Hum tumhaare mahiya re (episode 5)


Sorry for any mistakes and it is said feelings are expressed through words and i am really sorry if i am unable to do so.

The episode starts with thapki reaching the office

At office

Colleagues – Welcome Mrs. thapki bihaan pandey

T – Guys plzz call me thapki only as sur names are temporary only not permanent

Colleagues – Thapki how come today u r here?

T – Actually i had been on leave since last week so i thought of completing the work.

Colleagues – But thapki today is first day of your wedding go enjoy it we will handle all the work

T – So nice of u all but i prefer doing my piece of work myself only

Colleagues – No thapki don’t worry all the work will be done and tell bihaan sir also not to worry.

( Then everyone insist thapki so she agrees and leaves)

At bihaan’s house

(Seeing bihaan sit alone vasu comes)

V – what happened beta thapki will come soon

B – (hugs vasu and cries) maa nothing is well

V – what happened tell me atleast ?

B – tells the whole truth and cries

V – u could have told me earlier then i would have done smthng

B – Maa promise me u will not tell this to dad maa plzz

V – Ok i won’t but u too will not cry is that ok

B- yess maa

(Vasu leaves)

Bihaan wipes his tears and sees thapki standing there

B – thapki u here did u not go to office?

T – (taunts)My presence is not being liked by someone i guess

B – It s not like that actually….

T – Actually mr. bihaan pandey could not tolerate anyone refusing his orders right

B – No thapki u are misunderstanding me

T – Yes i misunderstood u but no u have not changed u are the same old selfish bihaan pandey

B – Thapki atleast allow me to complete

T – What complete bihaan today u must be very happy finally u were able to leak the truth to aunty excellent job bihaan!!

B – Thapki but

(Just then ballu calls both of them to his room)

At ballu’s room

Balvinder – I have something imp . to talk with u both

B – Yes dad what?

Ballu – thapki beta u don’t like bihaan right and married him only because of me right??

T – (looks down and does not reply)

ballu – say beta please don’t worry

T – (still does not reply and leaves)

B – No dad everything is fine between us truely(leaves)

Ballu – It means that the person was right

At bihaan’s room

T – Now u must be very happy as finally u were able to defeat me right

B – thapki believe me i said nothing

T – Yes u said nothing and the nothing u said to aunty was conveyed by her to ur dad ……….

B – No thapki maa can never do this she promised me

T – Promises are made to be broken Bihaan don’t u remember that u too promised me that u would break this marriage and we would remain friends

B – We are still friends only thapki

T – No bihaan our friendship was broken the day u broke my trust as all friendships are connected with a thread of trust which as soon as is broken breaks the friendship as well (leaves)

B – No thapki I still don’t believe that maa can do this .i will have to find out about the person trying to break my marriage

In the garden

Thapki is seen sitting on the swing and smiling to herself

T – Good job thapki bravo!!(and dials a number)

T – Hello dips thanks for doing so much for me ,Thanks for calling ballu uncle

On the other side – Mention not thapki I am always there to help u

T – Thnxx a lot dips and yes do surely come tomorrow along with divorce papers

The girl – yes thapki surely now bye

T – Bye(cuts the phone) What a brilliant idea thapki ballu uncle will never come to know that whatever happened was because of me(smirks)

Precap – divorce drama

Credit to: naymaz

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    nice episode…pls reunited thahaan pls…

  2. Excellent!!….dyin to knw dis dips!

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG shocking precap :O

  4. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    I want bihaan to slap thapki hard n explain his feelings…..

  5. Lol…i cant imagine thapki like this ..everything looks so evil though its not …well ithink divorce cannot happen in just two days, court will give 6 month time…and yeah i know she will develop feeling for bihaan

  6. asheena dheer

    Awesome episode naymaz what a thinking ability u have a devil thapki and a good bihaan .Excellent keep it up

  7. Kya baat hai g for gajabb naymaz !!!!!!!!!!

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