Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi runs to nikita n says plz plz I can’t do this,tear contract I can’t cheat Tushar sir, he saved my papa, Tushar sir says my family is his too, I can’t cheat a man Whil is so caring n good, he is ur son too, plz don’t do this to him,nikita says step away Anokhi ,dare u try n reach this papers or else I will show these papers to everyone n they will hate u, Anokhi says I will return ur money n falls in nikitas feet n says don’t do this plz, thief snatches papers from nikitas hand n runs away but dashes Tushar n papers fall down,Tushar runs behind the thief but he sneaks away, nikita lift those papers, Tushar asks ma what are these n why do u look so worried abt them.

Nikita says Tushar nothing, hospital forms,Tushar says but that man why did

he want it, nikita says don’t worry, Anokhi says sir u here plz rest, Tushar says I’m fine, u need rest, n ur dad gained consciousness, go in n meet him, all is fine now, Anokhi smiles n goes in.

Tilak sees Vrinda crying, Sashi says ma stop now papa is fine, Anokhi runs to Tilak n hugs him n asks how are u now, Tilak says saw u now all good,Anokhi says u know ma was so worried for u n she even said she loves u the most, just imagine, Vrinda says Anokhi not in front of everyone, Dadu walks in, n says good to see u fine, don’t worry abt wedding,I have postponed the wedding,Jassi says Dadu how come, Dadu says don’t u trust ur Dadu, I have managed it by a day,Vrinda says thanku, u people have helped us a lot, Jassi says how will Chachaji attend wedding, doctor says he can on a wheel chair n the child u helped Anokhi entertain, his parents has arranged for personal nurse for mr talik, Tilak says come now let’s get doing with wedding arrangements.

Dadu messages Arora, tomorrow Tushar n Parul wedding fixed, dadi says now just a day n u n Anokhi will be wedded, nikita thinks welcome to hell Anokhi, now wait n watch how I torcher u. Anokhi says I have to tear contract in any condition before wedding, I can’t cheat Tushar sir.

Dadi helps Tushar get ready for wedding, dadi calls Kalpana in n says tell me how is Tushar looking, Kalpana says very handsome, n I have to tell u something, Tushar says yes plz,Kalpana says I know I’m just a maid but I have known u since u were a baby, n now look u are so big n handsome n going to enter new phase of ur life n so I got u curd sugar can I, dadi says Kalpana u don’t need permission give me, Kalpana says I also got him a sehra, Tushar says very pretty n hugs Kalpana.

Everyone gather at samuhik Vivah, Anokhi says ma papa u go in, I will join u later. Parul takes dadus blessings. Dada n Arora smile n says go n sit inside no one shd see u, n here’s ur wedding lehenga,Arora says yes be careful. Anokhi looking for nikita, she sees luv n asks him where is ur dadi,he says she hasn’t come yet, Anokhi says good till then I will call Tushar sir n tell him truth, Anokhi couldn’t reach tushars cell, Anokhi sees lot of grooms with sehra n says Tushar sir must be here too let me check.

Photographer comes to click them, Anokhi shouts Tushar sir, Tushar says yes Anokhi, Anokhi follows the voice n finds it coming in from a room n enters room n finds Tushar without shirt, Tushar hurriedly puts over shirt wrong side, Anokhi says sir u wore it the wrong side n leaves. Anokhi leaves n dashes Parul unaware it’s her,Parul hides her face n abt to walk away, Anokhi stops her n says excuse me,brides room is this way, Parul ignores her n walks away.

Anokhi says I will snatch papers from nikita, Vrinda stops Anokhi n says where are u roaming, papa is calling u. Tilak says Anokhi bcoz of me ur handi was interrupted, dadi says why cry here’s haldi, apply it, luv making aeroplanes,finds contract paper in nikitas bag n starts playing with it, Tilak applies haldi to Anokhi. Dadi says Anokhi go take blessings from ur mother in law too, Anokhi takes blessings from nikita, nikita says bless u n leaves with her bag, Anokhi sees luv plane,n says one minute n opens it.

Pre cap : Anokhi asks luv where u got this paper from, he says dadis bag.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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