Hum tumhaare mahiya re (episode 7)


Hello guys I am back now after my exams

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Episode 6

At bihaan’s house

B-Thapki are u alright

T-Wow Mr. Bihaan Pandey first you brought those chocolates (sneezes) and now u are asking me whether i am well or not

B-Thapki believe me Aditi told me that u love chocolates

T-Oh really my sister told u about my love for chocolates knowing that I am allergic to them .(sneezes).Hats off to your imagination

B-Thapki trust me I never wanted this to happen with u and that too on your birthday but aditi……

T-Now only it would be proved (calls aditi)

Aditi (on phone) – Hey di happy b’day….how are your celebrations going?

T-nice addu tell me one thing did u call bihaan yesterday to tell him about my love for chocolates

Aditi-Y…..Your love for chocolates????? but you are allergic from them

T-Ok addu thanks(cuts the call)

Listened to it yourself and now feel happy for having cowed me down again (sneezes)(leaves)

B(in tears)-(calls aditi)

A- Yes jiju what happened ??is di alright?

B-Aditi why u did this ?why did u tell me that thapki loves chocolates when you knew about her allergy

A-jiju me …….when did i tell u that?

B-Yesterday u called me at around 8 pm and told me

A-But jiju till 9 ‘o clock I was at my friend’s place

B- Check your call list

A-(checks) how is this possible who did this?

B-aditi tell me what exactly hapenned

A-jiju at around 7 pm di came , when i was about to leave and i forgot my phone in a hurry

B-(wipes his tears)Thanks aditi ,Ihave understood everything(cuts the call)

In living room

Thapki is shown sitting on sofa

T-(to herself)mindblowing job thapki now bihaan will never come to know that I did all this(sneezes)but this cost me a lot still its ok(smirks)

B – Yes thapki……Bravo you should be credited for doing all this and for that only see what have i brought
(gives a trophy to thapki and pulls her towards himself)

B – I thought you genuinely wanted to give our marriage a second chance but I should have understood this and till now also that whatever happened was because of u!!!!!

T-(trying to free herself)hashoo Bihaan u have no right to hold me like this .leave me

B – (Pulls her more towards himself) Is this better thapki???

Precap-Thahaan intimate scene

So guyzz how was it??? do comment

Credit to: naymaz

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  1. Manyasa29

    Ohh….I was waiting for this from so long !!
    Your storyline is unique !!
    Very eager to know how thapki will fall in love with bihaan….
    Episode was good…but plz make it a bit lengthier from next time….plz !!!
    I hope u wouldn’t mind.

  2. Truelove

    Nice….. please make long next time. 🙂

  3. Lovely….superb episode….

  4. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Thapki takes care of Bihaan in Thapki Pyaar Ki..1:075likes,0dislikes96 viewsTelly BytesPublished on Aug 2, 2016Watch video hey guys watch this thahaan cute scene

  5. Wow super yr…plz next time long likh ne ☺☺

  6. Pehli baar cmmnt kar rahi hu ! ? btw achi hai but plz make it long then it will be best but the precap is 2 good but plz dont give us a baba ji ka tullu like directors gave in tpk !

  7. U are amazing ……awesome stuff

  8. I luv this ff …. ? plz update nxt part sooner n longer too…?

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