Hum tumhaare mahiya re (episode 6)


Hello everyone i am back

The episode starts with Thapki eagerly waiting for someone

T – Oh my … its 12 and yet she hasn’t arrived. Oh god now i can’t take this stress more . if she does not come then my plan will fail .

Just then bihaan comes :

B – For whom are u waiting thapki ?

T – None of your business bihaan!!!!!

B – (pulls her towards himself) It is my business , I am your husband

T – (forcefully removes herself from his grip) Yes of course u are my husband , the person i was married off forcefully

B – Thapki why are u doing this …..why you can’t expect me as your husband haa??

(Before thapki could say anything a girl in lawyer’s dress enters)

Girl – Can i please talk to Mr. Bihaan Pandey

T – Yes mam please he is only bihaan …..By the way u …???

Girl – Hello Mr. Bihaan i am damya Your divorce case’s lawyer

B – D…….divorce whose divorce?

T – Our divorce bihaan

B – But it has been only two days since our marriage …

T – When things are not working between us what is the need to carry on this marriage . Dips ……Sorry miss damya please give me the divorce papers

Damya – Sure …..Here it is. Thank you (leaves)

T – Now bihaan sign on these

B – (Takes the papers and goes to his room)

T – (smirks) Now i am independent yipee (and calls her mom)

T – (on phone ) Maa i am coming home soon byee(cuts the call)

At Bihaan’s room

B – (crying) Thapki you hate me to this extent how could u………(breaks down)

Hearing this thapki enters

T – Bihaan please sign it ASAP i have to submit this in the court

B – Does a paper have such a great value that all relationships can be broken??

T – Stop being philosophical bihaan be practical .Our marriage isin’t working it is better to end it

B – (sits on his knees and pleads) Please thapki give our marriage a last chance thapki plzz

T – O….Ok bihaan I am giving our marriage a month’s time if till then things go fine then ok else …..

B – SShh don’t utter that word . I promise within one month things will become alright (leaves)

T – I knew this would happen so i had already planned something else.Bihaan Pandey now after a month u will be calling off our marriage .Its my promise(leaves)

In the balcony

B- (to himself) After one week there is thapki’s birthday i will plan a big party (smiles and calls someone)

Man on other side – Yes sir definitely coming tuesday i will decorate the whole room with chocolates

B – I want perfect decoration

man – Yes sir don’t worry (cuts the call)

B – (To himself) It’s good aditi told me about thapki’s birthday and her love for chocolates


It is thapki’s birthday and everyone are busy decorating

T – So much decoration wow how beautiful

B – Happy birthday thapki (and closes her eyes and takes her to their room)

T – What is it bihaan

B -(removes his hand from her eyes) See urself !!!!!

T – Choc……..chocolates b…but who told u about this ??

B – Is it required to be told by someone .I am your husband and i know u like chocolates

T – (sneezes) Bihaan i have allergy from chocolates (leaves)

B – But aditi told me u love them…….

Precap – Thapki’s allergy and confrontation to bihaan

So guys i have a combo of a bad thapki and a good bihaan .Are u all liking it do surely tell me

Credit to: naymaz

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  1. its very good

  2. Truelove

    it’s nice that u changed bihaan to strong. i really love when pull thapki towards him. awesome. waiting for next episode.

  3. Very ? but i liked the storyline

  4. Oho I am lovin’ it…….keep it up naymaz

  5. Naymaz u have a different thinking and that reflects in your story as well. I am liking your episodes much good

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