Humari adhuri kahani (RagSan) Chapter 12: Plan B!

Chapter 12: Plan B!

Heya Twistinians, I’m going to continue chapter 11 in this chapter and guys, I have a surprise for you all which will be mentioned after the last chapter!

This chapter is dedicated to all my friends and sistas!

The halloween party was going to start soon, Ragini was wearing a pretty dress, she was dressed like an angel, while Sanskar was dressed as a vampire and Vivek was dressed like a king and was arrogantly strutting up and down like everything belongs to him, while RagSan were looking at him with utter disgust as both of them hate him a lot, as he tried to separate them from eachother but he wasn’t successful as their love is stronger than anything. Soon Ragini went to Vivek and she hugged him seducingly, Sanskar was getting jealous by that but he knew that she only was acting, as she is in love with him.

Ragini, Sanskar and Vivek’s scene
“Ragini what are doing?” Vivek asked her and she replied back with a slight thinge of Sassyness: “hugging my boyfriend!”
“Oh really?” He asked her while one of his eyebrows was raised upwards. As per plan Sanskar came towards them and asked: “what are you both love birds doing?”
“We were just talking about random subjects and what about you Sanskar?” Vivek asked Sanskar with fake concern and Sanskar normally answered back to the question of Vivek, while he innerly was smirking : “you know, what Vivek, I came here to this party with a date!”
“Oh wow, who is your date?” Vivek asked him, while he was shocked.
“Raina!” Sanskar replied back, while making Ragini a bit jealous, but she knew that his date isn’t a real one.
“Isn’t she your secretary Sanskar?” Ragini asked him and he answered back with a yes. Soon Raina joined their conversation as well and asked Ragini: “Weren’t you Sanskar’s girlfriend?”
“Yes, I was but we broke up a while ago!” Ragini lyingly answered back.
“Oh, why did you both break up?” She asked Sanskar this time and he replied back: “because of the differences between us both and it didn’t work out that well between us, like we both hoped for!”
“So guys lets dance for a while!” Raina said, while she was in party mode.
“Okay!” RagSan and Vivek said.
End of their scene

They went to the dance floor, although Ragini was dancing closely to Vivek, while Sanskar was dancing with Raina, but not as close like RagVek were, as he was keeping an eye on them.
After a while Ragini went to the washroom, because she needed to use the loo(toilet), Vivek was following her and Sanskar was following both of them, as he doesn’t trust Vivek at all. Luckilly Vivek went to the bar to drink something and didn’t missuse the situation of Ragini, so Sanskar sighted out of relief and went to Vivek.
“Hi, Sanskar why did you leave the dance floor?” A drunk Vivek asked him and he nicely answered back: “I was thirsty, so I came here!”
“Oh, just like me!” He said, but funnilly he was not trying to destroy Sanskar and then he said: “Sanky, please keep Ragini save, because I know that she loves you and I was wrong in keeping her away from you my dear brother!”
After saying that a broken Vivek left.

Plan B was achieved by them successfully, as Vivek was trapped in their webs of justice like a puppet.

This story belongs to my creative mind just like the copyright of it belongs to me!

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