HumDard – chapter 6


The morning rays brightened the glowing face that was laid on Arjun’s bare chest. Her head made a quick move as her soft hands moved firmly on his waist, and she slowly opened her sparkling eyes. She smiled looking at the three year old kid sleeping beside her in a very tight hug. She moved a little to get up without waking him. But the tight grip of his body was very tight. She moved along his restless body again. He, holding her tiny waist tightly, moved to other side of bed with her, and now she was somehow able to set herself free from him. She looked at him again and thought that how cute he looked sleeping like this, and then walked away, towards the door. She took shower and wore a soft silk red Saree with sleeveless blouse.
Arjun slowly tried to open his eyes while blinking a lot as the sun rays disturbed him. He moved his hand all over the bed and thought something was missing. He altered eyes opened widely due to her absence around him. He immediatley got up from bed and said her name several times silently. But after no response from anywhere he started shouting….”Radhika!”.
She could sense the worridness in his voice and was hurried towards the voice. Atleast, he found her in the kitchen and hugged her tightly.


“Radhika where did you go without informing me. You know how much worried I was. I thought I lost you again”he said breathlessly.

“Arjun I…I came to make breakfast” radhika said who was still confused.

“Don’t do that again” he ordered.

“Sorry, I’ll not do that again”

He loosened the tight grip and walked away. After they had breakfast, they went near to his car. And then suddenly, radhika was about to fall down due to her Saree. Arjun quickly got a firm hold of her hand and then her waist, Radhika was constantly looking at the soft caring gaze in his eyes.
“Be careful!”
He made her walk with him till they sat in the car.
In bird song, they were incredibly confused over the look on everyone’s faces. Radhika, who was looking at everyone gossiping around her, diectly jumped into Sam and asked, “Sam what happened? Why do you all look so sad?”

“Chas…chasni I..” Sam mumbled.

“Sam, what happened? Tell me.. I’m getting worried now.”

Suddenly, the somber expression on her face disappeared and broke into blissful smile gently settled on the lips.

“Our marraige date had been fixed” said Sam with a tight hug.

“Really? That’s a great news. Congratulations!”

Piyali came suddenly and patted Radhika’s back, as the happiness laid it’s arm all around the whole area.

“Not only that! But we also….” Piyali added to Sam’s sentence. Radhika and Arjun looked curiously.
“We talked to your mom & dad, Radhika” she smiled looking at Radhika.
“About your and Arjun’s marriage again in a proper way” she continued.

“What? Our marriage?” Radhika asked, who is still confused with her words.

“Yes, Chashni…our marriage” Sam said excitedly. Everyone’s words broke her into a deep smile and blush all red.

“And they will come Mumbai this week
..” Piyali added. They shared a good time together and then went back to their work. Arjun couldn’t stop staring at her wife all the time while working. Even though she was outside, working on her desk, he couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful smile around those blooming cheeks. Radhika noticed his constant stare at her and was feeling uncomfortable. Arjun then noticed this and got back to his work without looking back at her.

Piyali in her office, ordered her secretary to call Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil. Sam was sitting on her chair and working. Neil came and turned her rolling chair to see her. He put her hand all around her, not even letting her stand.

“Idiot what are you doing?” Sam asked.

“Looking at my hone wali biwi” Neil replied.

Sam pushed him away and said,”Idiot mom is calling, let’s go.” She took his hand and made him move forward, Neil contentedly smiled at her. Soon they were all in front of Piyali and she began, “As we all have less time for marriage preparations, so I have decided you four to take leave and don’t worry about office work, and now let’s all concentrate on marriage.”
Everyone nodded at her.
“So mom, me and chashni will make the guest list and Arjun and Neil will talk to best wedding planners and finalize the themes”, sam said as she was sure everyone will agree to this plan. Everyone started to go back to their work.

(((Ok lemme make a clear image of how they were working….Arjun with his phone kept walking and talking to different wedding planners….Neil was using lappy to decide about themes and all…they both were in Arjun’s cabin…Sam n Radhika were sitting outside near Rads desk and working on guest list…hope it is clear☺)))

“And Chashni write also Mr. Varun’s name” Sam kept walking here and there as Radhika kept writing.

“Sam, I think we included all the names so let’s go and show it to Aunty.”

“Ok you go to mom and I will check if Neil is done with themes and Arjun talked to wedding planners.”
Radhika knocked at the door and gently asked, “May I come in Aunty?”
“Yes, please come in Radhika”,Radhika came inside as she got the reply.

“We are done with the guest list; please have a look at it and add names that are missing.”

Few days passed, it was their haldi and sangeet. All them were enjoying and dancing. Arjun kept looking at his beautiful wife. That smile made his day. Sometimes playing, dancing, caring, loving; Radhika didn’t know that unknowingly she made someone’s life perfect. The glow on her face when someone touched her made him go crazy and he kept staring at her and only her. He couldn’t help it so smiled genuinely.

A lady with pink saree was shown, moving inside from entrance. She covered her face with saree well so no one can recognize. She kept saying,”I’m piyali khana’s friend.” As everyone got busy in work, her eyes fall on Sam and , and a devil smile was gradually spreading on her lips.
“If Arjun can’t do it then I will do it for my revenge.” She spoke, still looking at Sam and Radhika with her devil eyes.

“Wh…who are you? And why did you bought us here?” Radhika was scared as she heard someone coming. It was all dark. No light. Darkness hid all the faces.

That’s it for today guyzz….

next part will be a shock for everyone, I guess.

Well, plzz forgive me for typos and gramatical mistakes.





Missing ppl

Missing ppl



Plzz guys where are u all? And ur ff??
I miss u all soo much….
Thank u guys for comments on previous update…sorry I can’t reply u all…but I’m soo glad that u liked it….I will update sOOn….veryy soon….pakka promise….
Love u all….???


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  1. Hey ammuuuuuu u r here i cant believe it yaar……. so much happy today thanks for coming back buddy… story was awesome ma i think she is nandhini oh what will happen now yaar

    1. Thank u soo much hayathi….well I will tell everything in next update so wait little bit…I love u..??

  2. Dr ameena…yy did u made us wait this long ..but its ok….tdy it was awesome…

    1. Thank u…sorry yaar actually cuz of exams….luv u??

  3. hey nice episode … its been so long i missed u dear …

    1. Thank u so much nive…Next time I will do it soon…luv u??

  4. Thank u Ameena for this part. . . Am so happiee to c ardhika remarried. . . Hu is the devil,Nandu?

    1. Liya thank u soo much….well for that question, u have to w8….love u??

  5. Hmmm its gud…….bt y did u keep us waiting??????

    1. Aastha baby….so sorry…exams kept me busy….Good luck for ur exams…come back sOOn….with that spirit…luv u??

      1. love u tooooooooooooooooo…………… ur xams ovr?????????????????????????

      2. Yess my exams r over so will update sOOn…???

  6. After a long time dear… u made us waiting.. but story awwwesommeee….. She is Nandini right?

    1. Thank u sooo much….woh actually exams…well u will get ur answers in next update…luv u??

    2. deepu plzzzzzzzz update sooooooooooooooooon

    1. Thanks devi…luv u??

  7. Ammmmuuuuu!!! I’m so glad you’re back with your update!! What a comeback!!

    Wedding preparations!! Yippie !! Ardhika getting married again!! Don’t tell me Nandini’s back…. With a revenge moto…. Or is it someone else?!

    Mama everywhere suspense ????
    Pleaje jaldi revael karo.. Can’t wait for long….

    And I hope you did your exams well??

    Love you loads .. Even more than that… Tc… Bear hug??

    1. Shreeeeeeeee….thank u sooooo much….Ur wish is my command…..aur baki questions ke answers next part doon gi…Exams were good…luv u 4ever???

  8. Haha don is back with her update. It is so sweet n lovely like her. Arjun ko toh bas chance chahiye radz ko dekhne ke liye. Aur chance mila toh bas duniya bhul kar chasni ko dekhta rehta hi n that smile automatically creeps on his face. It is all worth. So amu is planning ardhika n nesam’s marriage. Wow. But why is nandu back again yaar. It’s ok nw what is the shock. Nw plz don’t say that is saral. Ok ok. I will wait for next chap. Apna promise bhool mat jana. Update karo jaldise. N plz my dear amu what abt h2h. Update that one also. Loveee u soooo much. Bear hugs.

    1. Yesss don is here….bahi arjun toh arjun hai…toh of course radhika ko toh dehke ga…arey arey tum saral ki tension kyun le rahi ho…Tum abhi aish karo…apni zindagi jiyo….aur khush raho…saral ko mein khud thikane laga doon gi….ur command is my wish…lol..ur wish is my command…toh jaldi update karoongi…aur h2h ke liye bhi meri dimaag ne bohut socha hai…usse bhi update karoongi…luv u????

  9. Loved it Ameena. Was missing ur story… Nic episode… Update soon..

    1. Ananya thank u soo much…was missing u also…will update sOOn…luv u???

  10. Omg ameena dearrr, it’s terrific, superb, awesome episode…I loved it very very much…waited soooooo looooooong for this story…missed you like hell ameena dearrr….but today’s update paid for ot…the way arjun loving n taking care his ladylove/wife n cannot control his continuous looks on her everywhere is totally a blast…I’m soooooooo excited for this ardhika n nesam upcoming marriage…but from where evil nandini came here? n looks like she kidnapped rads n sam…noooo….plz arjun n Neil save your ladies from this evil.can’t wait for next episode now…anxiously waitingggggg…plzzzz update the next part soooooooon

    1. Roma roma roma…kahaan gayi thi tum mujhe chod ke….I missed u sooo much…let’s hope arjun and neil do as our roma want…but unfortunately they both r in my control?…luv u soooooo much n yess will update sOOn…luv u???

      1. Thx for reply amuuuuu, my dearrrr…sorry but I’m glad to know you missed meeeee…mujhe laga sab mujhe bhool jayenge…kisine pooncha hi nahi 🙁 …. n I saw my name disappearing from authors notes…but thx for asking dearrrrr…main toh yahin thi, bas thoda sa peeche reh gayi thi…Christmas and new year holidays made me very slow on reading all these amazing lovely stories…now I’m back to work n finding some of my free break catching up on all these sweeeeeet stories…finally. you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh n happy new year to alllllllllll my sweeeeeet deariiiiiiieeess

  11. Awesome update yaar.Ardhika remarriage was superb idea n they r going to attend nesam marriage also wow??.So nandhini is back hope she don’t succeed in her evil plans. Exams kaisa hai.will be waiting for next update. Love u amu…..take care.???

    1. Thankssss harisha…exams were good…Will update sOOn….luv u???

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    Iloved the ardhika scene with a child oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the wedding beginsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of sam and neil wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow the haldi ceremony and the marriages of both the couples woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. and lovely the piyali friend nandu came again to add the tadka in the dish. lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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  13. Wooow Ameena i louv detailing. Convos are clear cut n awesome. Great stuff girl. The waking up part, care n concern of Arjun. Rads hesitance. Wah re wah fantastic. Ur going great in sentence formation n vocab 😀 Waaaaahh im readin al the chaps atonce n asap 😀

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  15. I missed u ameena am so glad to c ur updates. It’s as usual fantastic and mind blowing… Am waiting to c Wat nandini will do. Will saral b bac ? I hope not… I can’t wait for shadi to take place. Ur gap was a long one. Pls update asap.

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