Hum tumhaare mahiya re (episode 4)


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The episode starts with thapki and bihaan sitting in the car and leaving.

Inside the car:

T – Bihaan I thought that atleast for the sake of our friendship u would break this marriage.

B – Thapki I am sorry .I swear to have called in the drama company but the girl did not come as…..

T – (shocked) as what bihaan??

B – As aditi told her not to break this marriage.

Now thapki acts as if she did not know about this and sits silently and soon they both reach bihaan’s house

At bihaan’s house:

Vasu – come thapki beta kick this kalash from your feet

Thapki – No aunty I cannot do this

All are hell shocked at this

Vasu – But beta it is an important ritual

Thapki – Aunty how to tell u now

V – Don’t think so much beta tell me after all i am also like your mother right

T – Yes of course actually the matter is that my cousin who recently got married also kicked the kalash but as soon as she did so her husband died due to heart attack and she she became a widow…………and i fear having the same fate

All are shocked

Vasu – oh no beta don’t worry it may be just a coincidence and moreover if someone does not hit the kalash then marriages are broken and i insist u to kick the kalash

T – No aunty i am very sorry but i can’t

Seeing all this Balvinder who was till now standing silently speaks

Balvinder – Vasu if she is fearing then there is no need to pressurize her

And finally all speak in favor of thapki

Vasu – ok …ok Thapki no need to fear .If u don’t want we’ll keep the kalash aside.

T – Thank u very much aunty

Vasu – At least now come inside

Bihaan and thapki enter the house

Vasu , ballu , bihaan and others leave only thapki is there

Thapki – (to herself) At least now our marriage will break and laughs

Now u will repent Mr. Bihaan Pandey for marrying me………

(and leaves)

In bihaan’s room:

Bihaan was able to enter his room after paying much to thapki’s friends and when he enters he sees thapki sleeping

B – (to himself) thapki looks so beautiful while sleeping

And sleeps on the couch


Thapki wkes up and is shocked to see bihaan sleeping on the couch and murmuring her name

She goes near bihaan and wakes him up :

B – (still feeling sleepy) u got up so early??

T – Actually i beleive in the policy of early sleeping and early waking.Anyways i woke u up to tell u that i am getting ready for office

B – O….Office but today is the first day of our marriage

T – i know but to me work is more important than anything and moreover its a marriage i don’t believe in So what’s the use of taking a leave(and goes)

B – (crying)what do i do to make u understand my feelings .Isin’t my love for u visible in my eyes

Thapki comes out of the room and vasu notices her

Vasu- thapki , beta where are u going this early

T – aunty i am going to my office actually due to my wedding i was not able to go for the past one week so i have a lot of work to complete so i am leaving

V – But beta is it important to go today

T – yes aunty very very important(ok bye)

Saying this thapki leaves

Precap – bihaan tells vasu the truth and cries.

hope all are liking this or else i wud end this

Credit to: naymaz

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  1. Plz unite them asap….can’t see bihaan in such pain….

  2. Make thapki realize her fuelling too ??????

    1. Feeling*

  3. Juggu

    Yeah bechara bihaan….always he only suffers….at least in ffs let him b happy…..

  4. Truelove

    oh poor bihaan. but our thapki is not rude like that. don’t turn her negative. anyway nice episode.

  5. When you write “thapki laughs” ..i imagined her to be very rude like vamps does…..i want to be honest …your story had so much of potential but you are not able to execute that…you made thapki look like a vamp , bihaan as a cry baby all the time….most important is lack of emotions ,sorry it feels like i am reading a brief summary of one of the best story….plz try to show thapki’s helplessness , and bihaan’s understanding ..plz try to add some good and realastic dailouge …its my opinion , but i did not want to demotivate you , if it feels so then i apologise…as i had said your story had so much of potential , i do not want to quit this ff

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