Humdard – Chapter 2


Sam was still slowly walking on hard ground with her soft feet. She was shocked and broken from the deep inside corner of heart. She remembered all the moments from the happiest to the painful moments-neil’s and radhika’s moments in bird song, her’s and arjun moments, aradhika’s marriage, the last night with neil. The painful tears dried on the soft cheek. The redness of eyes now settled on her whole face. She quickly covered the distance of her short and long journey. Sam now found herself in balcony itself.
Radhika was sitting on bench…holding her train ticket. She cameeans someone who shared a pain with someone. As in, if you share my pain with me, you are my ‘hamdard’.

Of course, since it’s not some physical process or something, it need not always be vice versa, but it’s more like a close friend who understands you and feels bad when you have a problem, and feels good when you do well.

Humdard is made up of hum- prefix, used for ‘those who share’, being added to dard – pain. The same way we add it to many words, to come up with hamsafar/ humsafar [means those who share a safar, a journey], hamraaz/ humraaz [means those who share a secret], and even hambistar/ humbistar [means those who share a bistar, a bed]. You can guess what the deeper meaning where required, I guess. 😉 early very early in this cold morning. The trains rumbled on and on. Soft tears rolled down smoothly on her cheek. She remembered the moments of arjun and hers together and there marraige. These moments were painful and hurted her hell.

A small kid was staring her from far away and saw her soft tears. She didn’t saw him and was lost in her thoughts. The cold of morning now didn’t affect her as the pain of heart was enough to hurt a like hell. That small kid came running to her like a small cute rat running around humans and disturbing everyone but he didn’t seem to care about that much.

“Don’t cry! Mom says everything will be fine”,he said in sweet cute voice while wiping her tears with his soft tiny hands.
“Here, eat this chocolate and smile”,he said while placing a small chocolate in her soft young hands. A little shades of childish smile gradually was spreading on her soft warm lips.
He ran back with the same speed carelessly crossing each and every person around his little energetic heart.
A persons view was shown from somewhere far away.
“This time I will surely get her”,that unknown person said. Only his devilish smile was shown.


Neil was sleeping with his head falling down and down but still finding some sleep in his pain. Sam saw him with his most painful eyes now. She quietly went there and sat beside him…putting his head on her shoulder with the most caring hands.

The pointy rays of sun fall on neil’s face gradually even in quick manner. His eyes opened slowly while blinking a lot. He felt his head on someone’s shoulder and tilted his head to see whose that person who will let a tired child sleep peacefully. He saw her sitting beside him with the most deep eyes.

“Sam..sam”,he mumbled still in sleepy tone.
“Sam it’s you…you went to arjun..ur decision”,he shouted as if she 300 km away from him and moved slightly away from her soft tired body to get a hold of her cheeks. Sam burst out in river of tears.

“Sammy what happened? Tell me, you went arjun..then what happened”,he said while nodding his head continuously to calm her down as she tried hard to speak her tears controlled her now and said many things which she by herself can’t say.

Then she said everything to him in very breathless tone.
“Neil I only love you and want to spend my life with you and only you”, she said in soft touching of her voice.
“Sammm I love you but radhika wants you to marry arjun and arjunnn”,he said.
“Radhika thinks that I still love him and she don’t know anything about us”,she replied back to him in his tone.

After that they both sat beside eachother their back touching and their head rested on each other.

Arjun was beside the sofa and still thinking about how nandini betrayed him and radhika left him like that. She left him forever and forever. Her only presence was enough to settle everything. His phone ranged now. He hurried his steps towards the table with a hope that it’s radhika call. Ohh it was sam calls. Why would radhika call him??. I’m the one who wants her now but why will she want him now after all the pain he gave to her.
He hesitated while attending the call but still he attended it.
“Arjun come to the office right now”,sam shouted.
“Sa..sam”,he mumbled on the phone.
“Right now and fast”,she shouted again.

Soo here’s the next chapter….hope u like and plzz comment to tell how you feel about it.
Love you all from my heart..❤❤
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Credit to: Ameena❤

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Ek hi din me 2 update Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    See my happiness can’t stop my fingers dear. Arjun uffffffffffffffffffff rads call expecting maar daala dear . what a second update and seriously loving it to the core of my heat.

    Actually you stole my heart dear. For sure. You take it Its not mine now.

    Love u dear. Always love u

    Keep smiling my s*xy chic.
    Love u ammeena Keep smiling always.

    1. Heyyyyy nishaaaaa….my sweet cut darling…
      How can I let my lovee wait sooo much??…sooo had to update today….but dont know if I will be free to update next part sOOn …
      Yeah I also love that part when arjun expecting radhika’s calll…..imagine if it’s really her…
      Arjun rushed towards the table with the hope that radhika might be calling. Her sweet voice will be enough to fill his heart. He quickly reached to the table. His eyes were closed tightly when he attended the call and he didn’t saw who called. He placed the phone directly on his ear. Both of them closed their eyes sooo tightly. They could feel each other’s presence. Their silence was speaking now. And they were listening it fro their heart.
      “Si..sir”,radhika gasped.
      Arjun’s breath got heavy and tears rolled down his cheek.And their radhika also cried silently.
      “Radhikaaaa”,arjun replied.”Where are you?”.
      So hope you liked this…just my imagination nd this not a part of story….
      Hope to steal ur heart everytime. Nd I will keep it with me…will never return you back…will use it when in old age I get an heart attack….love u my heart…????
      One lovee?

      1. Are yaar kya imagination hi. Agar sach me aisa hota toh kahaani kuch aur hi ho jati. Yes i loved it. Sach me aisa kuch hota toh pakka heart attack jaroor aata ardhika ke liye kuch bhi. So amu i can call u by that name.

      2. Manha and hareem thanqu yaar…sooo muchhh….am soooo happy that you loved it….here is continuation of it my loveess….

        “Si…sir, take care of sam and give her all happiness of world”,radhika said but now arjun could feel that she is crying heavily.
        “Radhika where are you? Why did you leave me like that?”, arjun replied. “Tell me where are you? I’ll come right now”, he added.
        No eyes in the world now could grow so large or hold so many tears as arjun and radhika’s eyes. Radhika’s skirt was now a bag which kept all her painful tears.
        “Bye sirrr”, radhika gasped.
        She cut the call and now the tears were running above her phone. She cried and only cried. People say when you are in pain then crying helps but why it’s not helping me…she thought innocently.
        “Radhika no no no don’t leave me again..I need u right now”,arjun begged to her.
        He then gave a look on his phone.
        “Radhikaaaaaaa”,he cried.
        He sat on the floor with a sudden speed. He was broken from his heart from my soul from his body frim his life. They both kept crying like forever. Their tears didn’t seem to stop now.
        soo here it is…hope u like it…nd once again this is not a part of my ff….
        Hey u can call me any name actually….but whenever someone calls me amu…it makes me feel more closer to that someone….anyways love u alll….???
        One lovee?

      3. Amu darling, are yaar aise karogi toh heart attack jarror ayega. Superb imagination. Uff agar ye sab original epi me dikhate to pata nahi kya hojata. Main soch bhi nahi sakti. Abhi itna ro rahi hu ke serial khatam hogaya. Agar ye sab dikhate toh pata nahi kya ho jata. Mujhe toh bahut acha laga.
        Agar kuch aur hai tumhare imagination me toh wo bhi likho.

      4. Thankssss manha…really feel soo happy after reading ur comment…baby mera intni jaldi tumhe maarne ka koi iirada nahi hai….arrey baby abhi tum bohut young ho toh don’t think about heart attack….sorry for giving u a heart attack…and my imagination about it stops here my loveee….agar kuch aur merai pagal dhimag nai socha toh definitely continue karongi…till then lots of love…???
        One lovee?

    2. AND hey ho u know about my nick name???….everyone calls me amu…nd I’m used to it….but got used when everyone here calling me amu…love u my heart…

      One loveeee

      1. and got used when everyone here calling me ameena*…spelling mistake…

        One loveee

    3. What an imagination….hats off Ameena dear …loved cutieeeeeeeeeeeee

      Well my little sis name is also Ameena n I use to call her Amu …
      So like our sweeeeeeeeeeet friend manha may I also call u Amu..

      Love u loadss

  2. Just just superr

    1. Thanksss yaar….ur comment means more than a lot to me…love u…??
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  3. Welllllllllllllllllllllll ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I also reply to ur comment dear check on my galliyaan . You get the answer of ur question my jaanu. Love u.

    1. Nishuu can do anything in my house anytime…
      One lovee?

  4. Loved it ameena….neil is so cute….I dont know nowadays I am falling for him more…..yeah he is cutie…and that child oh how sweetly he said to radhika that things will be fine….really loved each and every part…

    1. Aww baby soo glad that liked it….yeah shravan reddy is sooo cute…I cant even imagine anyone else taking his character in #DYM and Im fan of his acting…love u my princess….??
      One lovee?

  5. Im soooooo sorrry guyzzzz….the humdard meaning part was by mistake…while writing I just pasted it there….soooio sorry…hope u willl forgive me for that…

    1. No problem Ameena dear…plz don’t apologise ….such a sweeeeeeet meaning of humdard…

      Bt short epi reallyyyyy excited for nxt one

      Loooooooove u loads..

  6. Ameena itna emotional chap. U r rockstar baby. Kya emotions diye hi tumne nesam aur ardhika ke. Uff no words. Explanation of ur title it was just awesome. Kaha se kaha tak connect kardiya tumne. Now on ardhika a song dedication by me. Hope u all will like it.

  7. Naina lagiya Baarishan
    Tu sukke sukke sapna ve pijj gaye
    Naina lagiya baarishan
    Rove palkan di kone vich Neend meri
    Naina lagiya baarishan
    Hanju digde Ne chot lage dil te
    Naina lagiya baarishan
    Ruth birha de badlaan di chah gayi

    Kaali kaali khaali raaton se hone lagi hi dosti
    Khoya khoya in raho me ab mera kuch bhi nahin
    Har pal har lamha main kaise sehta hoon
    Har pal har lamha Khud se yeh kehta rehta hoon
    Tujhe bhula diya Oh
    Phir kyun teru yaadon ne
    Mujhe rulaadiya

    Teri yaadon mein likhe jo lafz Dete hai sunaayi
    Beete lamhe puchte hain kyun hue aise judaa
    Khuda, khuda mila jo ye faasla hi
    Khuda tera hi ye faisla hi
    Khuda hona tha oh hogaya jo tune tha likha

    Do pal thujse juda tha
    Aisa phir rasta muda tha
    Thujse main khone laga juda jaise hone laga
    Mujhse kuch mera
    Tu hi ab mere liye kar dua
    Tu hi iss dard se kar de ab juda
    Tera hoke tera jo main naa raha
    Main ye khud se kehta hoon

    Tujhe bhula diya oh
    Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
    Mujhe rulaa diya

    Tu nahin toh, inn labon pe ek shikayat rah gayi hai
    Door hi jab karna tha toh paas kyun laaya bataa
    Khuda tujhe bhi toh kabhi pyaar hoga
    Khuda juda tera yaar hoga
    Khuda jaanega tu faaslon ka hai yeh dard

    From the movie ANJAANA ANJAANI
    Actually i loved the song very much. My one of the fav. Hope u will love it too.

    Sorry couldn’t give video of it.

    1. Loved dis soooooooooong manha dear u ROOOOOOOOCKED…
      One of my fav song toooooo

      kEEp smiling alwaaaaaaaaaaays dear

      Love u loooads

      1. Thank u my sweet frnd. Keep smiling always. Loveeee u.

  8. Wow !! Plz keep posting .. It’s too good

    1. Awwww my loveee….thanqu sooooo much for commenting…..yipee will try my best to post sOOn…love u….??
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  9. Ameena woh explaination part toh sabse super tha. Sorry kyun keh rahi ho.
    Radz sitting in train station , the child came n gave chocolate, arjun’s desperation to talk to radz n hoping for her call. Sam’s entire life, her friends, everything in one thought. Neil shocked to see sam beside him. Uff really superb scenes. Sab kuch itna acha tha ke kya kahoon main. Sach me jo bhi keeda kaata hi usko ab dhanyawaad karna padega.loveeeeeeee u.

    1. Heyyy my sweet cute lovely friend….what a song yaar…made my day…perfectly fit in the situation….baby thanquuu sooooo much for such wonderful comment….I’m writing this for the first time ever…nd soooo happy that u liked it…love u my heart…??
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      1. Are wah hamaari toh nikal padi. Agar writer ko gaana acha laga is se achi baat kya ho sakti hi. Loveeee u my sweetheart.

  10. Two updates in one day …..loved it
    Heyyyy Ameena dear uuuuu r amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing….

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb epi

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    1. Heyyyyy hareem….sooooooo happy that u liked it my loveeeee…..yeah I kmow once again a short update….next time the update will be longer….pakka wala promise….love uuuuuu…..??☺
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  11. It’s amazing ameena and the explanation of humdard is really nice. This title is very apt for this story.

    1. Thanquuuuuu sooooooooo much for sooo sweet words….yeah I also like this this title humdard….I thought the explanation in middle of the update will disturb you….but am sooo happy that u r happy….???
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      1. Thankyou ameena for reply and i want to be ur friend.

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  13. Oh no who is that yaar is it saral plzzzz dont try to bring him back yaar

    1. Hayathi dear thanquuuuu sooooo much for commenting….yeah me tooo hate that saral…???….but plzz wait…I willl bring a twist…hope u will like it…love u my heart…??
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  14. Thank u my nishu baby. Bahut dino se gunguna rahi thi. Ab socha acha scene hai toh likh diya. Tumhe acha laga bas bahut khush hu.

  15. Wat an episode ameena….just rocking Dr..this story is making me to realise tst our mmz is still airing yaar…just pakka ma… Loved it buddy…

    1. Deepa my loveee….thanquu sooooo much for commenting yaar… u and missed u soooooooooooooooooooooo much….even adding o’s in so doesnt show exactly how much I missed you….I really wished that mmz never ended….love u my heart…??
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  16. Wow is saral going to make an entry? Please make radhika and arjun meet..soon. I love d little kids entry. It reminded me of how radhika herself is so positive despite difficulties. Plz update asap . Lovely update.

    1. Heyyyyy Rg…..thanquuuuuuu soooooo much for commenting…means more than a lot to me…yeah when writing the small kid part…I also thouht like you… r great…and their sweet cute innocent voice just make me crazy…will try to upate sOOn if Im free… uuuuu…???
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  17. Hey thank u sooo much for updating soon.I love all ur replies and updates.??

  18. Ya I was confused suddenly with hamdard meaning ….. But it cleared with ur comment ….

    And very nice episode…..

    No words to explain my feelings dear …. And u knw I eagerly want to knw for wat Sam is calling Arjun so soon ……

    And I’ve doubt in wich balcony is radz sitting ???

    PLZ clear my doubt Wen u r freefree

    Thank u

    1. heyyyy devga…..first of allll thanquuu soooo much for commenting….feels like heaven fall in my life….yeah sure will love to clear ur doubt….radz is not sitting in balcony…it’s neil and sam….radz is sitting on the bench in the station….sooo hope u understad nowwww….feel free to ask any questions my lovee… uuuuu…

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      1. Yeah dear thank u ….

        Love u too. …. Don’t forget me ok for next10 days I will B missing as I got exams …. I will come back to give reviews for all ur epi’s ok …

    2. I’m happy that u r not confused anymore…great???….
      Will never ever forget…even if I want to forget but my heart will never let me…you all r part of my life….part of my heart…sooo how will I able to forget….get over with exams sOOn and come back here sOOn!!!….love u..??
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    1. Hey dipika…thank you sooo much for commenting…really means a lot to me…I’m on cloud9 right now…..yeah me anxious to right the next update….but sorry yaar actually aaj kal bohot busy rah ti ho….phir bhi purai dil se koshish karoongi ke jaldi update karoon aur tumhe bohut intezaar nahi karwaoon…love u my heart…??
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  23. Ameena this part was so emotional. Loved every single part of it. Update nxt part soon when u get time.. Take care..

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  26. Mouni Godavari


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  29. Hi Amu dear, it’s superb, awesome, marvellous chapter, I loved it very much. ..arjun expecting rads call, I was also thinking of same …loved nesam confession a lotttttttttt. ..ardhika in same boat…they are real humdard…the meaning of this word suit perfectly to this couple…ardhika the emotions n tears I was also feeling…ardhika’s I’m also their humdard…ardhika’s ND in comments your imagination of rads called arjun was uffff soooooooo emotional, each n every details of the scene was mind blowing. ..amu dear you’re amazing writer and your story is very unique. ..eagerly waiting for the next chapter, love you loads….muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Heyy my sweet.cute.lovely.heart. ….first of alll thanquuu sooo much for commenting….I’m on cloud9….ur lovely comment just made me feel soo special….am soooo happy that u liked the title of the story….moreover I’m really glad that u also liked all the emotions…actually wrote them with all my heart….me too can feell their pain….heyy in comment section it was extra…not needed but when my lovee’s said they love this part then thought why not give it a try……once again thank you for such heart touching praise….love u my corner of my little heart…???
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    1. Heyyyyy kitty….wow…dear really wow…thanqu for the wonderful comment…really feels like heaven fell….I’m soo happy that u liked the emotions…yeah the small kid was sooo cute…actually remembered my small cute cousin when writing about it…thanqu once again…love uuuu soooooo much….keep commenting!!!…??
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  31. Amu why r u saying sorry for heartattack. Are yaar ye toh sweet heartattack aur is ke liye to ham hamesha taiyaar hai. So u don’t worry abt it. Aur kuch bhi chala tumhare dimag me toh jaroor likho. Ardhika ho to kuch bhi chalega. Haha. Loveeeee u.

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