Humari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 13 and 14: The end of Vivek!

Chapter 13 and 14: The end of Vivek!

Heya I’m back guys, only a few chapter are left till HAK ends but do not worry as I have a surprise for you all!
Dedcated to all my sistas

RagSan weren’t sure if Vivek had changed or not, so they decided to end everything now so that they can live peacefully.

The scene between Vivek and RagSan same as Vivek’s dream
RagSan were following him and Vivek said: “you thought that I changed Sanskar!”
“Nope, I didn’t so I came behind you tell you that you are a great actor!” Sanskar said while clapping his hands.
“So my dear brother Sanskar welcome to hell!” “Vivek, do you think that I’m scared of you?” Sanskar asked him. “Yes, I do as the old Sanskar is somewhere inside you!” “Oh really?” He skeptically asked Vivek. “I killed our father, so killing you will be easy Sanskar!” “In your dreams Vivek!” Both of them took out their guns and were aiming to shoot eachother, but Ragini came between them and shouted:” you guys are so mad, I would love to kill you Vivek, because I’m not yours and I will never be yours!” Vivek saw that Sanskar was smirking at him in an evil way. “Slap!” “Slap!” Ragini was continously slapping him. “Ahhhh!” Vivek screamed as it was paining him a lot.
Ragini was going to slap him again, but he tightly held her arm, so it was hurting her, so Sanskar came, forcefully removed his hold from her arm, he then pushed Vivek with a lot of force and Vivek hit his head hard on the floor, causing him to bleed a lot. Vivek stood up and punched Sanskar in the stomach, then Sanskar punched him too. Ragini took the gun, she shot one of the boys and luckilly it was Vivek. Then RagSan went away, because Vivek was dead in an unknown place. Someone saw it and that person swore to take revenge from RagSan, because they had killed her husband.
End of the scene

RagSan went to Sanskar’s place and called her parents there too. So they all came there at the same time and RagSan told the parents about everything and that they want to get married as soon as possible as they want to be one for all by their soul forever. So they decided to get them married the next day itself and send them to their honeymoon a week later itself. Then Ragini went her place with her parents.

The next day…….

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