Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi washes her face n finds her engagement ring missing, she looks around n sees nikita step in,nikita smiles at Anokhi n says interesting get up, I heard u were dancing in children’s ward, good how much did u earn, Anokhi says 50000, nikita says that’s less right, anyways I’m here with a deal for u,Anokhi asks what do u mean, nikita says u fooled me for tank keys n I wished to throw u in garbage cans but my soft heart , so here sign these papers n ur papa will be my responsibility, this is marriage contract of u n Tushar.

Nikita continues, u want to marry Tushar but I don’t want this to happen n so u will be on contract marriage n in that period u got to do as I say n the moment contract ends so will ur marriage, so this is ur deal so sign them n

get the cheque n u have no time to waste as u know, it’s 1.25 , u have just 5 min left to save ur dad.

Vrinda gives anokhis cheque to Gautam n says Gautam see what’s the total, Gautam says it’s not sufficient I guess we need to shift papa to government hospital. Anokhi says what do u think of me, nikita says a greedy cheap girl, Anokhi says yes I am just bcoz I’m poor n u can do this to me only bcoz off this situation, yes I’m a middle class girl but have principles n I want to earn money an atleast I’m not a hypocrite like u rich people, ask ur money it’s just a paper but only one who hasn’t seen a garbage can but I will not turn a garbage can for sake of money n I’m not selfish as u think of me,this offer is needy for me for my dad but u are dealing ur sons life,n for sake of Tushar sir who loves me a lot I can never deal him,u are the cheapest mother.

Nikita says enough Anokhi,Anokhi says yes that’s it enough I reject ur proposal I will not cheat Tushar sir,n throws contract n nikitas face n walks away. Anokhi sees her family weeping in front of room, Priyanka says Anokhi papa needs blood but we couldn’t, Vrinda says Anokhi look Tushar gave blood to ur papa,Anokhi looks at Tushar n says thanku to Tushar, Tushar smiles n signs Anokhi to smile too, Vrinda says unlike Priyanka he didn’t even think a minute to give blood how helpful n caring of him but operation, Anokhi says we need full amount, Gautam says we are short of 2 lakhs, doctor says we need quick decision to take or u may lose mr Mehra or he may also go in coma.

Vrinda says Anokhi do something save ur papa,Anokhi gets call from nikita, Anokhi looks around her family all disheartened n picks the call. Nikita says look at the corner I’m standing u still have some time to rethink, come out n sign the contract or else let ur papa to die n u will be responsible for it. Anokhis ays God help me on one hand papa n other Tushar sir.

Anokhi says ma do we have anything to sell or mortgage, Vrinda says no nothing, Gautam says lets take him to govt hospital, Priyanka says no that’s risky, Gautam says but this hospital is very expensive. Nikita abt go leave, Anokhi runs behind her car n shouts n stops nikitas car. Nikita gives a wicked smiles n gets out of car, n asks what u want now,Anokhi says I will sign these papers, nikita says ok so I have 4 conditions noted in those contract n signing them means u know u have to agree to it n follow them.

Condition 1 tank original keys, 2nd u have to continue to be accountant n 3rd u will have to do every single task I ask u too, 4th after 6 months u will divorce Tushar.anokhi says what divorce, nikita says don’t worry, in return u will get huge amount after all this is the reason u marrying Tushar as u don’t love him, Anokhi says yes I didn’t love him n wanted to marry for luxurious but I respect him n never wanted to cheat him n I’m singing just for my papa,nikita says I don’t have the whole day for u so quickly. Anokhi has tushars love for her going all around in her mind.

Precap : Vrinda shouts Anokhi ur papa. Arora asks Dadu are u sure marriage will take place tomorrow, Dadu says yes yes even if her dad has to come here on stretcher.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think tushar has taken cheque from dadu yesterday.why didn’t he pay?

  2. Don’t know what’s happening ….
    Dadu, Nikita how come they both do like this…

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