Hum Tum aur Shraman (ts)

Hlo every1.How r u all.So edkv ended.It was a jerk which is still paining inside my heart.But OK everything has to end.I’m happy that the end was super duper fantastic.
So we all have decided to keep writing ff os ts to keep our edkv alive.
Firstly I m loving ur posts a lot.Sorry if I hadn’t commented.
Now let’s start with my first two shorts it can be three also if I have no mood of writing big ones.
Let’s start.

A room is shown where 2 boys r trying to wake one boy.
1 boy:bhai ud ja sooraj kab ka nikal aaya.
2 boy:now wake up.Not become small kid.
The boy who is sleeping:varun bhai push guys let me sleep .Bache ko neend aayi hai.
Varun and push:bacha!!!!
Varun:shravan don’t be silly wake up.
(Yess that lazy boy is our shravo).
Shravo:why both u r becoming mom.
He sleeps taking blanket.
Varun and push: soh ja .soh ja.Enjoy ur sleep.
Varun:push aaj radio mei jo special segment aana tha kitne baaje aana tha.
Push:after 5 min.
Shravo:what??mai bhool gya.
He goes and on the radio.
Push and varun:soh jao bache ko toh neend aayi thi
Radio voice:good morning India.
Me ur suman tiwari is here with another segment of hum tum aur woh khas.Today’s special guests r Mr and Mrs khanna .aaj hm inse jaane ge inki prem kahanni.
(Guys that our sumo)
(She talks with them.).
Sumo:guys now its time for our today caller.
Phone rings.
Sumo picks it.
Sumo:namaaste ji aapka naam.
Caller:I m the same one .
Sumo:shravan aap phirse I was knowing it.
Shravo:yup me again.I want to ask to Mr and Mrs khanna a ques.
Sumo:plz shravan don’t ask the same ques.
Shravo:I will.So Mr and Mrs khanna how r u feeling while talking to miss suman tiwari.
Sumo:again same.they r feeling good.(laughing)now call next time.
She cuts the call.
Sumo talks to them.
Sumo:OK friends now its the time
to say bye but don’t forget to be her e next weekend.I will be back with another sweet couple.Till then enjoy.
Shravo:oh meri suman jaaan nikaal di.
Push:tu aur Teri suman.Kyun thang krta hai use.
Shravo:ek baar milna hai use only 1 time.
Varun:tu sirf usse baat hi kr.
Sumo is in her cabin.
She is lost.
Sumo:aaj phir shravan malhotra ka phone he manage to call every time.

She reach her pg where she live.
Preeti:sumo aaj phirse wohi.
Sumo:yup yaar pagal hai.
Preeti:shayad .
Vandy:girls I have to tell a news.
Preeti and sumo:what.
Vandy:my marriage fixed.
Preeti and sumo:kiske sath .kab kaise .
Vandy:OK so listen .My mum and dad have fixed this rishta.
Sumo:do u personally know the boy.
Vandy:sumo like the boy is the son of ram uncle my papa friend.
Sumo: but do u know the boy.
Vandy:yes I have met him 2 times in my childhood he have two brothers.I forgotten the name of his brothers but his name is varun.
Preeti:oh ho uska naam nhi bhuli tu.
Sumo:can u manage with him.
Vsndy:surely he is a nice boy.
Sumo:how come u know.
Vamdy:yaar woh chod .next Saturday engagement.
Sumo:itni chldi .Shopping.
Preeti:we have to shop 2day only.
Vandy :look girls mai toh ja rhi hoon Delhi to mum and dad.tum Dono ko shopping krke aana hai on Saturday.
sumo:yaar boss chuti nhi dega Saturday ko imp segment hai.
Vandy:sumo what is this leave le le u have to come.
Sumo:sorry yaar not possible but shadi PR pakka .
Vandy:sumo !!!!!maine nhi karvani sagaai not fare we r living for 6 years together and u
Sumo:oh vandy emotional blackmailing ..
Preeti:sumo chl yaar.
Sumo:yaar imp hai .
Candy:more than me.

Sumo howays convinces vandy and at last sumo wins.
Shravo house
Shrsvo:bhai vandy bhabhi is beautiful right .
Push:she is so not fit for bhai.
Shravo:kaha yeh ghada aur kaha who malika.
Varun:shut up.
Shravo:bhai tune toh shadi ka fanda ghale me dhaal liya wakt hai utaar de.
Push:bhai u gone.
Varun:chip kro dono and get out.
(So guys varun and vandy engagement)
Shravo:yeah toh arrange marriage karva RHA hai mai toh luv hi karvaoga.
Push:suman se.
Shravo:kaha milegi mujhe meri suman.
Push:in Mumbai.
Oky now enough I m tired? baakhi next shot me.

Precap: engagement and something special..

Do u liked it.

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  1. Oooooohhhhhh….
    So its you my pretty preeti…
    Its interesting like you…
    I felt it might b written some known friend..with ur words in first para..and I’m right now
    It was so nice…
    An unexpected kind of story
    Km waiting for next part eagerly..
    Post asap..

    1. pretty preeti

      Oh sona di very very thnko.
      Ya its me.
      I have posted dekhte hai KB aayega.
      Di lots of luv

  2. Liked it?? Are you serious? I loved it. It was so cute. Such an unique storyline yet amazing. Post the next part soon or I’ll die waiting. Take care. Love you. ?

    1. pretty preeti

      Zainu api thanks a lot.
      No api u can’t die.
      I have posted u have to read it .
      Lots of luv

  3. Ariana

    Oh my cupcake!!! it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet. Wonderful. So Vandy wed Varun or ShraMan wedding too? can’t wait. it sounds so interesting…u just gave me a sugary strawberry topping choco-butter cupcake. I can’t wait for the next part so plzzzzzz post sooooooooooon.
    Love so alllllllllllooooooooootttttttttt
    take care

    1. pretty preeti

      Aru cupcakes first of all thnko .
      Now which GRP were u talking.I want to be there.
      Oh this cupcake is so tasty yummy.
      Love u.
      Have posted already

  4. WeirdSister

    Hey preeti…
    Loved it…
    Such n interesting plot…!!!
    Amazing…post soon!
    Love u loads sweety
    Take care

    1. pretty preeti

      Niyo thnko thnko.
      Happy that u liked it.
      Lots of luv.
      Take care.
      I have posted next one

  5. great one.. too good back wid a bang preeti.. love u lots

    1. pretty preeti

      Deo so happy .how r u.
      Oh thnkooooooo.
      Yes back.
      Lots of luv.
      Take care.

  6. A perfect … soon

    1. pretty preeti

      Smile thanks dear.
      I have posted

    2. pretty preeti

      Smile thanks dear.
      I have posted.
      Lots of luv

  7. very gud storyline its really a nice one pls post the next part soon I m dying to read the next part

    guys do read my first ff on shraman and devakshi which ill post after 27 oct in my diwali vacations pls read and do comment

  8. Ufaaq

    Aaaaaaawwwwwwww pretty amazing idea
    Sorry for being late aj naw bssss chor
    Mera bhai n yehe kehta h bache ko sone do
    R mere mama kehten hain feeder la dun hahahahha bezti
    That was amazing I loved it yar
    Love u too
    Take care

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