HumDard – chapter 7




Immeresed in the darkness of empty walls as the fear settled in their minds, Radhika and Sam were scared, confused, broken, in tears at the same time. The hope that remained in them was that their heroes will come to protect them, it was the only hope that was untouched. Both were unaware of everything happening and wondered why were they here when they were supposed to be with their family. Finally, Sam mumbled something. It was unclear but was clear enough for Radhika to hear.

“Chas…chasni I told you to stay then why did you run behind goons?” Sam said still shivering with cold fear.

Closed eyes as tears ran down the cheeks, they remembered everything that happened a while ago.



“Sam what happened? Are you okay?” Radhika turned around to see her as she heard some kind of unusual noise.
She was shocked to hell as she saw her with mans taking her in arms, near the window. Sam kept struggling in their arms and started beating them. Radhika saw this, and came running towards her.

“Who are you all? And put Sam down”

As Radhika’s delicate body came in between the struggle, one of the men pushed her hard on the floor. Her head started to bleed. One of the man, took out his phone and hurriedly called someone.

“Boss, you said there is only one lady to kidnap but their is also other one” the man spoke as still struggling with Sam.

“What?” the voice came from other side.

“Get her also then” the voice replied in sullen tone from other side.

“Chas…chasni go away…runnnnn.”


As they looked deep into each other eyes, someone kept walking towards them. Their faces turned around to see that person without any movement of their attacted bodies to chair and rope all around.

“Nandini di you here” Radhika asked as she was completely shocked.

“Yes me…Missed me?” Nandini replied with a mock smile on her face.

“So you came back to create havoc in our lives again” Sam said with that angry stare and red face.

“Oh Sam dear, now you know about everything. Well yeah you should know everything by now. But don’t worry, this time I won’t create any problems in your life” She replied back with the mock smile on her face again. That mock smile and expressions showed that she was again upto something. But what?

“And Radhika, my sweet bhabhi, I have a gift for you” Nandini added.
Radhika simply frowned at her.

“Arey you are excited for your gift”
Nandini pointed someone to come inside.

“See Radhika, your gift” she continued.
But Radhika still didn’t turn around and kept her head fixed with that frown.

“Arey look at your lover” she said, as she got a hold of her chin and turned her face towards him.

“Saral!” Radhika said with a complete shock.

“Radhu did you miss me? I missed you a lot. And now I will never leave you. And are you excited for marriage?” Saral looked into her tearful eyes and grinned evilly.

“Marriage” Radhika gasped out with tears gently rolling down her cheeks.

“Yes, don’t you remember? Our marriage. And the good news is today no one will stop us.”


“Mom don’t worry, we both will bring Sam & Radhika back” Neil assured her.

Piyali nodded while having tears in her eyes.

“Neil, can we go now?” Arjun grumbled.

Neil nodded at him, and both left the house. They both went in search of their Sam & Radhika.


Few hours passed but still no clue of them. Neil & Arjun looked almost to all the possible places for them. Arjun was just hating himself because of this continuous fear of losing her again. This fear just shook him completely. Why did the fate always used to laugh at him and eyes only used to have tears? Tears ran down, down to the depth of hearts.

He took a deep breath and drove recklessly on rough roads. Finally, he reached his destination.

He knocked on the door. A old man opened the door and was shocked as hell to see him. He was very shocked (??). Arjun didn’t wanted to create any fights. He was already so tired.

“Kaka, I know you know where is she!” Arjun said.

“Wh…who she?” the old man eyes opened widely but didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

He folded his hands in front of him and almost begged him to tell the truth.

He says “please kaka, I beg you to tell me. Please!” He now had tears in his eyes.

“Please!” he pleaded.

After he left, Rana kaka immediately dialled Nandini’s number.

That’s it for today….ugh I’m soo sorry for not explaining this last part…it’s like I only gave a brief summary … if any questions regarding this update then do ask me….pls forgive me for typos and grammatical mistake…I think today’s chapter is useless….I just donno what I wrote…and there is a shock…but in upcoming chapters…sorry it was a short update…pls do give me ur feedbacks guys…luv u all ????


Credit to: Ameena

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  1. Finally an ff…….i ve been up all night ? bcoz I wanted to upload sme files and ten send it to my beloved…….so I ws checking every nw n ten jst to see if anyone hd updated bt to my great sorrow nobody did………finally I saw tis….i jst hd finished reading all humdard episodes once again …..n i ws vry happy ? to see it ………

    Ammu y s tis a short 1 ??????r u soooo busy????????plzzz update nxt part dearie n NVR tell tat it s a waste………tere ws another ardhika story wich u started n din complete ir update any mre……plzzzupdate tat too if u ve time………

    Lve u…..❤ and gud mrng ? dear (wat a girl i am wishing gud mrng last….sry)

    1. Aastha yaar thank u soooo muchhhh…. oh my love u made my day… I sometimes wait for whole day to come here…and when I see no update..feel like my day is not complete…not at all… yeah this one is veryy veryy short…sorry dear actually I wanted to write more..but then I just stopped….no I am not busy at all…I am sick…high fever….and tooo lazyyyy….Nd my other story heart 2 heart…hmm actually I wanted to write more for that…but then u guys were like where is ur humdard?…so I thought to update this soon…but don’t worry I’m not going to leave that one…I will definitely update that one….anyways bye…tc n luv u ?????

      1. Tanku…..r u all ri8 nw??????take enough rest…… u ?

      2. Yeah I’m feeling lil better now…anyways bye..luv u ???

  2. Hi nice. Thou a bit short I suppose. As u have left it as a cliff hanger can u plz update it soon?? Hope radhika is fine.

    1. Thanks Rg dear…yeah it was veryy short…sorry for that…I will try to update it soon….luv u ???

  3. u nicely carried the original track……….
    i thought u left it dear
    pls update whenever u can and entertain us with your story

    update next part very soon with long update darling

    we will meet u with another update of your story until then take care………….keep smiling dear……………

    1. Manju dear thanks for commenting… Yeah I will try my best to update soon and entertain u all…next time will try to make it long…will meet u soon…luv u ???

  4. Is she mad or what oh no ab kya hoga

    1. Well don’t worry…wait for next update nd u will get to know everything…yeah nandini is kinda mad…no I think puri ki puri pagal hai…thanks for commenting…luv u ???

  5. gud mrng…….. ameena, well done dear i lov ur update…… keep it up…….. and also am new hear. i was a silent reader. kya aap log mujhe bhi aapki frnds group mein add karogi kya…. plsss………… I lov ur frndship……….. hai everyone……..

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  6. Amuu!! What did you do? Nandini ko kya ho gaya? And Saral?! He wants to marry Radhika?! What’s going on?! Arjun and Neil find your princesses soon…. I hate it when Arjun has that fear…. God I feel like crying…

    Aye .. No don’t say that… Not useless… Never say that…. I was a pretty update… Cute one… I’m waiting eagerly for the next one… ??

    Please take care…. Don’t stress much…. Love you loads…. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug… ??

    1. Shreeeeeeeee….
      Thanks a lot…nandini pagal ho gayi hai…. aur saral ki tension mat lo…woh bohot jald bhaag jaye ga….yeah me 2 hate it when arjun get that feeling ..and don’t cry pls…I will try to update sOOn…luv u n tc..???

  7. Amu plz sorry mat bolo ab tum. You updated even though ur health is bad. Thats very much enough. N don’t worry of story. It is superbly explained n u gave each detail clearly. Last part i know u will it clearly in next part.
    I think saral is a physco, some brain screws r loose. Don’t know what he thinks n nw nandu is with him. Oh god why is this happening. I know heroes will come. Bechara arjun, tum log use itna kyun rula rahe ho.
    Plzz amu take care of ur health. Eat healthy,stay healthy, keep smiling. Lots n lots n lots of love.

    1. Manhaaaa dear thanks alot for not only commenting but being such a good friend… yess saral is a physco…things are going to be more complicated in next update…

      Pata hai mein chate hoon ke abhi ke abhi puri ki puri story baata doon…but I can’t do that…wait karna aur wait karwana meri aadat hai…kiya karo aadat se majbor hoon…anyway I donno y I am saying this to u but I just wanted to….anyways luv u sooo much…tc…???

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