Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi sees Priyanka making sweets n tastes it n makes bad face n says u added salt instead of sugar, ma says what is this,Anokhi says I was joking eat it its very yummy, ma says Priyanka use less ghee next time, Anokhi says ok ma bye I’m leaving,papa says wait give her curd sugar, ma says I have chocolates for her n not old curd sugar n today is muhdikhai n I want no scene their anyways Rajni,Anokhi says bye bye n leaves with Sashi on scooter.

Tushar in shop, Anokhi calls him for address, Tushar tells her address,Anokhi stops Sashi in between n says u leave now from here I will manage in my way go now bye. Kunal driving n nikita along with her, Anokhi passing bye stops Kunal n says Palu stuck in car, nikita adjusts it n leaves. Anokhi reaches Malik house n sees its just

lik instead of Malik n says what’s wrong with this name n sees a big Line for accountant interview, she asks watchmen their is accountant interview held here, he says yes, Anokhi says but this looks like a house, he says office is here to go stand in line.

Anokhi stands in line, she sees a tier nearby n drags it n sits on it n says this house is so huge, Tushar taking interviews, he is asked to get ice cream for lunch, Tushar sees luv n says come lets go take ice cream,he says Chachu I want malai Ice cream, Tushar says ok come lets go.

Anokhi says let me quickly grab a ice cream n rushes to shop n asks for taste of each flavour,Anokhi tastes all the available flavours, salesman asks which flavour u want , she says no no I will come later, Tushar says already eaten whole tub n says will come later, Anokhi turns n says u, Tushar says yes me,Anokhi say actually I didn’t get to a flavour so, anyways I got a job here so I’m buying family pack so bhaiya give me this one n takes a family pack n says I’m short of Cathy I will go get it from atm n leaves the shop.

Tushar comes out n says here ice cream for u congratulations, here’s a special cone for u n family pack for ur family, Anokhi says thanku,Anokhi walks inside the shop n counts the number of spoons she ate no ays it’s my lucky number wow, she sees a poor little girl looking at her ice cream n gives it to her, Tushar sees it n smiles looking at Anokhi.

Everyone gathers at anokhis house for muhdikhai, Sashi joins them n starts praising all aunties their,aunties also get along with him very well n ask where is Anokhi, Vrinda says she is gone for job interview n let me call Priyanka,mpriyanak gets tea for everyone,guests give gift, priyanka says aunty but, Vrinda says take it don’t say no it’s their love for u.

Anokhi sees no one in line n says oh so I’m first after lunch break, watchmen says u are late the job has b en appointed, Anokhi asks who, he points at a person, Anokhi sees Tushar n says he got, n says he took my job, Anokhi walks inside the office, the new appointed stops her n says who are u, Anokhi says who are u, he says I’m the new accountant here,he says u go marry n settle n use ur accountant skills in cooking, Anokhi says u are right but I’m here to prove myself n to my papa, I can work with my papa too but I’m here, u know I could get a better salary anyways all the best, Tushar hears all this, the guy stops Anokhi, n says I don’t want this job u plz recommend me at ur papa office, Anokhi sees his profile n says wow u are so talented here is address n fakes an address n says go, he says thanku for helping n leaves.

Anokhi thinks what was Tushar doing in office if he is the selected guy.rajni gets washing machine, Vrinda gets very happy,guests praise Vrinda n says Priyanka is so lucky for u Vrinda, Tushar walks down n sees Anokhi eating ice cream in his office n says it was for ur family right, he sees fly in her dress n shoos it off n while he touches her both feel a current, Anokhi says what was that, Tushar says u are always so charged so anyways what are u doing here, Anokhi says I’m here for interview, Tushar says u got a job a right,Anokhi says I’m preparing for interview, Tushar says but a candidate is finalised, Anokhi says yes I know and I.

Precap: Anokhi sees a lizard n starts shouting n climbs on chair, Tushar says relax clam down.
Nikita sees Anokhi n asks what are u doing here, Tushar says she is here for interview, nikita says among the whole crowd u found her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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