Swara Smiles looking Sanskar and the ladies move to kitchen to make breakfast.Ragini too came to the kitchen and she ask sweetly to Parineeta Bhabhi i will make the dishes you be with bhaiyya.Parineetha didnt pay attention to her and inturn ask Swara about the love bite on her neck and teases her along with Annapurna.Swara shyly tells Bhabhi please.Sware make coffee for all and heads towards the Table.She serves to Dp, Papa,Sanskar and Laksh who watches her curtly. Sanskar was talking to DP and Swara standing behind Dp provokes him by giving flying kisses .Sanskar is fully mesmerised to see Swara and Dp suddenly coughs to make him attendive.Swara smiles and goes to Kitchen and collides with Laksh.Laksh stares at her and Ragini watches this from distance and felt jealous. Laksh tell Swara u cant go away from me.I wont let it happen.Ab tum mere Tashan dekhoge.I will go to any extreme to make u mine.

Swara is really tensed to hear these and she is frighten on the change behaviour of Laksh. Sanskar notices this and ask Lucky where are u going so early.but without paying attention to Sanskar he rushed to his car. DP and Sanskar found strange with his wierd behaviour. Laksh with his friends help went to a Daayan who ask him to bring a lemon ,cloth and a hair of the person on whom whom we have to do black magic.Laksh agrees to bring it on Friday and pays her an advance of 50000 rs . Looking at swaras photo in his mobile Laksh with an evil smile says u will be mine only mine.Meri ashiqui sirf tumse hai. Swara and sanskars nok jhok continues and while having the breakfast sanskar without knowing its been prepared by Sujatha praises Swara that he havent had such tasty breakfast through out these years and on hearing this all ladies except Sujatha burst out laughing .Sujatha starts her emotional drama he got his wife and now he doesnt want his mom and he doesnt even know the taste of his moms preperation.Sanskar suddenly said Mom i was just kidding , i was teasing u.U are the best and no one could replace my moms tasty food. All laughs hearing this.

Sanskar found swara in tensiona nd ask her Shona is everything ok. Swara tells about laksh incident and tells him she is nervous. Sanskar calms her and say nothing happens to her and god is with them no one can harm us my dear.Still swara is not feeling well she lifts her mangalsutra and prays for the long life of sanskar and their togetherness.At night when all are having sound sleep laksh goes to the terrace and took duppatta of Swara and climbed through the pipe and reaches to the window of Swara – sanskars bed room and he jumps to their room without making noice. He feels jealous seeing Swara sleeping in the arms of Sanskar and Sanskar holding her tightly towards him.He come near to swara and take a single strand of hair with scissors and goes through the window smiling evilly.He goes to the Daayans Place and hand over to her ….She said evilly noww tge fate of this lady will be changed and tommorrow she will be in your arms…………(continues…..)

Credit to: Diana

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