Humko Pyaar Hua – SS By AngelAshu (Part-6)

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Recap: swasan mehandi and sangeeth rituals.. swasan close moments..

Lets Starts Part-6 Of #Humko_Pyaar_Hua

He turned another page of album..

Swasan Haldi picture present there with Some lines..

Sanskar: really..?

Swara: u donno..??

Both giggles..

They start remembering flashback..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

In gadodia house music playing loudly..

A smile occurred on all faces..

Swasan seated in their respective places..

Yellow coloured curtain hanged between them..

They trying to see each other..

All teasing them badly while applying haldi..

Swara looking most beautiful in yellow coloured attire.. and Sanskar looking hot hunk..

Sanskar just waiting to meet her..

After mehandi Dulha & Dulhan cant meet.. its a rule in marriage traditions..

Both went different rooms to take bath..

He calls her..

She saw his name on her phone display.. blushed..

Finely she lifts call..

Sanskar: Swara am coming to balcony.. I wanna meet u..

Swara: nooooooooooooooooooooo.

Sanskar: kyuuu..

Swara: Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari.. aaj hamare haldi ki rasm hue hai..

Sanskar: so what..?

Swara: it means we cant meet till marriage..

Sanskar: achaa..? means till tomorrow evening nooo I cant wait..

Swara: u have to wait..

Sanskar: aree yaar.. wo rules na aise hi hote hai

Swara: we have to follow na..

Sanskar: Madammm we can break rules.. coz rules hote hi break karne ke liye.. waise bhi rules break karne se bahut maza aata hai..

Swara: haha Sanskar.. jina maza rules ko break karne me aati hai na.. usse bahut zyada maza rules ko follow karne me aati hai..

Sanskar feeling proud to have her in his life..

Swara: what do u think.. mje man nahi hai tum se milne ki.. haan..??

Sanskar smiles to listen her..

Sanskar: but I cant want na

Swara: till marriage.. then am with u only na..

Sanskar: hmm.. miss u..

Swara: miss u too..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Sanskar: u know what swara.. that day I felt much proud to have u in my life.. as a life partner..

Swara smiles..

Sanskar: u r the most expensive gift in my life

Both share a sweet hug..

Sanskar turned another page of album..

Swasan marriage pics college present there.. with some lines..

In one pic.. Swasan Jaimala Ritual..

In one pic.. swasan seated in mandap..

In one pic.. Swasan Saath phere..

In one pic.. Sanskar putting Sindoor in her hairline..

In one pic.. Sanskar ties MangalSutra around her neck..

By watching this Sanskar suddenly hugged her tightly..

She hugs back..

She smiled to see his affection..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Gadodia house fully decorated with lights.. curtains.. flowers..

All guests reached GH to bless Swasan..

Middle of the hall mandap Present..

Sanskar Seated at his place and following Panditji Words..

And Waiting for his Princess..

He wore cream coloured Sherwani which was designed by red coloured lace..

He wore red coloured Sehra..

He looking stunning in dulha Avtaar..

Panditji: Dulhan Ko Lekar Aayiye..

Shomi Signs to Ragini..

Ragini went upstaired

There Ashu makes Swara gets ready..

Swara wore red coloured Lehangha.. which is worked by golden lace..

She wore heavy diamond jewellery..

She wore red coloured veil..

Its covering her face..

She looking just amazingggg

Ragini just looking Swara with a Bigggggg smile..

Ragini: waooo Swara.. jiju will flat pakka..

Ashu: waise Ragini.. teri jiju to pehle hi flat ho chukka ta na..

Both giggles

Swara blushed..

Ragini: chalo chalo.. panditji calling..

Ragini and ashu brings her to mandap..

They makes she seated beside him..

He felt happy with her presence..

She too..

Panditji asked Swasan to exchange Malas..

Swasan did..

Panditji asked to come Shekhar, Shomi there..

Panditji: Gadh Bandan Kihiye..

They tied Swaras Chunnari with Sanskars ..

Panditji asked to do Kanyadhaan..

Shekhar and shomi puts Swaras right palm in sanskars right palm..

They followed Panditjis words..

Shekhar Shomi eyes became wet.. by seeing this ragini too got emotional..

Ashu composed Ragini..

Ragini went to Shekhar and shomi.. makes them calm down..

Panditji Asked to Stood Swasan for Saath Phere..

They did 7phere together.. as said by panditji..

They seated at their positions..

Panditji asked Sanskar to tie Mangalsutra Around her neck..

Sanskar Did..

Then Panditji asked Sanskar to fill her hairline..

Ragini came there and ups her veil..

Sanskar filled Swaras hairline with sindoor..

Panditji: Vivah Sampann.. from now u both are Husband and Wife..

Swasan looked at each other and smiles..

BG plays..

Kaise Kab jud gaye hum..

Honton pe kili sargam

Aage rab ki marzi..

Aasu de wo hasi..

Do dil bandhe.. ek dori se..

Do dil bandhe.. ek dori se..

Do dil bandhe.. bandhe ek dori se..

Do dil bandhe.. bandhe ek dori se..

Both stood and took blessings from all elders..

All blessed Swasan heartfully..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

He broke hug and cubing her face..

Sanskar: u know what swara.. that dayyy.. that day is most memorable and special day for me..

Swara: I know.. coz mine too na..

Sanskar smiles and turns another page of album..

Swasan first night pic present there with some lines..

Sanskar looks at swara with naughty smile..

She blushes and hides her face with her palms..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Sanskar enters into his room..

He felt happy to see his room like that..

His room full decorated with rose petals..

Its full romantic weather..

His gaze fallen on bed.. his princess seated there..

He smiles and locks room door..

He turns to bed side..

There is no one..

Sanskar: ohh god.. here my princess was seated na..

He looks all sides but no one is there..

He tensioned little bit..

Suddenly he noticed two hands presence around his chest.. from back..

He felt relaxed and a smile visible

BG plays

Aahate.. kaise hai aahate..

Suntaa hu aaj kal..

Khed bataa

Dastake.. dete hai dastake..

Kyu ajnabhi se pal..

Khed bataa..

He touched her palms with his palms..

She broke hug and stepped back.. he turns to her..

He saw her.. she still in veil..
He slowly removes her veil..

He places her chunnari on bed

He mesmerized to see her beauty..

She closed her eyes..

He touched her cheeks with his palms..

She slowly opens her eyes with smile..

Both have a sweet eye lock..

BG plays..

Kuch to hai jo neend aaye kam..

Kuch to hai jo ankhe hai nam..

Kuch to hai jot u kehde to..

Haste haste marjaaye hum..

Heee aayyyeeee hooooo.

Hmmm yeeeee.

Sanskar: kyaa baat hai.. aaj to tu hamesha se zyada beautiful lag rahi ho..

She blushes and downs her face..

He ups her face by her chin with his hand..

Sanskar: y r u silent haan..?

Swara: nothing

Sanskar: really..?

She smiles and turns back..

Sanskar hugs her from back..

He places his chin on her shoulder..

She felt his touch she blushing more..

Sanskar: ur blush makes ur beauty more and more..

He smells her hairs..

She start breathing heavely..

BG plays..

Mujh se zyaada.. mere jaisa..

Koi hai to wo tu..

Phir na jaane.. dil mera kyu..

Tujh ko naa de saku..

Kuch to hai jo dil gabraa yuu..

Kuch to hai jo.. saan na aa yuu..

Kuch to hai jo hum honton se..

Kehte kehte keh naa paaye..

Heee eeyyyeeee

Heee ooo hahammm..

Sanskar makes her turn..

He peaks her forehead..

She smiles..

Sanskar: I missed u soooo much.. kal se nhi mila hu tum se..

Swara: (looking her with lovely smile) I missed u too..

Sanskar: waise.. maza kuch zyada hi hai aise wait karne me..

Both giggles..

He pulls her close by holding her waist with his right hand..

His left hand playing with her hairs..

Sanskar: now tell me.. I won in ur task or not..?

(that chat task)

Swara: my prince never lose any task..

Sanskar: so. (ups her eye brows) I won..

Swara: hmmm

Sanskar: then.. remember na.. what u said..

Swara: hmm bolo.. kya karna hai mujhe..

Sanskar: pehla to thank god.. punishment se bach gaya.. ummm.. now u have to do what I say..

Swara: kya plan kar raha ho Sanskar.. (her hands placed on his chest)

Sanskar: ready..?

Swara: (nervously) hmm..

Sanskar: tumhe ek promise karni hai..

Swara: kaisi..

Sanskar: mera jitna bhi janam ho.. tumko mera hi sath rehna hoga.. mera life partner banke..

Swara eyes became wet..

Swara: its not need to tell Sanskar.. I made only for u. chahe jitna bhi janam ho.. am with u only..

Sanskar: bore nahi hojaogi na..

Swara: kabhi nahi.. I promise u.. Im with u only till my last breath and in all janam too..

He took her in his warm embrace..

She closes her eyes and hugs him tightly..

Sanskar: so, princess.. ur prince have something for u..

Swara: (broke hug) really..? what..

He shows one platinum chain to her which have SS heart shaped pendant..

Swara: its lovely

Swara again turns back..

He places her hairs one side..

And he places platinum chain around her milky neck..

Swara smiles.

He places his palms on her shoulders and makes her turn..

This pendent increases her beauty..

Swara: (touching pendant) I LOVE U My Prince..

Sanskar: I LOVE U TOO My Princess..

Both smiles and Share a HUG..

He broke hug..

He kisses her fore head..

He kisses her both eyes..

He kisses her noses..

She blushing hard..

He kisses her both cheeks..

He kisses SS pendent..

While kissing pendent.. lips touched her neck..

She felt nervous more..

He comes to her lips..

He softly places his pips on hers..

She slowly brushing his hairs..

He grips her waist..

Its became passionate one..

BG plays..

Jo hamare darmiyaan hai..

Issko hum kya kahe..

Ye ishq kyaa hai.
Ek lehar hai..

Aao isme bahe..

Kuch to hai jo hum hai koi..

Kuch to hai jo tum na soye..

Kuch to hai jo.. hum dono yuu..

Haste haste itnaa roye..

Both broke kiss due to lake of oxygen..

She blushing more while avoiding eyelock..

He ups her by arms..

And moving towards bed..

He places her on bed..

He leans on her..

Sanskar: (looking her passionately) r u ready to became mine forever..?

She closes her eyes with smile..

He got positive signal from her..

He felt happy and start kissing her again..

He kissing her neck with much passion..

She hugs him tightly..

He switch offs lights..

And covers a duvet on them..

After some time.. they consummate their marriage and became each other forever..

They slept in each other embrace..

The night passes..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Sanskar: by the way.. princess.. that night is soooo memorable na..

Swara: (blushing hard) hmm..

Sanskar: ur checks became red again..

He kisses her cheeks..

She smile..

The Episode ends..

Precap: Swasan Moments.. (Last Part)

So, friends how was the episode..

Am really glad to got ur response..

This SS is my Fav one..

I will miss this..

And haa I will continue FF only..

After somedays I will start new SS.. but present only FF (love makes life beautiful)

And haa.. my new SS topic is really interesting one..

So.. wait for new SS too..

Any way.. dont miss last part..

Lots of love for u all..

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