Humari Adhuri kahani – 1 by suma

Hello guys I know you people gonna kill me but iam sorry iam back with new story again ???? but this story will be in 3-4 shots

This idea got from my crazy mind while watching some show but I will not reveal it because you might guess the story ???  please bare me and I know I have started a story yesterday and now I have again with new story ????

Please watch Rishtalikhengehumnaya on television Mon-fri 9pm only on Sony TV


A hospital is shown  where one girl is lying lifeless on bed with all the pipes and wires are attached to her body. Doctor came to her room and checked her and gave one injection
” Hello Angel Evening!!!!! From 8months…you are in coma, when will you wake-up yaar, for once I feel like am I good doctor ?? ??
Chaloo ye prove Karne keliye tum utto, tumhara Nam bhi Nahi pata mujhe …but I feel some connection and I feel like happy when I talk with you …ok I will come after half an hour and will talk about my yesterday things ” doctor said
” Doctor Laksh it’s emergency in ward 10 , please come ” nurse called
(Doctor is revealed as laksh aka namish Taneja)

When doctor left the room one person came running into the room where the girl is placed.
He came near bed and sat beside the bed.
” Please wake up Ragini….how much long you make me cry , 8months isn’t enough???, Please Yaar wake-up ”
He cried holding her hand….
(The girl is revealed as Ragini aka tejasswi)


” Sanskarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ” she shouted

” Kya hua , why are you shouting this way ?? ” He asked

She ran to him and hugged him (literally jumped on him) both fell down , she started laughing and looking at her smile he also smiled and hugged her and by rubbing her hair he asked
” What happend princess ”
” My parents agreed for the marriage”

For this he soon got up and told her
” Ragini…marriage ?? Why now?? You know right i wanted my self to ask your parents your hand when i earn money and make myself stand on my own ”
” It’s okay sanskar, they understood and they said ok for that also, after you have settled only they will make us married ”
” princess listen ”
” No….no……..nothing doing with this talks and she pecked his lips and said I’m going to class meet you after the class ”
He smiled seeing her disappearing figure
Fb ends
Sanskar is just staring at Ragini

” Ragini….I’m leaving after 3days..please once I wanted to talk to you..please wake-up …?? Please …”
He went near the window and looking at the sky thinking about Ragini.
By then Dr.laksh came to her and started talking with her about his day.
Sanskar saw him and left the place.


” I’m leaving….I’m leaving…..I’m leaving…..please wake up….please wake-up….” These are the only words which are ringing in Ragini ears and registered to her brain and she moved her fingers.

” Hey !!! Angel you moved your fingers ”

Soon he ran and called nurse to get some injections and gave her.
After half an hour slowly Ragini opened her eyes and saw around and closed her eyes.

” Nurse after 15min give her this injection she will get conscious” by this laksh left


Ragini is slowly walking in the room with the help of stick by then sanskar rushed into the room.
His eyes glowed like 1000watts current passed into a bulb once. Tears were flowing through his eyes he ran to her and hugged her tight…soon he broke the hug and saw her
” I missed you so much Ragini..I missed you so much”

She looked puzzled at him
” I have waited for 8 long months …8….Ragini….I felt like 8 decades ” ??? he fell on his knees

He stopped crying when he listened to her next question ???
” Who are you?? “

He is shocked as he only don’t know what to answer
Or what to say that

he loves her!!!


She is his life  !!!


She is his everything!!!!


She is his wife !!!!

He doesn’t know what to answer , he just looked at her with shock uttering no words
She again asked
” Who are you?? “

He can’t take it anymore, he silently moved from there…she looked confused at him leaving.


Dr. Laksh walked into the room
” Hello angel, how you feeling now?? “

” Good doctor “

” Hmm….come sit here I want to give this injection”
He holded her hand and made her to sit in bed

” Injection no …no…doctor …I’m scared of injection ” she said cutely

Hahah he laughed at her
” Badi hasi aarahi tume”  she said with pouting

” In these 8months I had given u more than 100 and you are scared for this one ” he said with smiling

” Aww you are so cute while smiling ” she said

” I’m not cute ….mujhe cute math bulana ” laksh said

She started remembering something like a scene where she is holding someone cheeks and telling
” You are so cute Awwww “

” I’m not cute ..pls mujhe cute math bulana princess “

” Cute…cute…cute…” While saying she ran and he is running to hold her

She just remembered this and her head started to pain and soon she fell unconscious.

” Angel….angel….what happened to you??? ” He started checking and gave her injection and checked the reports and got to know her partial amnesia.

” What to do now ???she lost her memory and may be she got remembered her past …better to make her not to remember anything and make her  feel better first and when she is strong I will make her to remember “

Thinking this laksh left the room

Heyaaa people this is a small story shots ends in two to three shots
Don’t kill me please read and tell me how was it??

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Thank you
Suma ❤️

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