Humdard – Chapter 4


Arjun hugged her tight…very tight as if she will go away like an incomplete dream. But now all dreams, all words and all memories were real. Even an incomplete dream have to complete now. He wanted her to be inside him, in his body, in his heart, in body and in his soul. Her body was in his body and his in her’s. They didn’t wanted anyone to spoil this moment of heart-2-heart love. And in response no one even dared to do that, even air wasn’t allowed to pass. Large tears were flowing silently through their souls, cleaning their hearts gently. Their tears were speaking the pain, their heart stopped beating and their heavy breath made it own beat. Acorrding to the pain, this everlasting hug didn’t seem to satisfy the heart.


Arjun’s eyes were now slowly falling on her left shoulder. He was shocked to see what he saw. He saw pain in the dried blood which completely took place from the shoulder till her wrist. He now loosened the tight grip of their souls to give a closer look at her wound. He placed his soft rough hand on her shoulder to feel her pain.

“Ahhhhhh!”,radhika groaned hard at his touch.

“Arjunnn…actually…I…”,she tried to take this words out of her.

His eyes now were looking completely in her’s. He could feel her pain. His eyes shifted from her eyes to lips directly. He again, with same passion, drew her body close to him. He kissed her on her soft, warm and red as blood lips. He kissed her hard. It was their first ever kiss. It was painful. He pressured her lips for hard kiss to relieve her from the pain. He kept kissing her for about for few minutes. He again now was able to look through her painful eyes. He made her sit on the rolling chair again as he sat on the hard floor again.

“Now tell me, what happened? This wound, how?”, arjun filled her heart with the river of questions.

“Arjun actually I was sitting on the bench in station…….FB STARTS….

Radhika is sitting on bench and suddenly her phone ranged. She saw the phone and remembers the moments of sam’s and her’s last night. She remembers the words: radhika saying sam that I came here to return her everything which never belonged to me. She sees her phone again. Her eyes are closed tighly and tears easily rolled down.her soft warm cheeks. She puts the phone beside her and ignores it while crying. She wanted to talk to sam desperately from the heart but her head stopped her. After recieving many calls, she got a message as she didn’t attend any call.

“Chasni please attend my call…it’s important”,the message was shown.

Radhika hesitated again while attending the call but this time she really attended it as she worried.

“Radhika,”,sam stated gently with a voice full of grief. This environment was full of unlimited noise which kept disturbing her and especially the trains rumbled on.

“Sa….sam, I can’t listen you. What are you saying?, radhika moved to a side to atleast listen the words correctly.

“Radhika, can you listen me now?”,she replied.

Radhika finally found herself in a little peaceful environment and said yes.

“Radhika I want to say you something”,she said clearly.

“Radhika please come back. I don’t want arjun. I love neil. And I’m going to only marry him. Arjun loves you. Please come back or else he will die without you”,sam added.

Radhika was shocked, confused, overjoyed, had tears in her eyes. She stood like that for few seconds then few minutes.

“Neill!”,radhika said in a shocked expression.

“Yess neil, my idiot”,she said softly and started blushing.

“Please come back!”,she said but now radhika didn’t seem to pay much attention om her words as someone now distracted her attention. She narrowed her eyes to see who the person which looked familiar. She cut the call and looked at him. He turned around. She was able to see him completely.

“Saralll!!”,she said to herself.

“He, here but why? What if he sees me? I have to go from here before he sees me”,she continued.

Radhika slowly covered her face with a piece of cloth she had. And took large steps to get out of there. Suddenly she ran from there as she realized saral was behind her to catch her. She ran fast now but now her clothes got stuck to the sharp thin point leaving an deep injury on her shoulder.

She was able to escape from there and reach bird song. She founded it all empty and then came to arjun’s office amd sat there….

…..FB ENDS…..

“So that’s why I got this little injury”,radhika finally finished telling about her mornimg incidents.

“Little? This is not a little wound”,he said in a caring and protective manner. He immediately took a piece of cloth and tied it to her shoulder.

He hugged her again with the same passion as before but now more tighter due to her injury. They had a deep eyelock. And slowly after union, they realized that are alone in the office. Arjun grabbed radhika’s hand and made her move forward with him.


Soo that’s it for today….hope u all like this part…plzz forgive me if u don’t like my story and for typos….I quickly typed this whole part…and I can never add a precap in my story…cuz like you all, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next….and will update the next part during the next week….my exams gonna after next week….so 1 week is left only…but I can still update a few more times….love uuuu alllllll….???

Unlimited loveees to my all #DA’s_4ever??


Credit to: ❄ Ameena ❄

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