Humari Adhuri Kahani (IKRS)- Intro


Hello friends. I m Louella again with a brand new ff. This is my fifth ff. My other ffs will be posted once I come back from tuitions. I m free now to post one so thought to post this. Now enough of my bak bak as I m getting late. Come to the intro.

Dhaani Sharma- Our cute and sweet heroine, very talkative(just like me) but something happened which changed her fully.

Viplav Tripathi- Our handsome hero, he is already married(not with Dhaani, have some common sense. If Dhaani would be married how could she be Sharma? Also don’t throw eggs on me. I m scared of your anger. Control yourself, okay), he has two daughters- Dhaani and Vidhi(he has kept her daughter’s name as Dhaani so no confusion), both r twins.

Dhaani Tripathi- a five year old daughter of Viplav and Tia, just like our big Dhaani, very talkative but also cute like our big Dhaani.

Vidhi Tripathi- a five year old daughter of Viplav and Tia, just like our Viplav, very naughty but also very cute.

Tia Tripathi- a five year old daughter of Viplav and Tia, she died during the birth of her daughters leaving them alone with Viplav.

Sushma Tripathi- Mother of Viplav and dadi of Vidhi and choti Dhaani.(I wanted a cute mother and dadi for viplav and his daughters so took her as mother. Very cute na?)

Dulaari Sharma- Mother of Dhaani.

This is the intro. How’s it? Hope u all loved it. Don’t throw rotten eggs on me. If u will throw then I will get Also I would like to tell u that this ff is inspired by a superb Hindi film. The plot is same but characters r different. You will love it but don’t think I copied. I thought to use this plot for our Vidhaani. Well your work is to find which is that film and also share your opinion about the intro. Chalo I have to go now. U think about the film. I m going for tuitions. Bye bye!!! Don’t forget to comment down…

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  1. Chhuttki…. Intro is fab…. I am sure Viplav Dhaani milenge toh Louella apna magic chalayegi…and then Viplav Dhaani ko pyaar ho jaaega… And twins will get mother’s love 🙂 go on

    1. Thanks Sujie. Main apna magic bahut acchi tarah se chalaungi. Dekhte jaayiye.

  2. Very good start Louella☺☺

    1. Thanks Aiswarya.

  3. Wow that sounds interesting. Quite excited to know what will happen.
    Suddenly realizing i havent watched so many Hindi movies ? Btw how have you been able to save my cover man? For a second I thiught my post was published twice by mistake ?

    1. Thanks Shruthy but I had put another pic. Don’t know how this came. When I saw the cover pic I thought u have posted two episodes

      1. Lol unfortunately i am not able to post two parts at the same moment. It already takes hours to be published after submitting. And i also have to read again to correct the mistakes.?

    2. For a second i thought you started a new ff?

      1. Who? Me ? In fact I am writing another one, even being in my 7th episode. ?? but need to write in English

  4. Good one lols.. Lols I will read this ff and post cmnt.. Sorry for not reading other ff.. Actually I get confused ? after reading the ff.. I forget the story or get mixed up up with the other stories.. I promise I’ll read this ff and pit cmnts too regularly ?

    1. Aww!! Thank u so much Swetha di. Sorry for blackmailing

  5. Wow!! Very interesting.. viplav is married in this ff different story.. keep going waiting for the next one?

    1. Thanks Maha

  6. You are amazing louella
    Keep going??

    1. Thanks Arshi di. You too r amazing di.

  7. Hey louella….loved ur brand new one….no no no rotten eggs dear….but loved ur concept

    1. Thanks Lakshmi….

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