Humdard – Chapter 1


Hi guyzzzzzzz….this is ameena….I wanted to write my own ff….this is continuation of the #DYM from when arjun got radhika’s letter…

Arjun read the letter(in radhika’s voice)….slowly tears roll down his eyes. He saw the other paper. It was the divorce paper’ was the same divorce paper’s due which he pressured her to sign. And now those papers were killing him from deep inside his heart. A river of emotional tears filled the painful and needy eyes while reading the letter. He threw both papers on the hard floor. He rushed towards the closed main door of his house which became the closed door of his life now.

Before he opens, someone else opened the door from outside…it’s sam. He was shocked to see her in this early morning.
“Why did she came to this devil in the morning,” he thought.
“Arj…Arjun”, she mumbled.

His eyes became as red as blood and his heart’s colour just disappeared just as her presence disappeared. He still rushed towards the door in a hope to just see her once with deep inside his heart. There was nothing but the empty land: not a city at all it used to be when she was there. Now it is was only a place filled with darkness and grief. She had some magic which changed everything. But everything was like before she came. She had cure for all the diseases. And now me without curing me completely. She really became a part of me. He thought with grief and pain of losing her and still looking outside as if she will come running from far away and hug him tight. Sam was still standing there behing him for like 5 minutes.
“Arjun,” she said without hestitation this time.”I came here to tell you my decision. I cant marry you. I love neil and want to spent my life with him”.

Arjun turned around to uddenly realize that she was there. My revenge. My past. I can ruin her now easily. But ohh now she loves neil and now and as to radhika’s dream. I will never do it. But I just want radhika now. Only her and her. He thought with pain. She tried to speak but before she said anything…

“I want to tell you the hidden truth with revealed big truth of my heart”, he said.

Now he was sitting on hard floor near divorce papers and sam was sitting on the sam. He told and explained everything about his revenge. She listened and was shocked to hell.
“So, radhika was telling me the truth all this time but I proved her wrong. I knew she married you to keep a distance between us but…”, she said him with the most believing eyes.
She saw his eyes now which showed true love and pain. He was crying deep inside his colourless heart loudly. She without making any noise went away feom there. Then she was on the road and walking slowly and slowly until she reached her destination which was far away. She thought about all the moments: her’s and rads, neils and hers in balcony yesterday and a lot of moments which now completely shook her..


Soooo hope u like it….This the first time writing something like this. I know I’m not a good writer like kfar, nisha, natasha, kirti, thena, anna, brity, shakthi, yuktha…(sorry if I forgot any names but believe me u all r in my heart..❤❤❤)….love u all and tell if I should continue or not..nd a big twist will come….tell me what ever ur heart says…btw that girl in the pic is me….????

One lovee?

Credit to: ?AmeenA?

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  1. Ameena ur comments themselves r amazing then y u r doubtful about ur ff…its jst amazing yaar…again aradhika jst luvd it dude…..pls update regularly yaar ?

    1. Awww baby thanquuu sooo much….ur comments r also soo lovely…always reading and a big wide smile directly come to my face…love u mu heart…??
      One lovee?

      1. Tanq fr ur reply ameena…i really feel happy tat u liked my comment …waiting fr nxt update ? loads of luv fr u

  2. Another manmarziyan yeah thanks dr… but plzzzz dont stop this yaar continur

    1. Thankss hayathi….love u darling..and yeah this one have soo many typos but glad that u still liked it…??
      One lovee?

  3. Good ameena pls continue this…. I eagerly waiting 4 manmarzian continue through ur writing…..

    1. Thanqu soooo much saran….yipeeee will continue after such sweet comment….love u my heart…??
      One lovee?

  4. Heyyy guyzz in the update I said sam was sitting on sam…????….it’s sofa not sam….nd there r a lot of typos….sooo sorry….will take care of them next time…
    One lovee?

  5. Its ok dr

    1. Heyy hayathi thanks yaar for ignoring my mistakes….u have a very big heart….??
      One lovee?

  6. wooooooooooooooooow Ameena dear…thanx for continuing DYM..
    marvellous , awesooooooooooome episode..loved it
    seriously plzzzz don’t stop it..keep going my sweeeeeeeeeeet friend.
    eagerly waiting for nxt epi..
    u choosed a perfect name..Hamdard so sweeeeeet

    love u loads and a sweeeeeet hug for u dear..

    1. Heyy hareem~~~my lovee…am sooo over joyed that u liked it….my lovee after such a sweet comment…which person in this sweet heavenly world will not comtinue….will definitely continuey sweetheart….yeah I also like the name humdard….love u and take care….???
      One lovee?

  7. Oh my God.. AmeenA.. this is just amazing. How dare you say that you’re not a good writer. Just read it yourself once and you’ll see the magic. Plz update it regularly. This is simply AWESOME.
    LOADS OF LOVE… :-*

    1. Heyy jade…thanqu for this sweet warm heart touching comment….am really glad that u liked it….will update u???
      One lovee?

  8. It’s really nice ameena and waiting for the twist, continue soon.

    1. Heyy hari….thanqu sooo much…yeah me too waiting to write the twist…nd then gey know ur sweet feelings….love u always…??
      One lovee?

  9. Oh my huggy bear you are just awesome, fantastic,lovely, amazing ……please continue I loved it….no more words right now to describe this….my loveeeee

    1. Ohh baby….thanqu sooo much my princess…..ur beautiful praise just made me jump nd smile wide….ur comment is just beautiful like you….will continue and u update perfect manmarziyan fast….the precap was making me soo crazy….love u and take care….??
      One lovee?

  10. Ameena hame toh pata hi nahi tha is hidden talent ke bare me. I am very very happy for u. Mmz again. Ab ardhika ki kahani tumhari jubaani. Oh it is lovely. I loved it. U r just amazing. Ab kya poochna, ab toh sirf intezaar rahega ke kab tum next update karogi. Loveeeee u. Tight hug.

  11. Aur kya title hai. HUMDARD. wah wah. Wah wah. Mashaallah. Aise hi likho aur hamari dua leti raho.

    1. Heyyy manha….my sweet cute corner of my heart…arrey this not a talent….this is all magic of your love….which I use it to smile and now using it to write….thanqu…I was comfused which title will be best for this story…but while writing this emotional update I wrote an emotinal title….ur comment means a lot….ur wonderful praise makes me feel on the top of world….love you nd tack care..??
      One lovee?

  12. Great attempt.. Good one.. Plz continue.. 🙂

    1. Thank youuuuu soooooo anwesha…I like ur name….reminds me of a friend….will continue…loved it…??
      One lovee?

  13. continue my babies #ArDhika!

    1. Heyy mahi…yipeee #ArDhika!….will continue my lovee…
      One lovee?

  14. Heyyyyy ameena dearrrrr, awesome, marvellous, a new ff on dym…I’m soooooooo excited for this…n this episode was really nice, emotional and heart melting…you are showing the missing part which real show did not do, due to closure of the show…I loved your writing style and narration is awesome. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Ohhhh my sweetheart roma…..I missed u soo much…u were busy, right??…I was also busy my lovee….ohh ur comment melted my heart…thanqu for such a beautiful praise…I’m writing for the first time…nd soo glad that u liked…will update sOOn sweetie…
      One lovee?

  15. Ammena so nicely written. Plz continue…

    1. Thanquu soooo much ananya….will surely continue my lovee….glad that u still liked after sooo many typos…love u…??
      One lovee?

  16. Hi ameena it’s beautiful. Please don’t stop continue.I would love to read ur stories.

    1. Heyyy Rg will not stop my dear….nd will update sOOn….keep commenting my lovee…love u my heart…??
      One lovee?

  17. Its superb!plzzzz update soooooon…..waiting for ardhika reunion…………..plz plz plz update te nxt part sooon

    1. Heyy aastha….yeahhhh me too eagerly waiting for the reunion….will update sOOn my lovee…veryyy sOOn….love u…??
      One lovee?

    2. Heyy aastha u donno hindi right…then here is the meaning of word humdard..

      Humdard means someone who shared a pain with someone. As in, if you share my pain with me, you are my ‘hamdard’.

      Of course, since it’s not some physical process or something, it need not always be vice versa, but it’s more like a close friend who understands you and feels bad when you have a problem, and feels good when you do well.

      Humdard is made up of hum- prefix, used for ‘those who share’, being added to dard – pain. You can guess what the deeper meaning where required, I guess. 😉

  18. hey ameena awesome episode dear…….one requet update it big…i loved the episode ……and this is one more great fan fic ….and added in my fav list which is
    AND NOW humdard….wow….but yaar ameena if u behave like farah i will get angry….update is fast and regularly and long….its a request…many hugs deary….love u soooooooooo much muahhhhh….

    1. Heyyy valli…awww baby thanqu sooo much for adding it in ur list…means a lot….now I’m on cloud9…thanqu soo much again….nd will update sOOn +++a long one for sure my lovee….love u….
      One lovee?

  19. This is so nice !! Thank you … Plz keep posting … Don’t stop

    1. Heyyy shree….thank you sooool much for commenting ….will not stop it after ur comment…love u my heart…??
      One lovee?

  20. Its awesome yar
    And atleast u update continuesly
    Few are leaving in between
    And update fastly and big one

    1. Sindhu sorry yaar for short update…I know it doesnt satisfy our heart….soo next will extend the lenghth for sure…love u my heart…??
      One lovee?

  21. Wow nice ….. PLZ do continue …

    1. Thanksss devga….I’m soo ??? that u want me continue….yipeeeee
      One lovee?

      1. No thanks I must thank u for bringing back manmarziyan…. Love ya .., ♥♥♥;-)

  22. ameena great update dear…it feels like mmz resumes where it got closed…m happy to read ths extented version of mmz…keep going dear….waiting for nxt epi…

    1. Thanquuuu sooooooooo much dear for commenting and telling how u feel….aww sooo sweet words….will definitely continue~~❤❤
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  23. Hey my ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    What happen I think the same worm bit you last night.

    The worm is so intelligent and he also bit you and you make this marvellous story.

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow . You started just when Manmarziyaan end and with a twist is coming .

    Now Yeh hui naa baat . loved u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear.

    Come on now arjun and radhika se tum pyaar nahi karogee to aur kaun karega mere arjun and rads ki mommy

    Luv u yaar . What a story . You never tell us that you write soooooooooooooooooooooooo fantastic.

    Its marvellous fantastic yet beautiful just like ur name ameena my s*xy chic.

    1. Heyyy nishuuuuuuuuuuu….I think that worm is ur heart…who bit me soo hard without any pain….thanqu soooooooooo much my nishuuuu….arrey of course hum dona ke siwa humarrey bacho ko itna pyaar kon karai ga….hahaha thanquuu for saying my name is beautiful….this is all magic of google baba….google baba ki jai ho….nd plzz come on ur page….I left a small surprise for u there…love u..??
      One lovee?

  24. @Everyone—heyyy guyzzzz….I want to ask you all something…
    Do u all want me continue like this…I mean describing each every emotion of person nd every thing like this???….
    I willl update sOOn++++a long one….waiting for everyone’s reply…

  25. Hey ammena im a silent reader bt ew know what i jst luvd it it was amazing go ahead waiting for more luv ew…<3

  26. A bit intresting do explain all the emotions it seems like heaven to fell it…

    1. Ohh my kitty….thanqu sooo much for commenting and coming out of silence….aww baby I love you too….will surely go ahead….nd am soo happy that u want me to continue like this….love u from deep inside my heart…??
      One lovee?

  27. Hey my jaan we all want you to continue this for sure . Love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Keep smiling always.

  28. Hi ameena I personally like to thank u for writing from mmz. I always felt that a lot of things in mmz went un explored probably becoz of time constraint. So yes. I really love wat u have written. Could u plz continue ??? It’s Lovely. I felt ardhika s romance could have been given more screen space but then becos of sp they couldn’t. So plzzzz write to ur heart s content. I would always wait for ur update. Take care.

    1. Hey Rg….I really think I’m on cloud 9….yeahcin the show they could have added more things which we imagined….but now everyone’s ff can do what sp can’t….yipee I willl surely continue nd will updatr sOOn my lovee…lovee u…
      One lovee?

  29. Ofcourse AmeenA dear continue like this v all r excited for nxt epi.. Love u loadzzz

    1. Thanks hareem…

  30. Heyyy my sweet loveeeeees…thanqu sooo much for the sweet comments….update the next episode….hope u like it….


    Love u all from heart…❤❤❤❤❤
    One lovee?

    1. ❤Ameena❤


  31. Awsome chapter AMEENA!WAY TO GO GIRL!

    1. Thanqu soo much tanya….GOOD LUCK!!!…for ur exams….come back sOOn!!….love u…
      One lovee?

  32. Ameena kya yaar itni jaldi mujhe bhool gayi. Sirf tum donon ko hi ardhika ki fikar hi. This is not fair. I object. Hahaha. Now i will take this case to higher levels. What u n nisha both forget me. How could u do this.

  33. hey tanya allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the very best sweetheart for ur exams . Just get to know now.

    Came soon fast Your dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees are waiting for u eagerly .

    Luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear.

    Hey manha what u think that we make u alone naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .Wooooooooooooo tumhare bhi toh hai bhul gayee arjun aur rads se tumhara relation yaa yaad dilaoon.

    MY jaanemann ye naata bahut puranaa hai

    Luv u by heart. Keep loving u always.

    Keep smiling always dear.

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