Hum tumhaare mahiya re (episode 3)


Oh actually my exams are going on and i write only to relax my mind .But surely will make it long

Episode starts with aditi talking to thapki

A – Di why are u doing this? Uhave no right to break jiju’s heart.

T- But addu how u came to know?

A – My friend Deeya works in the same company whose number u gave to jiju and it was her only who was going to play jiju’s fake lover…

T – What do u mean by was her?

A – As soon as she told me what happened I asked her not to stop your wedding

T – (shocked) But addu u know na that I don’t love Bihaan and moreover I am just an employee in his Multi national Company

A – Employee….employee…..employee Its enough di has ever treated u merely as an employee .He has given u so much respect , his dad gave our dad job and he has done so much for our family …Why don’t u understand this haa?

T – Enough addu why are u all always speaking in favour of bihaan ….Don’t forget it was his dad because of whom i am being forced to marry him . I am calling deeya right now to act as bihaan’s lover

(Saying this she takes her phone and starts dialing the number just when aditi comes and snatches the phone)

T – What are u doing addu?(angrily)

A- di u cannot break his heart , u cannot break this marriage…..He truely loves u a lot di

T – now i have to learn from u what to do and what not to do haa…..

(Hearing them scream poonam enters)

P – addu still here ? go and attend the guests and thapki get ready fast beta marriage is within two hours(leaves)

T – God why me ?? Why i only have to marry bihaan ?? Why does everyone not understand me Why????(crying)

At Bihaan’s House

Vasu – Bihaan dear get ready fast your marriage is today only not next year …Come fast (leaves)

B – Maa how to tell u that the girl for whom i fell during college and started loving her does not loves me and treats me only like her manager , never bothers about my feelings (saying this he breaks down)

At thapki’s home

T – I have to break this marriage myself or else(She hears a loud knock on her door)

T – Come in plzz the door is open only

(after this aditi and her group of friends enter)

A – come di everyone is waiting for u …even jiju and his family have arrived

(Aditi takes thapki along with her)

At the mandap

Poonam – hello vasu mam and balvinder sir plzz come and sit

Vasu – poonam ji it would be better if u call thapki soon

P – Addu has gone to call her and must be coming also

(Just then thapki enters and the whole crowd including Bihaan are mesmerized to see her)

Their wedding happens without any problem

(I am not mentioning how their wedding happens as we all know how it takes place)

Thapki starts leaving her house and poonam addu and her father start crying

T – Maa don’t cry if god desires i may return home soon

P – what are u saying thapki now ur in laws house is ur real house

T – Time will only decide that (and goes)

Precap – a major twist

So guys this was a bit long and plzz don’t beat me let thapki create some more troubles and then thahaan scenes.

Credit to: naymaz

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  1. hey someone i swriting love and war ff
    so i wantvto be thapki friend
    i am crazy fan of thahaan

  2. naymaz its wonderful
    keep writing my friend

  3. good one

  4. Juggu

    Hey wat twist yaar…….you could keep nokjhoks…bt no thahaan separation track plse…

  5. Vinlora

    Good one. ..?different thought?continue plzzz?

  6. Truelove

    nice. i wish thapki accept bihaan’s love soon. please no separation.

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