Humdard – Chapter 3


Sam then immediately cut the call. Arjun was shocked and was wondering why she was shouting. Ohh I deserve this attitude after what I have done. He thought while cursing himself. He was disheartened…but now who will come agaim in my life as angel and cure me completely. Only she was able to do that. And now I lost her only because if this devil inside me.I hate myself now for hurting her. Please radhika come again in my life again. He thought again. Now his mind was focused on her and their moments. He then went to slowly to his room with a very very heavy heart. It was hard to carry that painful heart with him. He was suffocated now with this pain. He wanted to live in her light now.

Arjun reached bird song. He was completely shocked to see no one in office. It was looking as if it was built just now.
“Where is everyone?” He thought as this shocked him. He was slowly walking in the office. He reached the point which made her presence alive in him. Near her desk, he stood stiff and remembering that how each and every thing of her made him drew more closer to her. Her things also had that fire, passion and brightness in them just like her.
“You left everything for me here so I just keep dying in my heart for you”, he said while touching her desk in the most caring side of him. He was not devil but now he was a lord as his most ever caring side could be seen. He then looked around until one place one point took that most interest out of him. The place where he saved her life from saral’s devilness. His eyes now lifted up to his office. He slowly opened the door creating a little noise in this place which was ruled by goddesses of silence. He smoothly entered inside, closing the door in the same way. Arjun was looking around and thought as no one is here also.
“Welcome Mr. Arjun Mehra”,said the voice.
He quickly was familiar with the voice. His heart now jumped to see her. She turned around on the rolling chair . Arjun was now shocked, happy, over joyed and tears again filled his eyes showing all the emotions at once. These tears were full of pain and happiness together.
“Radhika!”,he stated very smoothly and innocently and now tears were perfectly falling his cheek.
He slowly increased his steps towards her. Tears were also rolling down from her eyes.
He sat down on the floor, holding her cheek. He wiped her tears with the soft touch of his thumb.
“Why did you leave me like that? Where did you go? My whole morning was a disaster. My whole heart lost it everything and wants ur brightness”, he continued. “I know I made your life hell but why you left me like that?”,he added.
“S..s.s..sir”,radhika tried to speak but before she say anything, he gently placed his index fjnger on her soft warms lips.
“Shhhh let me continue today”,he said in his sweet voice.
“You left me just like that leaving the divorce papers”,he added.”Now those papers are more important than it was before”.
Radhika’s voice opened more broadly now.
“Because they showed me the truth that no one was able to show, the truth of heart which is more stronger than it’s pain”,he comtinued but now his voice changed a little and tears rolled down his cheek. He closed his eyes tight.
“I love you radhika…I love you from all this inside me…from all my power…I just love you”,he retorted.
Radhika’s eyes were completely looking to him but during these words…she wasn’t able to lift her eyes in his eyes.
“Sir”,she said.
“No say it like before arjun”,he replied.
“Arjun and only arjun”,he insisted.
“Sirr”,she said after the gaps of few seconds of her life.
“Hushhhh only arjun”,he insisted again.
“Arj…arjun…”,she said but before she continue with sir again he put his finger on her lips.
“That’s enough”,he said softly.
He now drew her more closer to him and hugged her tight. His eyes then fall on her shoulder…..
So here is next part…I know it’s short this time so next time I add more in it…read all the emotions and tell me how u feel…I’m veryy busy these cuz my exams gonna start sOOn….but willl make sure that u get a update before they start….love uuuu allll…..???
One lovee?

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  1. Awww is true or day dream

    1. Heyyyy hayathi….thankssss for commenting dear…well sweetheart keepppp thinkinggg… uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


    2. I’m sure its dream….

      1. Heyy deepthi….thanquuu sooo much for commenting…..really means like heaven fell….well I’m soi glad that u r taking interest in my update…loveeee uuuu…???
        One lovee?


  2. Thanks ameena,loved it buddy

    1. Heyyy deepa….thanqu soooooo much for commenting… uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


  3. It’s awesome ameena.

    1. Heyyyy lakshmi…..thanks a lot my lovee for commenting….the word ‘awesome’ just cheered me up….love uuuuu…..??
      One lovee?

  4. Good ameena…. pls update next part soon ya… K all the best 4 ur exam….

    1. Heyyyy saran….thanqu soooo much for commenting…..yipee before exams will update….for sure….love uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


  5. Hayathi i’m also thinking the same. If it is true then it is the best part i could read. Arjun is not able to control his feelings n they started to flow frm eyes. Wah kya scene hai. Masha allah. Dialogues were super gud. The scene where he is standing at her desk n remembering her. Bas isse jyaada kya chahiye.

    Thank u ameena for continuing ff. It really means alot. I hope other writers too can follow. Plz don’t stop. I just want to say if u people r not writing then what is the need of me coming to this page. I just come to this page bcoz of ur ff. Thank u once again.

    1. Heyyyy manha…my sweet cute lovely friend…..thanks for commenting….and ohh wow a long comment…loved it….keep thinking my loveeee…..nd thanqu once again for such a beautiful praise….

      Manha dear don’t say like this that u will not come to this page if ‘some’ writers r not updating…nd it’s just 1 website who is doing this….plus till now they didn’t add anything bad in our stories….just they changed our words nd added their stupid words….well baby I will not stop writing…..cuz I thought about it nd it doesn’t affect me even if 10 websites start to do the same thing….I don’t care….I think the bond of our friendship nd love is more stronger than anything in the world…nd that’s y I will write my lovee….love uuuuu..
      One lovee?


      1. Ameena main kabhi nahi chod ke jaoongi tab tak hamari dosti hi yaar. Dosti isliye nahi ki thi ke chod de. Hum apni dosti ka farz hamesha adaa karenge. Tum tension mat lo. Just concentrate on ur studies n write exams well. Then post ur lovely updates so that i can always keep smiing reading them.
        Bas us nisha ko ye baat kaise samjhayee? Wo to baat hi nahi kar rahi hi. Pata nahi kya hoga.

        Maine saari websites check ki hi. Bas ye ek website me words change hue hain. Baaki toh sirf original story update kar rahe hi. Aur hamare comments nahi post honge usme. Toh darne ki baatnahi hi.

        Thank u once again. Loveeeee u.

    2. I wish it is true yaar…. and ha natasha nisha kfar thena all writers guys mujhe patha chala some others sites are doing wrong but if u r heart and thoughts are pure its not a plm dr…… i know u guys r hurt because of some websites….. plzzz try to update ur stories dr…. plzzzzz

  6. Hi ameena wat a sweet come bac. But I last read radhika is in railway station if so is it just a dream of arjun or radhika. I hope they r together for gud. Its very emotional and touchy pls continue. U also left d chapter as a cliff hanger am very curious plz update asap. All d best for ur exams.

    1. Heyyyy ‘Rg’….thanquuu sooooo muchhhh for commenting….well my darling keep thinkingggg….I will definitely continue my lovee….thanks again for soo sweet words….love uuuu….??
      One lovee?


  7. Omg Ameena !! I just loved it !! You killed it!! Nailed it !! What a perfect comeback .. So,Radhika came back !! She changed her decision .. My heart just skipped a beat .. I loved the confession part .. Its like a dream come true of what and i had dreamt of being telecasted … Hope Radhika too confessess .. Plz keep posting ..

    All the best for your exams .. Will keep waiting ..
    Btw where are you from?

    1. OMG!! Shree thanqu sooo much…..after reading ur comment I was ➡???⬅….thanqu sooo much….my lovee keep thinkingggg…..hey baby no no I really don’t to kill you…plzz shree’s heart keep beating….if u don’t beat then I will lose such beautiful friend….nd I’m indian (pure desi indian) and I live in mumbai….love uuuu….???
      One lovee?


      1. Lol no .. I’m not going anywhere as I nee to read all your stories.And everyone elses too.

        Wow Mumbai!! Mine tho complicated.. Born in india, brought up in America and now back to India .. I’m in Bangalore now.

        Love you loads :-* :-*

      2. Shree where is the next update dear. Plz update next part.plz. so hw many languages do u know?


    1. Heyyy jade….omg dear u made my day….thanks a lot of the comment….love u darling….??????
      One lovee?


  9. Humdard. Love the name. As one of my favorite song is Humdard even Manmarziyan is my favourite show 🙂
    Nice fan fiction.

    1. Heyyy fatarajo….thanksss yaar for the comment…yup humdard is a good song…..nd ek villian is superb….love uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


      1. Ya. And I am really imaging yours and the others fan fiction on Manmarziyan as season 2.

  10. Aww ammeena this1 was wonderful the way u write arjun’s emotions was too gud i must say that your writing skills was so gud nd u may bec me a very gud teacher god bless u dear nd ya gud luk for your exams….!!:*:*

    1. Heyyy kitty….thanqu sooo much dear….nd the thing about teaching….well I never want to be a teacher…not cuz I dont like cuz I’m not a good teacher….nd teaching doesn’t suit me at all…..anyways thanks again….nd love uuu…??
      One lovee?


  11. Damn cool and emotional …..

    U made my day better …..

    Even I am stuck with exams ….

    They start tomo …so bye take care and B updating….. Hampadthe hey ….

    and chk in where is heart there is life 34th page I posted one of my suggestion to get rid of this copy cats …. Hope u WIL like my suggestion …

    1. Heyyy devgaaaa…..thanquuuuu sooooo muchhhhh……for commenting…..really feel like top of the world….GOOD LUCK!!!….for exams…I’m sure u will do good….love uuuu…??
      One lovee?


  12. It’s wonderful my friend…wowwwww….radhika was there in office tats awesome….aradhika rockzzz…ameena really a great job yaar…luv u my friend ?

    1. Heyyy harani….feeling good after reading ur comment my sweeeetttt frienddd… u nd keep commenting my sweetheart….??
      One lovee?


  13. Im the update I said radhika’s voice opened more broadly now…….it is…radhika’s eyes*** opened more broadly now….love u alll….???
    One lovee?

  14. Oh my cutie huggy bear….this was awesome….loved it….but I think he is day dreaming….as she was on station…whatever it is please make them together….love u….

    All the very best for your exams….

    1. Heyyyy my cute princess kirti….thanks a lot baby for commenting….means more than a lot to me…keepppp thinking my lovee…and in the part u will get to know everything…..loveeeee uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


  15. even i am thinking its dream… as rads was in railway station

    1. Heyyy ahana….thanksss a lot for commenting….I’m in cloud9…..keepppp thinkingggg…..nd will answer alll ur questions in the next update I guess….loveeeee uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


  16. Thank u so much for this sweet update. But is it Arjun’s dream?? Will be waiting for ur nxt update and prepare well for ur exams. All the best…☺☺

    1. Heyyy ananya….dear thanquuuuu sooooo much…..really am sooo glad that u liked it…keepppp thinkingggg…..nd will answer alll ur questions in the next update I guess….loveeeee uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


  17. hey Ameena amazing emotional epi…relive the last epi of mmz again…Thank you for writing such beautiful confession….wish that ki ye update khatam na ho…pls update another one
    …love u dearryyy…

    hey deepa if read my comment pls update ur college wali aradhika story…why u stopped it yarrr…m waiting for it..

    1. Heyyy dipika….thanks for commenting…..feels like heaven fell on me…aur meh chahti ho ke mai kabibhi likna na choru tumhare liye….loveeee uuuuu….??
      One lovee?


  18. Hi???
    Ameena i am new in your story love it…… realy superb emotional thanks 4 writting such a lovely story………

    And yes all the best in your exam may god bless u in your life…….

    1. Heyyy nishaaaaa……welcome dear….thanks for commenting….really feel like I’m on cloud9….ur sweet words motivate me to write more and more….thanks again for sweet wishes….may god fulfils ur wishes nd give u all the happiness of yhe world….loveee uuuu….???
      One lovee?

  19. O amu my deariiiiiiieeess, muaaaaahhhhhh…this is exactly my feelings after seeing your story update…awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode…arjun missing rads soooo muchhhhhh….ahhh it feels really hurting…my sweeeeeetu amu your words n emotions hit my heart…I also think it’s his dream that rads was in his office…but I loved their convo very muchhhh n felt their pain for each other…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug to you my amu……♡♡♡

    I was so disheartened as my few dearrrr friends left this page…but I’ll be here always…waiting for all your manmarzian…love you loads and very very tight warm looooooong hug to all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess….

    1. Heyyy my sweet lovely bestie roma….sooo gawd ur comments r truly touching….thanksss yaar….well my lovee keepppp thinkinggg….nd in next epiosde u will get to know everything….welll don’t be disheartened my lovee….everything will be fine…Do u need a chocolate to smile now like radhika???….loveeeeee uuuuuuuuuu….???
      One lovee?


      1. My sweeeeeet heart amu, my lovee dovee friend, your sweeeet comment is sweeeeeeter than chocolate…I’m smiling for youuuuuuuuu my dearrrr…I hope everything gets fine n all of us again share our thoughts very soooon…love you loads and very very tight warm hug to you my sweeeeeet lovee dovee friend…muaaaaahhhhhh

  20. Awsme one yr… :* :*

    1. Thanksss yaar….for commenting nd reading my story….love uuuu…??
      One lovee?


  21. Tanku so mch Ameena…….i tot aftr readng te cmnt frm Natasha tat u guys r gonna stp writing…….i ws sad all day tinkng abt it…….bt ne I’m happy ……hope sme1 else ‘ll also b updated tday……..
    Ameena is tdays episode a dream f Arjun????????????I only hpe it s nt so.

    1. Heyy aastha….after reading ur beautiful comments on my previous update….how could I stop writing my lovee….nd I don’t wanna hurt anyone….soo u know had to update sOOn….yup me tooo want ti read other’s ff…but today no one updated ???….except me…nd keeep thinkingggg and try to answer the question u asked me….anyways in next update u will get to know everything my loveee….so want to keep it a surprise for u….love uuuu nd tc….??
      One lovee?


  22. Finally they united …yuppiieee..m so hppy…n also sad coz agn a shrt stry?

  23. I’m soooooo sorry bhavna….ik once again short update….u know I tried to make it bigger….but gave up….I’m not feeling good cuz u r sad….sooo sorry….love u??
    One lovee?


    1. Its ok dear …dnt feel bad..n keep wrtng …ur ff is d bst ..?love u??

  24. @Manha(#bff)—–I’m soo happy we both will be #Together_4ever…..but nisha natasha ???….nisha nd natasha u both became a vital part of life….when first became friends with you guyzz…I thought that this friendshil will never end as friendship itself have no ends…for some ppl you left like that….I still love u as I used to before….you both will be a important part of my life….manha we r truly besties forever my lovee….now I know what true friends mean….what friendship means….dosti serif khehnai se nahi hoti….dosti ko puri tarah nibana parta hai….I love u….aur main ne sare manmarziyan friend group ka perfect name soch liyaa hai…. desi aasihqs_4ever….kaisa lagaa??…aur nisha nd natasha tum log iss group ke bhi utne part ho jitni ke hum hai….I love u alll…?????
    Unlimited loveeess from me?


    1. Perfect name for our group amu my lovee dovee..loved it very much…Sholey movie ka wo gana yaad hai naa…This song is for our Desi aashiqs_4ever group…

      Hum nahi todenge
      Todenge dum magar
      Tera saath na chhorenge…

      I’m missing you Nisha n Natasha veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh ..plzzzz come back my sweeeeeet musical friend n lovely natty…love you loads and very very tight warm hug to all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess

    2. Thanquuuu soooo much my lovee roma….whenever I read ur comments….a full smile of love emotions nd happiness directly spread on my lips….am soi glad that u liked the name…nd this song….oh godd…iss song ki ek jhalak se khush ho jati ho….again thanks a lot….me tooo missing nisha nd natasha…sooooooooooooooòooooooooooooòòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…..even adding o’s in so doesn’t show how much I miss them….loveee uuuu….???
      One lovee?


  25. Hai ameena. Desi aashiqs_4ever really nice name suggest kiya aur tumne sach bola dosti sirf kehne se nahi hoti hai dosti ko pura nibana padta hai.
    “Dil se dil kabhi juda nahi hoti,
    yu hi hum kisi pe fida nahi hoti,
    mohabbat se badkar tho dosti ka rishtahe,
    kyunki dost kabhi bevafa nahi hote”.
    Sorry mein hindi me accha nahi hoon i just read this somewhere and i want to share this here. Once again sorry if there r any mistakes.

    1. Wah wah wah….kiya baat hai…manha sach bol rahi hai….dil ko chugayi….actually dil chudaa liya tumhare shayari ne…amazing….nd my friend I was reading ur heart while reading ur amazingg shayari not ur hindi words….soo don’t say sorry at all….nd 1 more rule in friendship….no sorry…love uuuuu…..??
      One lovee?


      1. Thanks ameena love u too and rule to be noted,OK.

  26. Lakshmi u don’t know hindi but what a shayari. Dil ko chugayi. I mean heart touching. Super.
    Amu thanks babe. And kya naam diya tumne. Masha allah. Super se bhi upar. Hum to fida hogaye. Shukriya. Shukriya. Loveeeee u.

    1. Thankyou manha and i want to ask something hope u don’t mind, where r u from?

      1. there is nothing to mind yaar. im from A.P . i can’t say the place as u will never find it. it is a small town. lol. where r u frm?

      2. Me too from A. P. that’s y asked

    2. Thanksss yaar….manha tumhare comment nai toh mujhe pagal bana diya…sach mein….tumhari amu pagal ho gayi hai….loveeee uuuuu…???
      One lovee?


    3. Ohh soo u both r from A.P….that’s y I was thinking that how can someone have such a big heart…but now got it….???
      One lovee?


  27. Desi aashiqs_4ever ka short form….

    #DA’s_4ever ????…..
    Unlimited lovees for my #DA’s_4ever…???


  28. Heyyyyyyy Ameena babe, i just gone away fr a week bt mny sweeties hv started writing amaziiiiing fanfics on our fav show. urs is toooooo gooooood dear. emotions hv been brought down well.Awesomeeeee dear. keep it doing. Love u 😀

  29. Hey ammu dear how r u . Dear I loved the part . I read it fully emotions are driven very sweetly by you. I loved Rads arjun scene its so emotional.

    love u ammu and all my dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees missing u all by heart.

    I know I take a decision in hush hush and goes from there stop reading ffs even .

    But then thinking the reverse . Love u always by heart. and definitellly your story too.

    My jaan all the very best for exams do well.

    Always loving u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    Keep smiling Once a friend always a friend.

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