Humko Pyaar Hua – SS By AngelAshu (Part-4)

Hello friends

I know u all are very very angry on me..

But try to understand my state after SR dear..

I try to write many times.. but I cant..

Any way.. today I came with Part-4..

And.. swasan will alive in our stories always..

Keep reading and enjoy more..

Okk.. okk.. bak bak finished..

Now come to story..

Recap: Swasan Special Chat.. they told about their relation at home.. parents acceptance..

So, lets starts Part-4 of #Humko_Pyaar_Hua

Sanskar turns another page of album..

Swasan engagement Pic present there.. With some lines..

Sanskar: pata h swara.. That day I felt nervous first time.. Mje dar ta.. kya my ye responsibility nibha paunga k nhi..

Swara: hmm.. But u always managing ur responsibilities very nicely.. Thats y I love u more..

He smiles..

*** Flashback Starts ***

Both families meet and happy for each other..

They fixed engagement..

Gadodia hall fully decorated with curtains.. Lights.. Flowers..

All are busy busy in receiving guests and engagement preparations..

At upstairs..

One beautiful angel seated in front of mirror.. Sliding bangels to her hands..

Suddenly she listen Maheshwari family reached there..

One sparkle came on her face..

She is none other.. She is our swara..

At that time 2girls reached there..

Girl2- (talking loudly) haan haan.. Blushing..

Girl1- toda blush chupaakar rakho Jiju yha nhi h na..

Swara stood and beats them play fully..

Swara: u guyz.. Shut up..

Girl2 : haha swara.. See ur face in mirror..

Girl1 : wait wait.. I will capture and will send to sanskar Jiju..

Girl2 : sambhallke ragini.. Kahi ye Teri mbl le legi to..

Swara: good idea.. (She snatch ragini mbl).. Ab ye Meri paas rahegi..

Girl1 : kya yaar Ashu.. Tu Meri sath swara ko tease karne aayi ho ya apne dost ko ideas dene aayi ho..

(Yes.. Girl1 is Ragini Gadodia and Girl2 is Ashu)

Ashu: I will do both..

Ragini pouted..

Swara and ragini giggles..

Ragini: hogayi tum Dono k.. Chalo ashu.. Ab ye haar swara ko phnane me Meri help karo.. (Pointing jweal box in her hand)

Ashu: hmm.. Jaldi.. If we late.. Sanskar will kill us..

Ragini: well said..

Both makes wear haar to swara..

She looking damn beautiful.. Her simple smile increasing her beauty more..

Ragini: swara.. U r looking much beautiful today.. Pakka Jiju aaj hi maang bharega Teri.. Haha..

Ashu: tujhe Badi jaldi h ragini.. Toda sabar rakho.. Swara k baad Teri hi number h..

Ragini: Meri liye nhi ashu.. Tere liye.. Haha..

Ashu: dekha swara.. aajkal ragini ko meri fikr zyada horahi hai..

Trio giggles..

At that time shomi came there..

Shomi: jaldi chalo.. Panditji calling bridal..

Ashu and Ragini bringing swara to downstairs..

She wore orange coloured heavey diamond worked lehanga with somple jweal set..

Her hairs left freely with a little curves at edgs..

She looking like waooooo

She stepping down..

Ashu stood right side and ragini stood left side of her..

Suddenly he noticed she is coming..

He turns to stairs side..

He wore orange colored golden worked sherwani..

He looks like just dashing

He start giving gaze to her..

She noticed and smiles..

He stood middile of the hall..

Where ritual want to happen..

His all looks at stairs only..

His angel is there na..

He looking her more passionately..

She start blushing due to his romantic gaze..

A big curve appearing on her lips automatically..

BG plays..

Aasmaanon se utaara noor hai koi

Aasmaanon se utaara noor hai koi

Aisa lagta hai ki hoor hai koi..

Aasmaanon se utaara noor hai koi

He start stepping towards her with makes all shock..

When she noticed he coming to her..

Her heart beat increasing more..

He ups 2-3 steps and forwards his hand to her..

She smiles and she want to hold his hand.. but not giving hand to him..

All looking swasan with smiley faces..

Sanskar gestures her to give her hand..

But she blushing more not giving..

Suddenly ashu took Swaras hand and slowly placed on sanskars hand..

Sanskar smiles..

He holds her hand.. helping her to came down..

BG plays (Continue)

Chalte hai to sang tere

Chandaa bhiii chalta hai

Hasti hai to sang tere..

Phool khil jata hai

Tu jo palke jukaaye..

Sayaa darta hai..

Aasmaanon se utaara noor hai koi

Finely they reached that place.. where wanna ritual happen..

Swara and Sanskar stood in front of each other..

Both looking each other..

Shomi and AP stood beside of Swasan with A ring box..

Panditji askes them to exchange rings..

Sanskar took ring from AP..

He askes swara hand..

She giving with a bright blush smile..

Which makes his happy double..

He sliding ring to her finger..

But his gaze on her face..

She notices that and blushes more..
Both looking into each other eyes..

BG plays.. (Continue)

Sagar si ankhon me teriii

Nashaa saa chayaa hai

Mehaki si sanson me teri..

Kushboo ko jagaaya hai..

Tu jo chehara utaaye..

To din nikalta hai..

Aasmaanon se utaara noor hai koi

Aasmaanon se utaara noor hai koi

Then swara took ring from Shomi..

Took sanskars hand and slides nicely..

All clapped..

Ashu and Ragini starts leaving flowers petals On swasan from upstairs…

Swasan both smiles to see that..

Swasan took blessings from all elders

All gives blessing swasan heartfully

After some time..

All busy in dinner..

Swara walking at corridor..

While remembering his gaze..

Her lips have a big curve..

She lost in his thoughts..

Suddenly she got pulled in one dark room by two strong hands..

She about to shout..

She closed her mouth

He: shhhh Swara.. my hu..

She taking breath heavely..

Swara: sanskaarr.. tuu

Yes he was our Sanskar..

Sanskar: shh swara.. dheere se baat karo..

He close door

Swara: sanskarr.. kya kar rahe ho.. ye door

He suddenly pinned her to wall..

She stops her words due to his act..

They have a little sweet eyelock..

BG plays..

Bheeghe bheeghe sadakon pe mai..

Tera intzaar karoon..

Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko tere hi naam karoon..

Kudh ko main yoo khodu..

Ke fir na kabhi paun..

Hole hole zindagi ko..

Ab tere hawale karu

Sanskar: tumhe yaad hai.. today we got engaged.. and madam ko mere liye waqt hi nahi..

Swara: Sanskar.. wo meri relatives..

Sanskar: acha.. to relatives more imp than me..

Swara: nothing like that..

She about to leave..

He blocked her way..

Swara: Sanskar.. kya kar rahe ho.. chodo..

Sanskar: chodne se mujhe kya faida hoga..

He coming close to her..

Swara: koi dek lia to hum dono ko yaha..

Sanskar: dekne do.. now we got engaged.. we have rite na..

Swara: sannsskaar.. chodo na.. jane do..

Sanskar coming more close to her..

Swara: muje kuch kaam hai.. jane do na..

Sanskar: mujhse bhi imp..??

Swara: leave me Sanskar

Their faces became more close..

Sanskar: tell franckly swara.. u dont want to spend ur time with me..

Swara: no

Sanskar shock and stepped back..

Swara: I want to snatch ur time for me.. (smiley face)

He relaxed and giving naughty smile to her..

Sanskar: swaraaaa tum bhi na

He about to come close to her..

She start running..

He running behind her..

BG plays..

Sanam re Sanam re..

Tu mera sanam hua re..

Sanam re Sanam re..

Tu mera sanam hua re..

Karam re.. karam re..

Tera mujh pe karam hua re..

Sanam re Sanam re..

Tu mera sanam hua re..

Ooooo. Oooooo.

Finely he catched her..

He holds her by her waist with his hands..

Sanskar: how can u go like this.. haan..?? I wont leave u my princess..

Swara: I know.. my prince never leave me..

Sanskar: acha.. how u know..?

Swara: I know all things..

Sanskar: then u know very well.. ab kya hone wala hai..

(pulls her more close to him)

She blushes..

He moving his lips to her..

She closed her eyes..

He softly placed his lips on her..

It was their first kiss.. I mean first lip kiss.. haha..

Both lost in each other..

They came in scenes feels embarrassed..
She steeped little far to him..

She downs her face.. with a simple smile..

He goes to her placed his both palms on her shoulders from back..

She turns and hugs him tightly..

He smiles and hugs her back..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara hugs Sanskar sidely..

BG plays..

Murli ki taanon si.. vedon puraon si..

Mohan ki geeta ki jaisi tum

Tumse hai achaai.. Tumse hi Sachaai..

Tulsi ki seta ki jaise tum..


Sanskar: u know what Swara.. that day I dont wanna leave u.. but.. ye ashu and ragini disturbed us na..

Swara: haha.. sanskaarr after shadi.. no one disturbed us na..

Sanskar: wo to hai..

Both giggles..

Swara: I never thought Sanskar.. I never thought ki my love journey itni achi hogi..

Sanskar: u are sooooooooooooooooo special for me swara..

He caressing her hairs..

Sanskar: Pata hai.. tumhare maang me mera naam ka sindoor..

tumhare gale me mera naam ka Mangalsutra..

always shows how much we loves each other..

and tumhare honton par ye smile shows how much u happy with me..

Swara smiles more..

Swara: life bahut achi lagti hai Sanskar.. jab jaan dene wala jeevan saathi saath ho..

Sanskar: (hugs her) hmm..

BG plays..

Tere bina.. jeena kyaa..

Tere bina.. jeena kyu..

Tere binaaaa.. jeena kyaa..
Tere binaaaa.. jeena kyu..

Tujhe kaise batau yaara..

Tere bin mujh pe kya guzre..

Wo zindagi hai hi nahi..

Jo tujh se juda guzre..

Dhal jau main tujh me..

Bhul jau main tujh me..

Mil jau main tujh me..


He left a peack an her hairs..

Episode Ends..

Precap: Swasan marriage rituals.. Swasan moments..

So, friends.. how was the epi..

Hope u all will like..

And dont miss upcoming interesting episodes..

Dont forget our swasan..

Swasan forever for us..

Keep reading.. keep liking.. keep commenting..


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