Next day Swara wakes from her sleep and angrily ask Sanskar what the hell are u doing in this room. How dare u to touch me. Where is Laksh.She ran towards the door cryingly .Everyone hearing this get shocked seeing Swara behaving like this. She tells Annapurna Sanskar has misbehaved with me.How can he do to ur son’s wife.Hearing this all felt wierd and ask Sanskar whats happening.Y swara is telling like this.Sanskar is in a shock not knowing whats happening to his Shona. She finds Laksh coming out of his room and she runs towards him and hugs him sayin i am sorry .I dont know how i reached Sanskar’s room and what he have done to me. Please forgive me.I am ur Swara. I cant live without u. Hearing this Ragini is shell shocked.Laksh tells everyone please dont tell anything to Swara now .She is shattered. Let me manage this situation and smiles evilly at Sanskar.
Swara looking Sanskar tells angrily dont even dare to come near me. I am Swara wife of Laksh that means ur brothers wife.Treat me like that .Laksh calms down Swara saying ok ok Swara leave it now. Come we will go to our room now. We will spend some time together and u will be free from all these thoughts. Swara angrily looking at Sanskar goes along with Laksh. Laksh closes the room of his door and tells Swara that Sanskar is a bad person he has evil intentions for all ladies.He try to lure them. Dont worry i will be there as a protection shield for u. Laksh tried to get intimate with Swara. She shows to be uncomfortable and tells Laksh y i feel that i am not having a husbandly affection towards u. I dont know y i feel like i am with a strange person.Laksh please leave me alone for some time.Laksh tells Ok Swara.Please rest for sometime. Swara looks to the wardrobe and ask Laksh howcome Raginis dress are in their wardrobe.I cant find mine any single dress in ur wardrobe. They hear Ragini sayuing I will tell u Swara the answer. Laksh with much tensed look on to Ragini………….(continues)

Precap : Sanskar tells to Swara now its our turn to make Laksh realise his mistake and move on his life with Ragini.

Credit to: Diana

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