Hum Tum aur Shraman (ts) Part 2

Hello guys.thanks for reading last shot.Now here I present second shot in front of u .Hope u all will like it .
Now here I start.
Preeti and vandy were ready to go.Both of them hug sumo.
Vandy:sumo soch le abhi bhi 5 days hai.U can come to engagement.
Sumo:vandy wish mai aa skti but sooo sorry yaar.
Preeti:vandy leave her uski marji.
Sumo:preeti r u angry.
Preeti:yup our vandy is going to marry and it is our duty to attent each and every event.
Sumo:aapni zindagi karaab krne ja rhi hai vijay bhavo.
Vandy:hey u hate marriage not me.
Preeti:sumo bhool ja.
Sumo:aacha bs(emotional)leave old things let’s have girly hug.
They togetherly hug and preeti and vandy leaves.
They reach Delhi.
Preeti:vandy sumo bhi khash hoti.
Vandy:ya .Hey mom and dad.
They both goes to them .Vandy hugs them and preeti sweetly greets them.
They all reach home.
Varun push and shravo were there.
Vandy and preeti enters there.
Vandy:(looking towards varun)varun .
Varun:yup.and these both my brothers shravo and push.
Preeti was continuously looking towards push.
Shravo coughs.

They both comes to senses.
Vandy:shravo and push nice to meet u both.
Preeti:me too.
Push:ur name.
Vandy:oh I forgotten to tell.She is preeti my friend.
Preeti:sumo best and me just friend.
Vandy:my another friend.we three live together.
Varun:ok u both might be tired we should go.
Vandy:nhi .
Push:oh bhabhi rest kro will meet tomorrow for shopping.
Shravo: leave him bhai let’s go now.
The trio leaves .
Next day they did shopping and enjoyed.
It was engagement day.
Vandy phone rings.
She picks it.

Caller:aapni suicide ki pehle padav ke liye all the best.
Vandy:sumooo come on meri jaan at least today don’t make me afraid.
Sumo:ok sorry but how’s going .
Vandy:very gud.tu aa ja.
Sumo:u r going to get a surprise.
Vandy:surprise what.
Sumo:will tell later.
She cuts the call.
Vandy goes to the hall.
After some time a girl wearing sky blue colour lehnga designer .Her hairs were covering her face.
Shravo was walking in haste and they both colloid.It is shown the girl was sumo.
They both see each other.
Sumo was about to say something that she got losted in his eyes.
Shravo was already mesmerized.
From back vandy comes.
Vandy:sumo u here.
(Sumo and shravo have not spoken any word and r not knowing each other cause they only recognize each other voices)
Vandy:sumo shravo shravo sumo.
Shravo was seeing her and comes to senses and leave from there.
Vandy:ise kya hoya.sumo tu jaha.
Sumo:actually surprise.
Vandy:tera toh segment tha
Sumo:woh segment pe jin logon ne aana tha they didn’t came.
So my segment got cancelled and I m here.
Vandy was overjoying in happiness.
Vandy:come jiju se mil.
Varun and push were standing.
Vandy:varun sumo.Maine btaya tha na.
Preeti comes there.
Preeti:sumo u
Sumo:baad me btaougi.pehle jiju se toh mil liya jaye.
Varun:hlo me varun.ur jiju.
Push:mai pushkar.
Vandy:aur yeh sumo.
There shravo comes.
Varun and push laughs.
Push:varun bhai shravo bhai ko pta chl gya.
Push:(laughing) iski suman tiwari ka show nhi aaya.
Preeti:suman tiwari woh toh.
Sumo shakes her head indicating not to speak.
Push:woh toh kya.
Preeti:hmm radio Jockey.
Push:haan .(he laughs)
Vandy:kya hoya.

Push:bhabhi he is mad for that suman.he never misses her segment .pr aaj aaya nhi .I don’t know kya hai uske ndar.he is mad for her voice.who knows ki uski umar kya hai isse badhi nikli she beautiful.only uski awaaj se yeh pagal ho gya.
Preeti:oh she is just 25 and very beautiful.
Push:how do u know.
Sumo laughs there.
Shravo hearing her laugh voice says.
Shravo:suman tiwari.
Sumo:yes Mr shravan malhotra am I right.
Push and varun:what really .
Sumo:yes .push so I can guarantee u suman tiwari is 25 and beautiful also.
Push:woh to hai.
Preeti:r u really shravan ur real name is shravan.I can’t believe sumo mille shravan se.
Sumo:shravan malhotra uff shravo how can any1 so energetic that he calls every time.
Push:pagal deewana.
Sumo:shravan plz speak something I m waiting to meet u and want the answer and now u r quite.
Shravo:woh actually I want to say something u and ur voice sweet smile.
Sumo blushes little.
Shravo:ms suman tiwari u r very beautiful .
Vandy:sumo tera shravo handsome bhi nikla shadi krle u will have great life.
Sumo:shut up vandy shadi never.

Here another shot ends.only one left so it is three shot story.
Love u allllll

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  1. very gud meeting for shraman a shocking one pks read my ff to that ill post after 27 oct in my diwali break

  2. Niharikamalhotra

    @ppppp…oho my dewaani mastaani 2….amazing, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic….at last I got the subject… Actually I didn’t read I st shot but 2nd was soo sooo amazing… Keep it up..plez do tell about yr third one…n amazing… I m really missing EDKV after Read this…plezzzzz itna bhi accha mat likh ki JAAN nikal JAAYE…very emotional to me,but outstanding as well…plez write nxt asap……love uuuuu

  3. WeirdSister

    Hey preettiiii!
    U rocked it girlll….
    25 nd beautiful…wow nice guess huh…???
    Loved it..
    Plz post soon…
    Love ya..

  4. Ariana

    Woah!!!! The end “why” was awesome…like bang off with a cardiac arrest. Superb….wonderful…. finaly Shravo met his Suman Tiwari. Awesome epi cupcake. It was extra chocolate creama wala cupcake this time. sooooo sweet sweet. Nd their takkar..uff y so sugery? K ignore my nutty words, my brain is probably missing a screw.
    Post next part soooooooooooooooooooooooooon coz I’m waiting
    love u

  5. Ufaaq

    Omg preeti it was like ammmmazing
    I loved the y part hahahha it was took gud like puni
    Lobe u yar
    It was amazing
    Awesome fabolus
    Like me hahahhaa no no it was amazing
    And ya love u
    Take care and do bhangra
    Happy navratri to u
    WO frame m dekha that k ap ka festival chal raha h

  6. Haha..????
    Crazy fan…???
    We r here..dying for shravo…and.
    He is mad for sumo..????
    Universal truth???????????

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  8. This was so amazing. I read it in evening but had to go to friend’s place so couldn’t comment. Sorryyy. This shot was awesome. I loved it so so so much. Post the next one soon. Take care. Love you ?

  9. segment was awesome
    loved it pretty
    plz post the next soon……tc

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