Swara looks towards Ragini and she tell her u dont remember Swara u urself taken these clothes from Sanskars room and kept here.U told u wanna try this and show the family that u are also a tpyical marwadi woman.Swara couldnt recollect anything. She holds her head and said i couldnt remember anything Ragini.Laksh i dont know whats happening to me. Laksh holds her and ask Ragini to leave her alone for some time.He took Ragini along withhim outside and closes the door .Ragini looks him teary eyed. He tellsd Ragini not to tell anything to Swara about her and Sanskars relationship and neither about their marriage.Again i wont let anything bad happens in our marriage life.

Ragini curtly hears this. Swara comes outside and Annapurna brings pooja ka thaali near her she screams loudly and runs from there. She screams everyone go from there. I dont want anyone else to come near me. Only Laksh should be near me.Laksh found Sanskar staring at him. Sanskar take Laksh to his room and shouts what are u doing Laksh. Y u given wrong information to Swara.We have to take Swara to a doctor and check what has happened. Laksh smiles evilly and tells him i had deleted all ur memories from hear mind and heart .Now she will remember only Lucky.No one else will be in her heart.Now we are going to celebrate our married life.U will get a divorce notice from her and i will take the signature from her without informing Swara. He shouts at Laksh.SHHHHHH…dont raise ur sound.If swara hears that i will play such a drama that she will hate u to the core.Sanskar is shaken by his words.Just then DP along with other members reaches the room and ask Lakshya whats all this. Whats happening here.We will take Swara to a dr and treats her.Lucky told to DP no never. Lucky pretends to be innocent and says Sanskar told me to behave like her husband for some days and i am sure she will be our old Swara. Till then i will be safeguarding her. DP and all family members were deeply worried about Swara.

Swara goes to the kitchen and talks to all ladies .they were tensed abt change in her behaviour from abnormality to again normal. She makes Laksh favourite subzi and goes to the dining table.Sanskar was watching all this.She ask Laksh to come early in the evening . She collides with Sanskar on her way and he watched her teary eyed. She leave from there angrily. In the evening Laksh is super happy thinking that today night he will be with his Swara and he will consumate their marriage life. He reaches home and found its all dark.He ask himself y is it so darkness here.He calls Swara and goes to their room and found its decorated with candles and flowers. Just then Swara comes and Laksh was about to hug her she gives him a glass of juice.He drinks it looking at Swara.He feels dizzy and he felt like he was floating in the sky weightless. Just then Sanskar and Ragini comes to their room and Ragini takes the place of Swara and goes near Laksh.Laksh thinks of Swara hugs her….Swara and Sanskar comes out of the room and the entire family is eagerly waiting to hear what is happening. Sanskar says how Laksh has gone to Dayan and their common friend Chandu called him at late night and informed that laksh is upto destroying him by making Swara forgetting everything and tells him he has given Swaras materials to do black magic.Swara too woke up from her sleep and got scared to know this. Sanskar immediately took Swara to the mandir and made her wear devi maa ki chunri and splash gangajal on her. They both stayed at mandir throughout the night. When chandu looks through the window he found Dayans blackmagic backfired her and she is burning in fire.Jaymatadi. Swara, sanskar and Ragini together planned this against Laksh..Sanskar tells Swara now see what we are doing to Laksh tomorrow morning to realise his mistakes …….(continues)

PRECAP : Laksh opens his eyes and is shocked looking at the door

Credit to: Diana

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