Hum tumhaare mahiya re (episode 2)

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The episode starts with thapki entering bihaan’s room:

Thapki – Bihaan ac…..actually we can’t marry

Bihaan – What ? But why?

Thapki – Because I don’t love you and moreover I am an employee in ur company and I can’t tolerate being an ordinary employee in my hubby’s company.

B – (shocked) But u agreed for the wedding right?

T – I was forced to agree as my dad wud loose his job .If i had said no

B – (heart broken) – But how to stop this wedding now?

T – U say that u love someone else as if i’ll say then ur dad wud fire my dad from the job.

Saying this thapki goes

Bihaan – Thapki I am very much in love with u .I can never even think of loving someone else .Saying this bihaan starts crying and breaking all the things

Hearing this vasu enters:

Vasu- What happened Bihaan. Why are u behaving so madly and that too on your wedding day?

Bihaan – Maa I am mad……..Madly in love with thapki and she does not like me

Vasu – What ???

Bihaan understands what he said and thinks if maa says this to dad then thapki’s dad wud loose the job and says :

B – Thapki does not like me ….she loves me.

Vasu – (kisses his forehead) I am very happy for u (and goes)

B – What to do now??

He checks the phone in which thapki has sent a drama company’s name with the message -“CONTACT HERE”

He calls on that number

Thapki’s house

T – Till now Bihaan wud have arranged a lover for himself through the drama company (and gets happy)

Just then aditi enters

A – Di i have to talk smthng important

T – yess addu what happened?

A – di U don’t like jiju right……..

T – (shocked) h….how do u know?

Precap – thahaan marriage

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  1. lovely epi…..

    precap too good
    thahaan marriage very excited
    update soon….

    Lovely writer


    lovely episode…..

  3. super yaar……..continue……update fast………and bit long one plz……

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Yaar u just nailed it I got a shock while reading episode 1 sorry couldn’t comment that time as was busy with tests but now I m free all the best love u

  5. tamil ponnunga-juggu(4)

    Nice but toooooooo….small…

  6. Hey naymaz…cant wait to read how thapki will fall in love with bihaan… part soon…..keep it a bit lenghty…plzzz !

  7. You no what?… its so cruel of you …you are just teasing us with these small updates its like we are getting 1/100 part of the most tastiest cake …plz update soon and a long one …i cant control myself and unable to think what will happen next

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