Hum saath saath hain-YHM,IPKKND,Swararagini,ETRETR SS Part9

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Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 9
Raman:Don’t worry Maa.I can understand your feelings.Any mother will thiLaksh like this. I don’t want to be the managing director.Let Arnav be the managing director.
Prerna was stunned.
She thought:Raman gave up so easily for my happiness?
Rishab:Arnav is not interested in it.He is not ready to take such a big responsibility.
P:Yes.I know.So let Raja be the managing director.
Rishab was shocked:Raja?What are you saying Prerna?
P:You also said that Raja is not your son in law,he is your son.Then why do you feel uneasy?
Rish:Raja is my son only.But still…
P:If he too is your son why this discrimination?And if Raja takes over the company it will favour our own daughter Rani.
Rishab:So you decided to make Raja the managing director not for him,but for your daughter Rani.Prerna…you are blinded by your love for your children.
Prer:What is wrong in that?I want Raja to take over the company.That’s it.
Raman:Papa…don’t argue with maa.Maa is right.Raja is smart and intelligent enough to handle it papa.Maa is right.
LAKSH was really upset.
Rish:Ok…if this is everyone’s decision then let Raja be the managing director.
Raman and Ishita left the room.
Rishab stared at Prerna:Once I was proud of my family.I was a bit too happy that you loved Raman like your own son.But my happiness vanished in a moment.Today you proved that you are only a step mother.
Prerna’s heart was pricked.
LAKSH:When you said that you don’t want Raman bhaiyya to be the managing director he agreed it so easily.You know why?Because he loves us that much.Can’t you see his love mom?Are you blind?I never expected this from you.
Rishab and LAKSH left the room.
Prerna wept bitterly.

LAKSH went to Raman’s room.He cried hugging him.
Raman:LAKSH,what is this?
LAKSH:I am sorry on mom’s behalf.
Raman:No’t be angry with Maa.She is right in her place.

LAKSH:Still you support mom.Hope mom will see your golden heart one day.
LAKSH left.
Ishita:Raman…are you sure that you did the right thing?
Raman:Yes Ishita.I don’t know what made Maa think like this now.But I am sure that her love for me has not decreased a bit.
Ishita was confused.

She thought:Why did Maa behave like this suddenly?

Prerna rang up Raja.
P:I did as per you said.Raman is no more the managing director of AR companies.I recommended your name and everyone agreed.
Rani came:Whose call is this?

Raja cut the call.
Raja:It was from your house.Raman bhaiyya does’nt want to be the managing director.So they have decided to make me the managing director.
Rani was shocked:Why does Raman bhaiyya suddenly refuse to take over the position?
Raja:I don’t know.
Rani:But why did they chose you to replace him instead of Arnav bhaiyya who is the second eldest in the family?I have to enquire.

Raja started sweating.
Rani rang Raman:Bhaiyya,is it true that you refused to be the managing director?
Rani:But why?
Raman:Suddenly I felt that I can’t manage it.Papa struggled hard to make our company successful.I don’t want to ruin it.
Rani:Why do you think so negatively bhaiyya?We all know that you can do it.
Raman:But I have no confidence and without confidence I can’t take over such a big responsibility.
Rani:But instead of Arnav Bhaiyya why was Raja chosen to replace you?
Raman:Arnav is not interested and Laksh is still immature and Raja is the best to handle it.
After talking to Arnav Rani went into deep thoughts.
Raja:What happened Rani?
Rani:I am happy for you.But at the same time I feel very sad for Raman bhaiyya.I don’t know what’s happening is right or wrong.
Raja said in his mind:Whatever happening is wrong.But I have to be the managing director of AR company at any cost.

Arnav reached home.Prerna ran towards him to hug him.But Arnav stopped him.She was stunned.
Arn:No mom.You lost the right to express love to me when you proved that you don’t love Raman bhaiyya.To be frank I don’t even feel like calling you mom.
Prerna could’nt believe what she heard from Arnav.She was shattered.
Arn:LAKSH rang up and told me everything mom.Rishab threw a party painfully to introduce the new managing director of AR company..
Arnav walked away.Prerna burst into tears.
Rishab who watched it from behind came near her.
Rish:You showed step motherly behaviour towards Raman for your children.Now see…one by one you will lose all your children.

Rishab walked away.Prerna cried a lot.

Arnav went near Raman.He hugged him crying.
Raman caressed him:What is this Arnav?Still you are behaving like a kid.
Arnav looked at Ishita:Bhabhi,why did you support bhaiyya’s decision?
Ishita:Because Raman can’t be wrong.He can’t bear his mother’s tears.If his mother cries he will feel pain.He did that to wipe his mother’s tears.So I supported him and I will always support him.
Arnav wept:Wish mom had seen your heart bhaiyya. Mom made her son cry…the son who does’nt want his mother to cry.
Raman felt sad:Arnav,never talk like this about our mom.She has her own reason to do this.
Arn:Whatever the reason is she did’nt do right by showing discrimination towards you.Sorry bhaiyya…I can’t support her like you do.
Raman felt upset.

Rishab threw a party to declare Raja was the managing director of AR company.

Arnav:Khushi,I am really upset.How happy our family was!But suddenly how did mom change?How could she do this to Raman bhaiyya?
Khushi felt upset.

K:Even I am not able to believe that Prerna aunty could do something like to Raman bhaiyya.

Arn:Khushi I feel that this is not our mom,she is someone else.

K:For a moment I also felt that the Prerna aunty I know since childhood is not this.Prerna can’t do this to
Raman bhaiyya.She used to love him a lot.Then how come suddenly she is like this?I still can’t believe this.

Arn:For this I can never forgive her.

Khushi became upset.
She looked at Arnav and held his hand to console him. _
K:Arnav…don’t say like this.I have faith in Devi maiyya.Our family will be much happier than before.
Arn:I hope so Khushi.

Raja was declared as the managing director of AR companies.
Raja was not cheerful.
Rani:Instead of becoming happy and smiling why are you so dim Raja?
Raja:Nothing Rani.
Rani:Then smile my dear husband.Enjoy your victory.

Raja faked a smile.

LAKSH was upset.Ragini kept her arm on his shoulder:LAKSH….
LAKSH:I am not sad about Raja reaching the top position.But I can’t tolerate the injustice done towards Raman bhaiyya.
Ragini:I understand LAKSH.And I am also very upset about it.But we can’t change what happened.Right?

And I am sure that everything will be alright.

Ragini wiped her wet eyes.
Ragini:LAKSH…this is a public function.Everyone will notice us.So try to smile.

LAKSH:Yes,I will fake smile.These days since there is no happiness we are forced to smile artificially.We forgot to smile from our heart.
Ragini felt upset.

Manorama went near Prerna:Prerna,what is this?You made Raja the managing director?He is only your son in law.
Prerna:Manorama,first you had problem with Raman being in that position.Now with Raja too?
Mano:Hello hi bye bye…I meant….you should have made your son the managing director.
Prer:Why don’t you say clearly that you want LAKSH to be in that position..not even Arnav.So that it will favour your daughter Ragini.
Manorama was embarrassed.
Prerna got angry::Don’t try to brainwash me again.If you come again near me with your dirty advise I will forget who you are.

Prerna walked away.
Manorama was stunned:Hello hi bye bye..for the first time Prerna got angry…that also with me?

Ishita looked at Raman:Everything is going as your wish.You are happy now.Right Raman?
Raman:I am very happy to see my mother happy.You are happy?
P:I am happy because you are happy.
Raman:I am lucky to have a supportive wife like you.
They smiled at each other.

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  13. Perna is now realised that all her children hate her because she doesn’t want Raman to be the Managing Director of the AR company. Rishab, Arnav, Rani and Laksh hate Perna for ruin Raman future and his life. Raman still support Perna but did not know it was Manorama who brainwashed her and saying bad about Raman. Manorama have forget that Raman is Rishab’s son not an adoption son.

    Ragini will get to know that Manorama did this and will get angry for destory Raman’s life and his family. Laksh will blame on Perna and Manorama then tell Rishab about Manorama evil deed and provoked Raman. Whole family will be hell shocked and get angry on Manorama. Mahonar eill be fumed and throw her out. Manorama will realsed what is family mean?

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