Humdard shot 2 part 2

Saachi could not understand why veer was ignoring her she decided to talk to him
S- ver what’s your problem why are you ignoring me
He was busy in his phone
Saachi threw the phone veer became angry and shouts
Why should I do for you always at the back of me are let me live my life
S- veer u love me na
V- love seriously and started laughing are this is was only a drama you were my time pass and my mission is successful i wanted you to love me and you did now I am breaking all the ties he pinned her to wall my revenge is completed what did u thought that ur father will suffer my family and he thought he will show me sympathy this was all planned my dear saachi she was broken he left from there and smirked
Saachi cried a lot with a lot of effort she went to her home and hugged jaya but she pushes her and slaps her she was shocked
J- what have you done
She- maa
J- don’t take my name is am not ur ma and you are not my daughter tune itni giri wali harqat ki kabhi soch nahi saktI thi ki meri saachi aisa karegi chee sharam aa rahi hai mujhe
S- maa hua kya Hain
One more slap front her
J- kaha tha na veer se door rahe ko tune to uske sath chee
Veer comes and says tof her that they had crossed their all limitations
S- nahi maa aisa nahi Hain Papa aap mera barosa kijiye na
Sunil was angry and Did not reply
Jaya took her to room and locked it from outside
Maa she screamed and banged the door she cried alot

Here with kabir
His pov
Why I am feeling something wrong is going to happen saachi she is fine she did not want me na okk I will not come in between
Here saachi
Okk agar mere kismet main ye likha Hain to than she took a blade and cuts her vein
When her dadi came to know about it she scolded both of them and hurriedly went to her rom she opened the door and screamed SAACHI
She was in poplar of blood sunil ran up and was shocked while jaya was in hall they both took her to hospital but jaya didn’t came
Here Kabir was operating her
K- nurse bring injection right now
N- sir it is not here
K- just go and bring it now GO get it right now he screamed
She went

Kabir keeps his hands on her head and caress her
K- I will not let u happen any thing saachi his tears rolled out wake up are u listening to me wake up the nurse came he gave her but no response nurse went out
Kabir now screamed WAKE UP SAACHI PLEASE I LOVE YOU her hands moved and kabir saw machine everything was normal he took a breath and kissed her forehead and says I will not let you happen anything he wentered out
Few days saachi was healed
Sunil came to meet her she hugged him and cried but whole scene was changed when jaya came and asked him to choose between her and saachi. Both were shocked sanchi says maa
Jaya took her face off
S- maa Papa aapko chun te Hain
HW was shocked
S- haa Papa main nahi chahati ki meri wajah se aap dono ko kuch bhi ho main London jaa rahi telling this she went away (she was going to be discharged) she was out side the airport r
Remembering aLl the happiness of her life she wentered inside but soon as strong pairs of hands moved her out of air port she was shocked
S screamed- kabir what are doing
He pinned her to wall and said
K- ek dum chup samji and sab ke baare main socha mere baare main nahi
S- ohh now u want to show your sympathy
K- shut up okk saachi just believe me
S- I am not going to trust in love again
K- only one chance
S- no u will do the same
Soon he sealed his lips with hers
She was shocked but felt that her pain got its medications
He parted away

K- I promise you I will love you even more than me I will trust u
S- but don’t u believe in that
K- I know my saachi well got it
He bent down and says promise I will never leave u alone miss saachi mishra I love you will u like to be my better half
Her happiness did have any bounds
She bent over her knees and said yes Mr kabir kapoor they hugged each other and went to France where he married saachi
10 years later
The host announced – and the best nucroelogist award goes to Dr saachi kapoor
She went to stage and took it but the excitement was more in kabir’s eyes and in their 7 years daughter she cheered mama mama
S- thanks u so much for this but this is only possible due to my husband who supported me and helped in becoming such a good doctor he is not only a good husband but a fantastic cardiologist he is the best cardiologist dr kabir kapoor and also my son sabir
And now all were asked to dance
Saachi and kabir went to dance while kanchi was on chair they danced on
O saiyaan from agree path
When their dance was over they saw kanchi running towards kabir very hurriedly
Kan- papa Papa save me please Papa
She came to him and soon they saw a little puppy was running behind her her breathe became heavy she was going to fell but kabir saved her and picked her in his arms she started crying
Kab- shhhh chup kanchi quite
S- haa beta stop crying it’s a puppy like u
She even cried aloud but stopped when kabir glared at her she looked around and understood she again spoilt her parents mood kabir dropped her down and she understand that she was going to get scolding

In car
She was at back
Kabir and saachi were discussing something
Kan- sorry Papa
Kab- ufff how many times have I told u to be quite
Kab- sorry
They reached home
Kanchi rushed to his lil brother sabir who was waiting for them but she was ordered to go in room and change
She came down and saw kasab playing
K- very good my super hero
S- laughed
They were playing game and kanchi came but as soon as she came sabir’s Milk fell down and he started crying as it fell on him he was burnt
Kabir hurriedly did something while saachi rushed to bring the first aid kit kanchi was trying to stop make him crying but kabir pushed her by mistake or in anger they took sabir to hospital to check if their is some internal wound but kanchi who was hurted by her parents behaviour especially kabir started crying virousgly no one was there the maid was also gone suddenly the lights went off she was scared she got up in search of light but fell again and her leg which was hurted before started bleeding she again started crying saying mama papa only loves sabir that’s why they are always with him they never got time for me I am alone and soon they came and saw the condition of house which was messed up as she was trying to search torch but to her bad luck light came when they came
Both shouted
She came but hiding her wounds
S- kabir see to her na getting naughtier day by day
Kab- kanchi is that manner to behave firstly you do not know how to behave in front of others than hurting sabir
Kan- I did not do .
Kab- u are forgetting ur manners taught to u
Kanchi was not able to bear pain she ran to her room and tried to search for first aid box and got it she cried while putting medicines they both came up and saw her leg was bleeding saachi rushed to her but she stopped her and said she can manage and they should go to sabir as she is only his mother not of hers. Saachi was shocked but kabir was angry he went and slap her the force was that she again fell
K- I’d that a way to behave
She was crying saachi came and calm kabir
K- she could manage herself let her manage saachi .
He took her with him
Kanchi could do only one thing that was crying bitterly she did not came down for lunch and also dinner but both were busy with sabir he was playing with them

In kanchi room
She was not in her senses and fell down on the floor crying and slept their only in night
Saachi was now worried and came to her room and saw her in that state the room was filled with blood cotton balls and as soon as she looked at her she screamed kabir he went to her and was shocked they dressed her wounds saachi changed her clothes and kabir cleaned the room he found only his saachi and sabir’s pics in no photos kanchi was there he relaised how he behaved with her and went to his room while saachi made her sleep she went to him
K- how is she
S- not fine
K- I did wrong
S- whatever u did u did by mistake lying
K- but how could I.
S- we always scolded her
K- I am the worst father and started crying
K- she is in such a conditionbecause of me
S- please kabir stopped blaming ur self
K- I am going to her
He went to his room and sat beside her and saw her sleeping peacefully he kissed her forehead and says I am so sorry bacha please don’t hate me and careess her and slept their only
Next morning
Kanchi was shocked to see kabir and woke with a jerk due to which he woke up
Kan- sorry
Kab- smiles and says good morning princess how are u feeling now
Kan- fine and good morning
He could feel that she was scared of him
He went away
Kanchi got ready and went down stairs eating her breakfast hurriedly
Kab- kanchi I will drop u please eat slowly
Sa- haa beta
She nods and eats slowly
They stood up but kanchi could not because of her wound
Kabir smiled and picked her in his arms and made her sir in car and dropped her till classroom and went he planned a surprise for her after her school was over he picard her and went to home and she went to room to change and found her room beautifully decorated with teddies she became happy and from back
Kabir- wouldn’t u play with them
She nodded and was going outside when kabir holded her and bents down and says
Papa hurted you na now you hurt me but don’t hate me I am sorry beta I love u is not like that I don’t love u but some time I got angry na so that time sorry and papa promise u I would never scold or raise my hand upon u
Kanchi wipes his tears and says it okay Papa
Kabir hugs her and from that day they became best friends

The end

Sometimes parents hurt us unknowingly but we should understand them whatever they do for our benefits only

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  1. Riyarocks

    Prachi dear, such a heart touching plot………I was literally crying throughout the episode………such an emotional masterpiece……….luv u a lot sweetuuuuuuu……….& a big teddy hug for u…………bye……….tc…….

  2. Anu88

    So so superb and outstanding and amazing story yaar……….I love it so so much…….kabir and kanchi bonding is so so sweet ………….this one of my favorite os yaar…………..

  3. Wow! Superb.. Beautiful message you gave..

  4. Dhruti

    hii prachi story was superb……….i love it………………keep writing like this………………post next story when you free and sorry for not commenting previous one because my exams are going on i have no time t comment even i read all ff of you all when i traveled by bus at return time after finish my exam paper so i couldn’t comment but press like button……………so sorry for not commenting ……………………love you prachi…………….tc……………….

  5. Prachi

    Forget to mention in the article
    A very big wala thanks to all of you and the?????? new members welcome well seeing the current track of the serial I want to write an os on kabir’s life only he also deserve some one so saachi would not be there so tell me through ur comments love u all and sorry I wouldn’t be regular because of unit tests have hum bacha par kitna aanaya kiya jaa raha ?????Hain aur ye maths ne to mera beje ko fry kar diya????? chalo let’s stop my bak bak ???take care all of u and please comment ur comments encouraged me acha I don’t want to tell but could not control my excitement??? my birthday is coming finally I waited for it and is on 19 November yippee acha bye ????

    1. Dhruti

      ohoo my father’s birthday is also on 19th November so Happy Birthday to you in advance ……………….and maths is so easy just focus on concept and practice sums of that concept that’s all you will love maths slowly……….

    2. Urvi_shah

      Prachi ur birthday is on 19th of November and my 19th of January.. Oh and i love ur os… So heart touching and sry guys i also couldn’t post because of my studies unit test is coming.. And tutions also….

  6. Its so emotional…… Loved the ending

  7. Niyaaa

    Awsome so heart touchig os prachi.. totally loved it… n tumharitarah meri bhi maths se purani dushmani???h after 5th class.. ok enough of my bak bak.. bye tc gud ni8 all the best for ur studies..??

  8. Anee

    Beautiful Prachi Dear

  9. Awesome super fabulous fantastic

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