Humari Adhuri Kahani (IKRS)- Episode 1

Hello friends….. I m here with the first episode. Thanks for your comments and also for not throwing rotten eggs on Also I want to correct a mistake. Vidhi and choti Dhaani r of 8 years and not 5 years. Sorry for the mistake. Here we go…

A beautiful morning in the city of Banaras. In a room a small girl is sleeping. Another girl comes and says Dhaani happy birthday. Dhaani in sleepy tone says thank u Vidhi. Vidhi gets angry and says Dhaani u will bot wish me, today is my birthday also. Dhaani in sleepy tone says Happy birthday Vidhi! Vidhi happily says thank u my cute sister.(Viplav pe gayi hai.)

Dhaani says now go. I want to sleep. Vidhi says I will not go. Dhaani says ok sit I m sleeping and she sleeps. Vidhi says arey get up. Papa told u to get ready for puja. Dhaani doesn’t reply. Vidhi says okay u sleep. I will read mama’s letter and will not give you to read. Dhaani suddenly Wales up and says Vidhi my sweet sister, I m coming.

Vidhi says come fast. Papa and dadi r waiting. Dhaani gets ready and comes down. Vidhi says arey wah u came in a second. Dhaani says arey I m very unique. U don’t know. I m very fast also. And she starts her bak-bak. Vidhi keeps her hand on her ears. Dhaani is going on talking but no one is listening. Poor thing!! Just then someone says Happy birthday my princess! Dhaani hears this and runs towards him. And says thank u papa. Yes he is Viplav. Viplav lifts her up.

He says again started talking? Dhaani smiles. Viplav says u r just like Dhaani. Just then he stops… Dhaani says papa I m only Dhaani. Viplav thinks Dhaani is gone on our big Dhaani. He keeps her on the floor. Vidhi comes. She asks so Dhaani finished your bak-bak? Dhaani pats her.

Just then someone comes and says Happy birthday my baby dolls!! Dhaani and Vidhi says thank u Dadi. Yes she is Sushma. Viplav says come we have to go for puja. Vidhi asks but what is the pooja for? Viplav says beta today is your birthday also and also your mama left us. Dhaani and Vidhi have tears in their eyes. They both go and hug Viplav and cry. Viplav also cries but says beta stop crying. If u will cry then mama will feel bad. Sushma sees this and cries. The episode ends..

So how was the episode? Hope u all liked it..
But what is the letter Vidhi and Dhaani were talking about??
Does Viplav know our big Dhaani from before only??
If Viplav knows Dhaani then where is she??

To know this u have to keep reading my ff. Do drop your valuable comments!

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  1. Oh man! Now I got which movie it’s inspired of! ? Sometimes I need some extra nuts to make my brain work properly. Anyways I just loved the episode so much ? Please post the next one fast!

    1. Thanks Shruthy. At last u know the movie. Yes I will post the next ones ASAP.

      1. Haaan finally my brain worked ? Cant wait !

  2. Lovely episode keep going.. dhani and vidhi are so cute and mishal tw hai he killer?? .. this story is like kuch kuch hota hai.. am I right ?

    1. Yes it’s inspired by the movie kuch kuch hota hai. I have seen it at least 10 times. And I love it to the core. So thought to write my ff of this plot.

  3. Looks inspired by kuch kuch hota hai ☺

    1. Yes it’s inspired by that movie and love it very much

  4. Now i got it….inspired by Kuch kuch hota hai.. Good job….go on 🙂

    1. At last u understood which movie it is inspired from.

  5. Oh Louella another one, wow really love to see your All ff and its amazing no doubt about that, but I am really confusing because so many ff yours, its little confusing to me…. how many ff you were writing?…..

    1. Thanks Kavya. I understand it’s confusing. Well I m writing 4 ffs together. But this one is my fifth ff. One is already ended.

  6. when i look to any ff….i can only see one and only name…..”LOUELLA”
    hats off to u dear……continue ur ffs…..and bring new ideas also…..may God bless u

    1. love this movie very much…..and love ur ff

      1. Even i love the movie to the core.

    2. Aww!! That’s so sweet of you. Thanks for commenting. You told and I have an idea for my new ff.

  7. Wow inspired by kuch kuch hota hai one of my favorite movies can watch it any number of times it’s evergreen!! Love it and your ff also…

    1. Yes it’s my favourite also. I have watched it more than 10 times and can watch it more. I will never get tired. Just loved that movie so thought of using the same plot for our cute vidhani.

  8. Wow.. Lols kuch kuch hota hai!!!?
    Aww!!! Evergreen Jodi.. Sharukh-kajol Jodi as vidha /misha jodi? superb… When u said 8 years and the letter O caught the movie ?
    Well done my girl and loved the ff too?

    1. Thanks Swetha di. Yes an evergreen story. My favourite movie..

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