Humdard (season 2) – teasar 1 by Samaira nd hadi (Samadi)

Hey guys!! Samadi r bckkk with their most closer ss ka season 2….Humdard season 2
#Humdard (Season 2)

storyline will be diff from season 1 but theme is same!!

Scene 1
a girl is seen crying Nd a boy is seen consoling her!
Girl- uh r also like him!
Boy- whom?
Girl- like that oldie, nd that that police officer actually no uh all mens r same!! Uh all mens only need that blo*dy one night stand!
boy- no no all mens r not same! I am really not that type!
Girl- oh really every1 say this but after fulfilling thre lust every1 leaves uh!!
Saying this the girl again started crying nd faints
He takes her in his arms nd moves from there

Scene 2
A girl was seen making poses for photoshoot..
Photographer- man turn in right direction..
She turns
Photographer- mam like this not! Wait i will tell uh..
He makes her turns nd in that process he was touching her on her bare waist
Girl(angry but controlled)- please from far
Photographer- kk mam
He moves bck but before going he falls on her knowningly nd touches her on br***t
Girl gets angry nd slaps him tightly
Girl- what the hell dont uh have manners or what!! blo*dy chepo.. Get list from hre otherwisei will file a complain against uh
Photographer- shut up uh blo*dy i have only touch uh then y r uh reacting like i have raped uh! In thus world sleeping with a man is very normal.. I toh only touched uh! But uh slapped me! Just get lost from hee uh b*t*h! 1000 comes like uh..i m cancelling my contract with uh just get lost from here
Saying this throws her out..
here we are ending our promo … now your comments will decide about our next post ….. bye bye …

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  1. Anshupriya

    Its awsum dear innosam *hope u don’t mind me calling u tat lovd

    1. Anshupriya

      *loved it

  2. Samaira

    Omg aww continue soon. M waiting samadi.

    – anika

  3. KrsytleS

    Very Interesting☺☺☺☺
    Waiting for next part☺☺☺☺

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  5. Interesting
    Very interesting

  6. Nice..continue

  7. SRSL

    Sam and Adi ya sam and hadi….I mean hadi koun hai….Awsm intro…seems interesting…and ya my inosam your ff’s seems a bit too innocent ???

  8. Mahavir

    yaar sammy it was awesome continue soon but if again u gave a sad ending na than surely sammy i ll kill u…n yeah where the another one….i want that too…n yeah post it soon….love u sammy…

  9. Wow nice one plz continue

  10. nice concept.continue soon

  11. Interesting and please continue?

  12. A.xx

    amazing and loved it wonder what happens next and dont keep us waiting plzxx

  13. AnuAnn


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