Humko Pyaar Hua – SS By AngelAshu (Part-3)


Hello friends..

How are u all..??

I know u all waiting earlyly.. but just think about my situation after listening off air news..

So, not able to write..

I will try to be regular.. if I hurt u guyzz.. am sorry..

Anyway forget that all..

An amazing episode waiting for u all..

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Recap: swasan expressing love to each other and acceptance..

Swara gives a task for Sanskar.. swara rokzz Sanskar shokzz..

So, lets starts Part-3 of #Humko_Pyaar_Hua

Sanskar turns another page of album..

Swasan chatting pics present there.. with some lines..

Swara: yaad hai Sanskar.. my task to dia.. but I scared if u didnt complete this task..

Sanskar: relax my princess.. ur prince won na finely..

Swara: and aa.. hamare chating.. waooo.. kitna maza aati ti..

Sanskar: haa.. jo dekhega.. hosh ud jaata ta.. pakka.. ek dum shock..

Swara smiles..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Swara Messaged sanskar in Facebook..

Swara: hii Sanskar..

With in seconds he replayed in facebook

Sanskar: hii Princess..

Swara: (in mind) not bad..

She smiles and..

She messaged him in Twitter..

Swara: how r u..

Sanskar replayed her in Twitter..

Sanskar: me fine n u..?

Swara: me too fine..

Sanskar: hmm

Swara messaged him in Instagram

Swara: what are u doing..

He replayed her in Instagram

Sanskar: in office.. Remembering u..

Swara smiles and messaged him in wattpad…

Swara: how nice..

Sanskar replayed her in wattpad

Sanskar: tell when out next meet…

Swara messaged him in Skype..

Swara: let me think..

Sanskar replayed her in Skype..

Sanskar: I wanna meet u evng..

Swara messaged him in we chat..

Swara: aww.. Am not free..

Sanskar replayed her in we chat..

Sanskar: u don’t have time for me.. Good.. Very good..

Swara messaged him in Telegram

Swara: awwww… Okk okk.. I will come..

Sanskar replayed her in Telegram

Sanskar: thatz like my princess.. Love u

Swara messaged him in Whatsaap

Swara: love u too.. U trying best.. But continue it well..byee

Sanskar replayed her in Whatsaap

Sanskar: anything for u my love.. Byee.. see u evening..

Swara: hmm

Sanskar: okk..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara: OMG.. ragini ko manage karna itna difficult hoti ti.. huhh.. pucho hi matt..

Sanskar: haa.. jaise laksh yaha..

Sanskar turns another page of album..

Swasan First date pic present there.. with some lines..

In pic he holds her hands.. both looking into each other eyes..

Sanskar: waoo swara.. itz amazing na.. hamare pahle date..

Swara: hmm.. amazing to hoga hi.. coz plan Sanskar Maheshwari ke hai na..

Both giggles..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Sanskar and swara traveling in car..

He wore white jeens.. creem coloured shirt with white blazer..

He looking much hot in white.. (as always.. haha)

She wore white long frock which is worked by red lace..

She wore simple jewellery..

He tied a cloth to her eyes..

Swara: tell me na Sanskar..

Sanskar: be patience my princess..

Swara: u r mu lovely prince na.. tell me where we are going..

Sanskar: yes yes.. am ur lovely prince.. but my lovely princess u have to wait few minuets..

She relaxed.. Sanskar smiles to see her act..

After some time they reached spot..

Sanskar came down and opens swaras side car door..

He took her hand and helps to come her out..

Swara: now tell me.. where u brought me..

Sanskar: haha swara.. few seconds..

Both stepped ahead..

Sanskar: so, princess.. we reached..

He frees her eyes..

She slowly opens her eyes..

Her big eyes became more big.. she surprised..

And a big curve appeared on her lips..

One tent presented there with heavy decoration..

One decorated table there..

Full red and white ballons presented on floor..

She turns to him..

Swara: sanskarrrr. Ye sabb

He stood beside her with a cute smile on his face..

Sanskar: do u like this..??

She didnt waste a second..

She hugs him..

Swara: much..

He hugs back..

Sanskar: acha hua u like this.. warna abhi ke abhi decoration change nhi kar paunga na my..

She broke hug and start beating him playfully..

Sanskar: aaawww swara.. lets go na..

Both smiles and start stepping in tent through balloons way..

When both reached middle place of tent..

Sanskar stood by his knees..

He forward his hand to her..

Sanskar: swara.. I know ladte jagadte hamare daastaan shuru hue.. but present am in love with u..

I promise.. I always keeps u happy.. I will be with u always.. each and every step of our life..

Now, I decided to talk with our parents.. I want to know ur wish.. I Love U Swara..

Will u marry me..?

Her eyes became wet..

She holds her palm in his palm..

She nodes as yes with a smile on her angelic face..

Swara: yesssss I love u too..

He also smiles..

He stood.. rose petals start falling on them..

She became more happy..

Both hugs each other with a special affection..

He asks her for dance..

She agreed..

Song played..

Mile ho tum hum ko..

Bade nasebon se..

Churaya ta maine..

Kismat ke lakeroon se..

(he holds her hands and makes her turn round..)

Teri mohabbaton se sanse mile hai..

Sadaa rahna dil me kareebon ke..

(both have a sweet eye lock.. he holds her waist..

she placed her both hands around his neck..

Both moving romantically)

Teri chahaton me kitna tadpe hai..

Savan bhi kitni tuj bin barse hai..

Zindagi hai mere saare..

Jo bhi kami ti..

Tere aajane se ab nahi nahi

(he placed a peack on her fore head)

Sadaa hi rahna tum..

Meri kareebon me tum..

Churaya hai maine..

Kismat ki lakheroon se..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swasan have a sweet eye lock here..

Both came into scenes..

He turns another page of Album..

Swasan picture present there like they having yummy icecream..

Some lines also present there..

Sanskar: ye hamare icecream.. waoo.. our parallel tastes.. I never forget that dayz..

She smiles.
Swara: me too..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Then Sanskar offers chair for swara.. she seated..

He also seated..

He forward an icecream bowl to her..

She became surprised again..

Sanskar: kuch yaad aayi..??

Swara: how can I forget.. haan.. but its really surprising baat ki tum ko meri har choti baat yaad hai..

Sanskar: haha swara.. if I forget ur fav.. aur kiske yaad rakhungaa..??

She blush..

Sanskar: yaad hai na.. tum hamesha bolti hai ki tumko vanilla icecream pasand hai..

Swara: haan.. aur tumhe bhi..

Sanskar: but special baat to yahi ki.. hwe both like vanilla icecream on same reason na..

Swara: obviously..

Sanskar: (feeding icecream) have it..

She too feeds him..

Sanskar: I thought my hi special sochta ta.. But after ur entry in my life..

Mje pata chala ki.. Some one also thinking like me..

(Both tells why they like)

Swara: yes.. Vanilla icecream looking white colour.. White is a pure colour..

Sanskar: and our heart always white jaise pure hona chahiye..

Swara: jis par koi bhi dhag lage.. We can find easy na..

Both giggled..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara and Sanskar smiling cutely..

Sanskar turns another page of album..

Swasan tension pic present there..

With some lines..

Sanskar: I really very tensioned at that time..

Swara: yes me too..

Sanskar: but our parents accepted itna easily.. Never experted..

Swara: accept to kia but.. My hamare baat ghar par bolne k bhut dar gayi..

If they ignore.. I cant live without u na..

Sanskar smiles..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

At MM..

All MM people seated..

DP: tell Sanskar beta.. What u wanna say to all family..

Laksh: dad.. He wanna say.. (Stopped to see his angry gaze)

DP: whattt..

Laksh: (covering) listen him na.. Pata chal jayega.. Lollll..

AP: tum bolo beta..

Sanskar: Maa.. Papa.. Am sorry if I hurts u.. But try to understand me..

DP: hua kya h beta.. Y r u telling sorry..

AP: Sanskar.. The directly..

Sanskar: u guyzz are looking matches for me.. I didn’t like this..

DP: but y..?

Sanskar: coz am in love with someone..

All stood with shock..

AP: who is she..

DP: Sanskar itni si baat..?

Sanskar surprised..

AP: ab tension mat lo.. Bolo bhi.. Who is she..

Sanskar: Maa..Papa.. U are not angry on me..?

AP: aree beta.. We have full trust on ur choice.. Hai na ji.. (Pointing DP)

DP: hmm..

Sanskar hugs his mom dad..

Sanskar: I was really tensioned..

Laksh: mom Dad.. U know.. Bhaie practice kia ta bhut.. Toda sa to tease kar sakte ho na..

AP: lakssshhhh…

Laksh: ha ha.. Chup hogaya..

Sanskar shows swara’s picture in his mobile..

He tells about her and her family..

AP & DP accepted Swara..

AP: but Sanskar..

Sanskar: haa Maa..

AP: is she tell about ur love in her home..

Sanskar: actually we both decided to say today.. Donno what happening there..

DP: don’t worry beta.. Hum manage karenge..

Sanskar smiles..

At GM..

Swara: Maa.. Baba.. I wanna talk with u..

Shomi: haa beta.. Tell..

Ragini: Shona.. Baad me baat Karo na.. Papa.. Mje bahar Jana h..

Swara: nhi ragini.. Its very IMP..

Shekhar: what happen beta.. Is everything fine..?

Swara: donno papa.

Ragini: ye kaisi answer h swara.. Tum teek ho..?

Swara nodes as yes..

Shomi: bolo beta..

Swara: (took a long breath) Maa.. Baba.. I’m love with someone from few months..

Shomi shekhar shock..

Swara: baba.. He is very nice person.. Plz angry na ho.. Meri baat suno..

Shomi: ye kya bol rhi Shona tu..

Ragini: Maa let her listen na..

Shekhar: who is he..

Swara explained all about Sanskar and his family..

Shomi: shekhar.. Him accept kare to kya hoga.. WO log b to accept karni h na..
Swara: don’t worry Maa.. Sanskar will manage..

Shekhar: beta.. If his family accept.. We don’t have any problem..

Shomi: haa beta..

Ragini: papa.. Maa.. Dadi manegi kya..?

Shekhar: hum manage karenge beta..

Swara got emotional angry hugs shomi and shekhar start crying..

Swara: am sorry Maa baba..

Shekar shomi : (caressing her hairs) aree betaa.. Don’t cry na..

Swara: I scared.. I though.. U guyzz will not accept.. But u… I love u..

Shekhar Shomi: now accepted na.. Relax..

Ragini: not bad.. Yaha ek aur bacchhii khadi hue..

4 Share a hug.. Family hug…

Swasan messaged each other about their parents acceptance at one time..

Both felt relaxed..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Swara: OMG Sanskar.. Kal k yaad k to aaj oar believe nhi horahi..

Sanskar: am with u na..

Swara: hmm..

Episode ends..

Precap: Maheshwari Gadodia families meet.. Swasan moments..

So, friends..

How was the episode..

Actually I don’t wanna cross limits before marriage..

Thayz y.. Little moments..

From now will starts romantic moments.. Marriage rituals and all..

Don’t miss it..

Hope u all will like this epi..

Keep reading.. keep liking.. Keep commenting..

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