anokhi says ma papa u go home n relax such things happen n I will work with full dedication n honesty I promise, Vrinda n papa leave.

Papa has his insult by Maliks going in his mind, n says Vrinda u were right my job is just a necessity, dadi says to Dadu why did u not tell us, Jassi says yes so much of wastage , Dadu says I never said I called them for marriage purpose it was ur misunderstanding n u Tushar remember u will take every step in ur life as I say put it straight in ur head, Anokhi walking upset, Jassi looks at her n gets very happy, Anokhi thinking of the insult.

Gautam n Priyanka join Vrinda n papa,Priyanka says how was it, Vrinda says it was a little misunderstanding.

Tushar says I’m feeling so bad for Anokhi n her parents I can’t even face her, they see Anokhi walking away, Tushar calls her but Anokhi keeps walking, Kunal says I hope she isn’t committing suicide, Tushar says oh no rushes behind Anokhi,Anokhi looks down the terrace, Tushar holds her n pulls her n both fall down, Anokhi looks at Tushar, Tushar says suicide, Anokhi starts laughing n says no no, even Tushar starts laughing.

Anokhis hair get stuck in tushars shirt, Anokhi tries to remove it, Tushar finds a weather n says u are as light as this,Tushar n Anokhi get up, Tushar asks what are u doing here, Anokhi says this tent I was here for this, Tushar says oh n u can call me nashpati as u use too, Anokhi says I agree I was upset but suicide no ways, Tushar says I’m very sorry, Anokhi says it’s ok but my parents they are very much let down,Tushar says u go down me n Kunal will manage, Dadu falls down n all rush to him,dadi says this ur punishment for today good u fell down.

Vrinda says my brave daughter, Gautam says how did they do this to my sis,Priyanka drops pickle on Vrinda saree n she scolds Priyanka. Dadu in pain,Kunal gets medicine,dadi says calm down stop shouting, n lay down, let me call doctor, Dadu says no no that will be costly, dadi says I think he broke his hand, Anokhi gets ice pack but Dadu shoos her,Anokhi gets an idea n holds dadus hand n says I was basket ball champ in college n helps Dadu n his pain goes away.

Dadu says my hand, dadi says Anokhi slowly, Anokhi says done, check it, Dadu says how dare u do it,dadi says wow look u are all well, Dadu says oh yes my hand,Anokhi says thank god, dadi says Anokhi thanku so much God bless u, anokhi says it’s ok dadi, nikita says I’m we shall leave papa take care,Anokhi I will go begin with my work.

Dadi says to Dadu look u insulted her but she helped u,I’m telling u she is very nice girl. Anokhi gets home n sees Gautam n says u, Gautam says tell me first are u fine, Anokhi asks where ma papa, Vrinda n papa fighting,papa says I’m tensed u plz don’t bother me, Vrinda says forget those Maliks, nikita must be joking, papa says how dare she insult my daughter n my job n my status too, Vrinda says ok forget it n calm down,Anokhi says oh god.

Vrinda n papa walk to Anokhi, papa says when did u come Anokhi n are u fine, Anokhi says yes I’m fine, n I was abt to tell today’s misunderstanding scene to Bhai n Priyanka, n papa think positive. Anokhi looks at her parents n thinks nikita Malik u hurt my parents n so tomorrow u will see how Anokhi takes revenge.

Nikita next day sees her phone ringing n says who is texting me n sees Anokhi asking her to meet her asap, nikita says I can’t believe how can she order me, nikita walks to garden sees Anokhi standing in front of drum of which nikita asked her to get keys,nikita says how dare u message me, Anokhi shows her the keys n says this is drums key, nikita says u got it good give it to me, Anokhi says not so soon n I will give u if u agree two conditions,nikita says how dare u,Anokhi says anyways I found these keys so u have to agree to my conditions.

Pre cap : nikita says to Anokhi,ok I will convince Dadu for ur n tushars wedding.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. This serial is close to reality as there are many who make a relation just for money….
    I think anokhi will now slowly realize the love and fall for tushar unconditionally and not his money.
    Also there will be more secrets lying within for anokhi to find out abt tushar… I guess the maid as his mother and not Nikita.
    Anokhi will then try to correct everything wrong done to tushar and also will give him self confidence.

  2. Liked the anokhi tushar part and dadi where she said bhagwan ne aapko giraya hai and he fell down…

  3. Nice show

  4. Is tushar nikitha’s son..? I don’t feel so.. may be kalpana is his mom…

  5. Superb episode…. I like anokhi’s attitude… Eagerly waiting for tussar and anokhi’s wedding….

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