Humari adhuri kahani (RagSan) Chapter 11: RagSan’s patch up!

Chapter 11: RagSan’s patch up!

So Twistinians I have decided to show some romance between are beautiful couple RagSan and there will be a surprise in the story and maybe a Twist!

Ragini’s pov
“I love Sanskar a lot, I miss him and want to spend my time with him.” I said to myself. While I was driving to his place, soon I reached there rang the doorbell and Sujata aunty opened the door for me.
“Hi Ragini beta, how are you?” She asked me and I answered back, while asking her as well: “I’m fine aunty, what about you and Sanskar?”

“I’m fine beta, but Sanskar is behaving very differently.”
“Is Sanskar here?” I asked her.
“Yes, he is!” She replied back.
“Aunty I need to apologize to him for hurting and breaking his heart!” I said and she understandingly said: “I know beta, but he already knows the truth that you lied to him only to protect him!”

“How do you and Sanskar know the truth about Vivek?”
“I have my sources sweety!” She said, then I went upstairs, where I found a sleeping Sanskar, I went near him, laid down beside and snuggled into him, while I was hugging him. Soon he woke up and looked at me with a lot of questions, which I will answer right now at this lovely or sweet moment as he desserves to know my point of view.
End of her pov

RagSan’s patch up scene plus their plan against Vivek
“Ragini, what are you doing here?” He asked her, beacuse he was shocked to see her that close to him.
“I’m here to meet you stupid!” She said.
“You should go to your Vivek!” He said sarcastically.
“HAHA, very funny Mr. Joker Meheswari!” She said angrilly.
“Sorry meri Jaan!” He said, while holding his ears.

“You should be!” She sais teasingly making him go crazy for her.
“You know what I just want to kiss you so badly!” Sanskar said, while she blushed a lot and he smiled victoriously at Ragini and she pushed him away from her, causing him to fall down from the bed, while she was laughing at him as he looked like a joker.
“Hass lo is bechare insaan par(keep laughing at this poor person).” He said overdramatically.
“Sanskar, how did you get to know about me and that I was lying to you?” She asked him and he answered back: “your dad told me.”

“When?” She asked him.
“He told me a few days back.” He said, while he smirked.
“Slap!” She slapped him and asked, while she was slightly hurt: “so why were behaving like the way, that you hate me?”
“Because I wanted to trap Vivek in his own game!” Sanskar replied back.
“Oh, wow my handsome boyfriend can be a devil as well as me!”
“Since when am I your boyfriend?” He asked her, while he was confused ans she answered back: “since now!”
Then he pulled her down, so she was on top of him and she smashed her lips on his. They kissed eachother like for an enternity, then an idea popped up her mind and she said: “Sanskar I have plan against that Vivek.”

“What’s the plan?” He asked her and she answered back: “I will seduce that fool and then we will end him forever, hahahaha!” Ragini said and then she was laughing evilly.
“When?” He asked her.

“At the halloween party!”
“Until then I can seduce you!” She said naughtilly and he smirked at her, while he planned something else for his naughty girl Ragini.
End of their scene

A few days later, it was the day of the halloween party…….

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