Humdard (Episode 2)

Episode 2
Swasan entered in swaras room n closed the door ………. swara sat on bed n wait for sanskar ………sanskar slowly came close to her
Swara : (monologue) n again one more night come in my life ……. again an unknown person will attack on my dignity ………every night I pray 4rom god that I dont want this life but even god does not listen to me
Sanskar came near bed n sat before her on floor ……… swara gave him a weired look
Swara : y u sat on floor???
Sanskar : because I want to see u ????? U know wht hussan aara ji u r very beautiful I cant describe ur beauty in words
Swara smiled : tell me something new …… I got these type of compliments every night
Sanskar laugh : by the way I love ur voice …….. when u were singing I forgot about the world ….. can u sing a song for me???
Swara widened her eyes : song here
Sanskar : yes song y r u so surprise
Swara : actually u r first who want to listen a song 4rom me in this room
Sanskar : really gud then sing na
Swara : (monologue ) directly nai bol sakta k charge hona hai all the man r actors in this world
Sanskar : Im waiting hussan aara ji
Swara stood up n started ther song ………….. she slightly remove her duppata
Raat akeeli hai
Then she blow the candle
Bujh gye diye
She came near sanskar
A k mere pass
Kano mein mere
She rested her head on his shoulder
Jo bhi chahe kahiye
Jo bhi chahe kahiye
Sanskar was feeling nervous to saw her ……. he stood up n swara caught his hand
Tum aj mere liye ruk jao
Rut bhi hai fursat bhi hai
Tum mujh se kaho na zara
Mujhe tum se muhabat hai
She pushed him on bed n came on his top …… she jerked her hairs
Muhabat ki ijazat hai
Tu chup kyun rahiye
Jo bhi chahe kahiye
Swara gave a pack on his cheek ………. sanskar felt current passed in his body……….. then she jerked her hairs to other side n gave a pack to his other cheek ……. sanskar was like statue he sid not know wht to do …….. this was the feeling which he had never felt in his life he remember his girl friend when she kissed him first time …….. then swara moved towards his lips …….. she was so closed ….. n was about to kiss him
Sanskar immediately got up : stay away
Swara was shock to saw his behaviour : wht happened y r u behaving like this
Sanskar : mein yaahan yeh sab karne nai aya
Swara looked at his confuse face n laughed : haahhahahaha yahan sab isiliye hi aate hai Mr. Whtever u r
Sanskar : sanskar maheshwari
Swara : ohhh name ka asar hai gud I like it……. sanskari bacha
Sanskar : really they all were biding for this
Swara : hmmmm ao u come first time here
Sanskar : thats y u were crying when that lady said she is all urs
Swara got up : I did not cry
Sanskar : I have seen tears in ur eyes like u dont want all this
Swara : leave all that n tell me y u paid 2.5 lacs for this night
Sanskar : because ur voice was making me crazy n ur song was giving me peace
Swara : ahan so u just want to listen my song
Sanskar : yes because I was tens n ur voice was releasing y tension
Swara : thats mean u r so rich ???
Sanskar : yes Im a businessman
Swara : arey wah
Sanskar : rahul told me about u ……. he said only u can finish my grief
Swara : how ???
Sanskar : dont know …. but when I came here n listen ur voice I said he was right ……… plzz sing a song
Swara : hum tumhein pagal lagte hain kya
Sanskar : wht ???
Swara : like u do ur business na its my business n u r inserting my business
Sanskar : I did not mean that hussan aara ji u r getting me wrong ………. actually my girl friend left me
Swara : ohh ishq prob hai aisa bolo na
Sanskar smiled : yes now u got me
Swara : but y she left u ???? I mean u r so handsome n a businessman still she ditched u y???
Sanskar : dont know may be she got some one better than then me….. I need a friend with whom I can share my all prob …… will u be my friend
Swara gave him a smile : yes of course
They shook their hands
Swara : ok first tell me ur story then I will give u solution
Sanskar : yaa ok ……… actually she was my class fellow her name was kavya… I met her before six months when we both become partner for an assignment
Flash Back

Six months ago……

A boy is sitting on first bench nd was copying notes….when teacher enter in class……

All students greet him

Sir:- so students u have given one aassignment…nd for that assignment u all will works in group….

Aur aise hi mein aur kavya ek group me hogye( sanskar says to Swara in present)

kavya come an sit near sanskar….

kavya:- hey..
sanskar: hey
kavya: so till we dont complete our assignment can i sit with u…..if u r kk……
sanskar:- ya sure……it is for assignment na so no problem…

(note:- kavya having crush on sanskar from last 3 nd half yrs….means from first day of college but sanskar never look at her)

Kavya is happy that finally sanskar notice her first time in this 3 nd half year??…..

Kavya:- friends(she forward her hand)
sanskar(thinks for awhile then smile nd forward his hand): friends

kavya : btw i m kavya…kavya shelgil…
sanskar:- i m sanskar… sanskar maheshwari…hmm….so lets start with our assignment

Sanskar to Swara in present: we both become friend nd start doing our assignment…. time guzarta rha aur humari dosti gheri hoti rhi….we become best friends….kavya mujhe pyaar krti thi..but i only think her as my best friends..nd one day…..

Swara:- one day kya….

sanskar thinks..

fb..3 months after there friendship…..

sanskar:kavya kavya where r u taking me…..
kavya : uff sanskar so mch questions…. bas chlo mere saath….
sanskar: uff u will not gonna listen na
kavya smiles..nd say yes….

kavya : sanskar now open your eyes….

sanskar open his eyes…nd saw kavya sitting in front of him on her knees…..

Sanskar:- kav..
Kavya:shhhh sanskar listem me now….sanskar i love u..

sanskar is shocked…..
kavya continued: yes sanskar i love u not from today but from the first day of college…when i say u want time i fall for u…..i dont want to be your friend i want to be your girl friend…will u accept me..

sanskar is nervous..nd shocked..because he dont love her..or never think about kavya in that way

Sanskar nodded in yes…
kavya gets excited nd hugs him

Swara in present: what u accept her proposal…but u dont love her na

sanskar:- yes i dont love her…but she was my best friend….mujhe lga kya hua agar mein usse pyaar nhi krta lekin woh meri dost thi..sbse achi dost…mein uska dil nhi todna chata tha…..issliye…

Swara smiles with teary eyes Seeing his pure heart…..

Swara: phir kya hua

sanskar: time nikalta rha aur dhekte hi dekhte humare realation ko 2 minths ho gye…..mein kavya ki har choti bdi icha puri krta tha…woh bahut khush thi….woh mujhse jo bhi mangti thi mein de deta tha…..lekin achanak dad ko bussiness me loss hogya….aur usne mujhse i phone manga…lekin uss samaj mein i phone offord nhi kar skta tha…..phir

Swara: phir kya


kavya: sanskar mujhe kch nhi pta mujhe ek i phone chaiye tum meri kbhi bhi nhi sunte ho…i just hate u….tum mujhe ek i phone bhi nhi de skte na

sanskar : kavya abhi dad ko bussiness me nuksaan ho rha h…i cant afford it but tumhe kch samay baad zarror dunga

kavya: just get lost sanskar..
agar tumhare dad ko nuksaan ho rha h toh mein kya kru….tumse acha toh raj h woh meri har icha puri krta h….meri hu glti thi jo maine tumse phone manga agar mein raj se mangti toh woh mujhe zaror deta

sanskar get furious and slap her…

kavya: what the hell…how dare u to slap me….

sanskar realize what he done…
sanskar:sorry sorry..woh actually glti se…mereko maaf krdo

kavya: get lost…i m breaking up with u Rgt now
sanskar:- no kavya u cant u camt do this to me…..for a phone u r breaking our friendship… u love me na…then how can u
kavya: love my foot…i never loved u…i only lived your money… but now u dont have money so whats the need for this friendship…..

sanskar is shocked

sanskar: what!!! how can u kavya….plz say this is a lie…..i beg in front of u…..dont say like this..

kavya smirks nd turns to go when she heard a laugh…


precap:- Sanskar again come to meet Swara….
So guys dont get confuse…my real name is Samaira…telly name is Anu…..maybe some of u know me from my previous ff or by fb…or many of not…but its kk…..
I will not force for comment….if u like it nd want to do..them do…otherwise leave its your wish….

But i need one help plz tell me how to change cover?….it is not changing nd option is also not coming….plz help…

#Samadi…(Samaira nd Hadi)

Credit to: Anu

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