HumDard – chapter 5



The sky, filled with midday clouds and shining stars of night, made it a classical evening with shades of night and some great unusualness in those wondering hearts. Hate was love, pain was happiness, dream was reality, and two hearts became one. Arjun got a hold of her soft delicate tiny wrist, and her move along with him, close to his heart. They came out of his office and looked around the whole area. Thet saw everyone standing together including sam, neil, piyali, samrat and all other friends. Sam was standing in center with neil holding her hand. Radhika and sam were totally looking into each other’s eyes and then suddenly sam jumped into radhika and gave her a very tight warm hug. The hug was very tight. They both could hardly breathe. Tears silently fall down on radhika’s shoulder. Radhika could feel her pain and tears. She losened the tight hug slightly to see her deep painful eyes.

“Chashniiiiiii!!!!! I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t ask for forgiveness and I don’t have any right. You suffered so much for me and I treated you like that. I’m sorry!”,sam said with all the redness that settled smoothly on her painful face.
Radhika slowly yet in quick manner wiped her tears and said…

“I’m mad at you sam. I think you don’t even consider me your chashni, do you? If you did then you shouldn’t have said sorry”. After saying this radhika turned a side slightly and folded ber hands. At this sam again hit into her in hug a d said:

“Oh my chashni, you got such a big heart. Without saying anything, you forgived me so easily. You are truly my chashni.” Few soft tears rolled down her cheek but radhika wiped them again. Then neil came and said, “Enough of tears now, I’m bored. Let’s dance and party. I’m also done with preparations also.”

Everyone looks around and sees the whole office decorated. They were all amazed by seeimg this. And then teji comes and says, “Yes let’s party. It’s been alot of days since we danced together.” Sam and radhaika look at eachother and huge smile comes to their face.

The song ‘chitya kalaiya ‘ plays and all of them start dancing except piyali, samrat and arjun. They were standing at side and watching them. Arjun smiled as he looked at her radhika smiling and dancing. Sam came and pulled him towards the group indicating him to dance with everyone. Arjun danced a bit and then collied with each other. They had an eye lock while everyone was dancing. Arjun smiled and she was just staring at him. Others dancing moves broke their special eye lock. Radhika while half dancing and half running came out from there and was standing on a side. Piyali looked at ber from far away and came closer to her. Now she was standing near her and radhika saw her.

“Beta (daughter)…you have a very big heart….a thank you will not be enough now….may god bless you!”,sbe said in a very soft and lovely voice. Radhika turned her face to sam who was still dancing and so did the piyali do.

“Aunty please don’t say thank you. It was my duty to protect sam and it will be always.”,radhika replied still staring at sam.
Piyali gave a pat on her back and smiled. And then she went away from there.

Arjun who was far away from them was listening their whole conversation. As he saw piyali go away, he came near her from behind and softly touched her waist. She could feel his presence and turned around to see him. They both had an eye lock again. But this time a verh deep eye lock. Once again they were disturbed by everyone but now they stood together and arjun still holding radhika’s soft waist. Soon they started to go home as it was already late. Neil and sam went together and everyone left leaving arjun and radhika alone. They were standing awag from each other. Arjun came towards were and her breathe got heavy.

“Radhikaaa..I want to ask you something”,he said.
Radhika didn’t reply but her eyes showed that she want to him to ask.

“Will you able to forgive me for what I did?”, he continued.

“Arjun why are you asking for forgiveness when you didn’t do anything.”she replied.

He was satisfied now that she forgived him and in return he gave her big soft hug. Then made her move along with him, out of the office. They reached his house now. Radhika was very tired after all tbe incidents that happened in the early morning and wanted to jump directly in bed. Arjun was also tired and wanted to sleep. Arjun was in the room waiting eagerly for her. She came and saw him waiting for her. She closed the door from behind and slowly moved towards him. He took her in his arms and moved towards bed.They had an eye lock again and then slowly arjun gave a pat on radhika’s forehead to make her sleep. They both slept togehter in each other arms. And their day ends here, leaving each other close to their hearts forever!


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