Lakshya open his eyes in the morning with a smile thinking of their last night romance . he looks for swara in the bed but saw the nightdress and ther crushed flowers ont he bed. He takes her dress and smells intensely as if he is holding swara in her hands .He hears the sound of shower from bathromm and and moves towards the bathroom.He was about to knock the door suddenly Ragini opens the door.laksh is super shocked to see her like this.She is blushing by the last nights intimacy and tells Laksh not to be too naughty my dear.How will i go out with these marks in my face.Laksh couldnt believe whats happening.He asked Ragini what r u saying.U and me howcome its possible.I slept with Swara yesterday and we both had a wonderful night and are u mad to tell like this. Get out from my room.Just then a knocking sound is heard and Laksh goes to open the door and find Swara and Sanskar.Swara greets Laksh Good morning Dewarji where is my sister.She is blushing too much.We understood the reason and taunts him. Laksh is unable to understand whats happening ……Am i mad or everyone else is mad. Laksh cals Sanskar and ask what r u saying.Swara was with me yesterday.then y u r saying that me and Ragini had a wonderful night.Sanskar tells Laksh dont be tensed.Its common between a husband and wife and without this u cant take ur relation to the next step.Lucky one more thing Swara is ur Bhabhi and ur wifes sister so dont speak anything like this.

DP and Annapurna come to their room and ask what happened y all are in a serious mood.Today is a happiest day since Laksh and Ragini has decided to start a new beginning of life and we are very happy that Laksh himself came to us along with Ragini and told this.Laksh couldnt believe what he is seeing and earing.He ask them to leave for time being he want to talk to his wife for a minute.Swara understood Ragini will be tensed so she told no way dewarji we are taking her with us and day romance is strictly prohibited.All laughs and swara along with Ragini and Annapurna goes to kitchen.Laksh is shell shocked. Sanskar calls Swara and ask her about a file.Swara goes to her room and ask which file Sanskar.Sanskar says shona that file and holds her around the waist.Swara says sanskar what r u doing.If anyone come what will they think.He say they wont think anything becoz yeh sab hota hai pathi patni ke beech mein. Swara says han han mujhe pata hai shaadi hone ke baath theen chaar mahine thak yeh romance hoga phir kya romance kya bheevi…sabhi mard ek tharah hi hai.woh nakli gussa kiya sanskar se. sanskar ne bhola shona tum hi se mein shuru hota hai aur thumhi se mein khatham bhi hota hai……dinnahin mahine nahine saaloum nahim mere jeevan ke aakhiri din tak mere aashiqui tumse hoga. yeh wada hein mere aap se.ek pathi ka ek aashique ka aur ek dosth ka.swara hugs him tight.He kisses her forehead saying i love u shona…then to her eyes……saying love u……..then the tip of the ears saying love u……..kisses her cheeks which became more reddish saying love u…..then to her lips….just a light kiss saying love u…she closes her eyes………he kissed her immensely …she raised her feet holding him tightly.her hand hold his head and her fingers move through his hairs………it last for some time and they slowly seperated from that .She smiled looking to his face.Just then Sujatha called her Swara where r uu………All r waiting for u both to have breakfast. She turned just then her saree got stuck in his wrist watch and they both had a romantic eye lick.The BGM tere mere mere tere plays and he hugs him again.Laksh passing there by saw this through the window turns his head (continues)

PRECAP : Swara pleading to Laksh please let her go. I am ur Bhabhi

Credit to: Diana

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