Hum saath saath hain – YHM,IPKKND,Swararagini,ETRETR SS Part8

Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 8
As in the film HSSH, this ss was also only filled with love,romance,happiness,joy and fun till now.Now the real story starts with unexpected twists.

Rishab announced:I thiLaksh it’s time for me take rest.I worked a lot.Let me have rest.So i have decided to hand over the position of the managing director to my eldest son Raman .
Raman was emotional:you deserve it beta.
Rishab hugged him.Arnav and LAKSH hugged him. Ishita and Prerna too hugged Raman.
Harshwardhan congratulated Raman by shaking his hand:Congrats beta.You are the best person to sit on this chair.I am very happy for you.
Raman smiled:Thank you Uncle.
Everyone was very happy.But Manorama’s face became dull.
She told Manohar:Hello hi bye bye…What is this?Raman as the managing director?Then what will happen to LAKSH and our daughter Ragini?
Manohar:What are you planning to say Manorama?

Mano:You are Rishabji’s close friend.You please make him understand that what he is doing is not right.LAKSH and Arnav should get justice.Why does Rishabji loving Raman more than his other 2 sons?
Manohar:Just stop it Manorama.What Rishab did is right.Raman is the most deserving one for this position as he is more mature and responsible than others.And Rishab loves all his children equally.But your foolish eyes can’t see it.
Manorama got irritated:Hello hi bye bye.I said the truth.But you can’t understand that.
Manohar:Just shut up your mouth.
Manorama was really irritated.

Arnav was packing his bags as he has to leave for Hyderabad for an important meeting.He has to leave early morning.It was late night.Suddenly he got a message.It was from Khushi.
“Please come to the backyard now”.
Arn:At night?
He went there.Khushi was waiting for him.
She ran into his arms.
K:Arnav….for one week you won’t be here.I will miss you.
He caressed her.
A:Khushi…I am also upset.But trust me..I will call you daily and we will have video chats too.So we will be together only.

She smiled slightly.
K:Before you go I want to give you something.
She blushed:A romantic surprise.
He smiled.
She led him to her room which was decorated with lit candles.He was surprised.
He held her closer:It was really a romantic surprise Khushi.For one week this romantic moment will be enough for me to pass time.

She blushed.
A:Khushi,I need to go back as my flight is in the early morning.
She became upset.
He brushed his lips against her cheek.

She was stunned.Then she blushed.He went out.

The next morning Arnav left.

Rani:Raja…do you know the speciality of this day?
Rani:Today is our first date anniversary.You forgot that?How could you forget that Raja?Leave it.I don’t want to talk to you.
With a smile suddenly Raja gave her a gift:I have not forgotten it Rani.
She was surprised.

Rani:So you were fooling me?Anyways I forgive you for fooling me as you gave me a gift.What is there in this box?
Raja:Open it.
She opened it.It was a beautiful ring.
Rani:So beautiful.
Raja took it and slipped onto her finger.
Raja:Get ready grandly.We will go on a dinner date to celebrate.
Rani was excited:Sure.

Manorama visited Prerna.
M:Prerna,did Rishabji discuss with you before declaring Raman as the managing director of the companies?
M:Hello hi bye bye.Still you did’nt object it?
P:What do you mean Manorama?Why should I object?Raman deserves it.
M:But Arnav and LAKSH also deserve it equally.But Rishabji is giving everything to Raman ignoring his other children.
P:What are you saying Manorama?No one is ignoring anyone.For us all our children are equal.
M:For you all children are equal.You love you stepson Raman as your own son.But step son is always a step son.Don’t forget that.

M:I am telling the truth Prerna.Reality can’t be changed.How do you know that your step son Raman loves you the way you love him?
P:Enough Manorama…I know Raman very well.
M:We can’t explore anyone’s mind Prerna.What if after taking over the position Raman will throw out you and your children?
P:Stop it Manorama.Raman won’t do that.He loves us a lot.He risked his own health to save his brothers.

M:That was when he was small.But now he is big and ambitious.Beware Prerna.Raman will betray his brothers and Arnav and LAKSH will be penniless.
P:Nothing like that will happen.
M:Now a days real brothers are fighting with each other over property.Then you can guess how a step brother like Raman will do to his brothers.
P:I told you…my Raman won’t do that.
M:Raman is not yours Prerna.He is just your step son.Always remember that.

P:Blood wise he is not my son.But heart wise he is my dearest son.
M:Hello hi bye are too sentimental.Can you point out one family where such issues do not exist?Then how can you be over confident about your family unity?
P:We have brought up our children like that.They know the value of relationships.
M:Don’t be over confident Prerna.It will only destroy your own children’s happiness.Think well about what I said.You will understand what I meant.
Manorama left.Prerna was upset.

Rani wore a grand saree and jewellery to go on date.
Rani:Shall we go?
Raja:Rani…shall we cancel our date?

Raja:We will go some other day.
Rani:Today is our date anniversary and you are telling that our date can be postponed?Why Raja?
Raja:I have no mood today.

Rani:Why you don’t have any mood?
Raja:I don’t know.I don’t feel like going on a date.

Rani:What a silly reason you are giving?You only asked me to dress up grandly and now you are telling me to cancel the date?Ok..your wish.We won’t go.I will change.

Rani gave an angry face.

Raja:No need Rani.I was just fooling you.We will go on date.
She was surprised:Again you fooled me?Anyways I forgive you as you are taking me on a wonderful date.
They smiled.
Rani:I will take my bag and come.
Rani went inside.Raja’s face became dull.
He said in his mind:Sorry Rani…I am fooling you again and again.
Raja took her to a star hotel for dinner.

Prerna was looking very upset.Rishab noticed it:Prerna,why are you looking upset?
P:I was thinking of Raman being the managing director of the companies.I fear whether Raman will betray Arnav,Rani and Nandu(LAKSH’s pet name) when he gets the power.
Rishab was shocked:Prerna,do you think Raman will do that?You know him very well.
P:But as a mother I will be always tensed about my children.I don’t want anything bad to happen to my children.
Rish:What are you trying to say Prerna?Are you insecure with Raman becoming the managing director?
P:Yes,I don’t want him to be the managing director.

Rishab was shocked:I can’t believe your change Prerna.Suddenly how did you change?
P:Because now I have come to reality.I am not in a dream world anymore.So Raman should not be given that position.
Suddenly they saw LAKSH,Raman and Ishita at the door.Rishab and Prerna found it difficult to face them.

Thanku all of u who support this FF.Very sorry 4 no Raglak Ishra scenes.But I promise that in the next part you will get Ishra Raglak scenes

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  1. IQRA222


  2. Raman will be upset of Perna and goes to his roomto pack his things and leave the house. Rishab get angry on Perna and blame her for Raman leaving the house. Laksh and Arnav get shock and upset. Raman moved in and live with Ishu. Rishab tell Perna that he will not live with her because he loves his son Raman. Perna feel guilty and want to stop Rishab leaving the house. Laksh and Arnav angry on Perna and pack their clothes and leave with Raman. Perna will be left alone. Perna visit Raman and ask him to listen and Raman refused to listen and order her to leave. Perna will be heartbroken then goes to Rishab and tell about Manorama saying to Perna about family and Raman selfish. Rishab get fumed on Manorama and goes to her and shout on Manorama for ruin his family and warn her to stay away from his family. Manorama silent and family get shock by Manorama evil deed to break family and Raman leaving. Whole family get angry on Manorama and threw her out of her family house. Rishab goes to Raman and ask him to come home with brothers and Raman tell Rishab that he is no longer as his son because of Perna. Rishab tell Raman that Manorama did this to provoked you and brothers. Perna beg for forgiven. Raman ignored and tell Perna that he was loving her as his mother and now you are not my mother. Perna get heartbreaking by Raman words. Laksh and Arnav support Raman.

    1. Jasminerahul

      i love your imagination

    2. Yaar .tumne to sara suspnse khol diya…rmn itna b stone (patthar)nnhi hai……he tespects his mothernd mothrhood….i think he forgives her

  3. Asra

    superbbb dear….

  4. Awssmm…..

  5. Kumud


  6. Awesome dear

  7. Mansi

    Lovely update lvd it?Rishabh announcing Raman as MD and every1 supporting n congratulating him except manorama gd manohar silenced hr tht tme bt still she vnt n tld prerna against Raman n Rishabh of hw heis neglectn HS sons over Raman?BT gd to knw prerna dnt cmein hr tlkd BT afterwards wht happnd to hr n tld Rishabh of HS decision is wrong?lvd raja surprising rani by fooling hr on der frst date anniversary n tkng hr out?BT whn rani dressed up n came he again fools hr of my going anywhere n became angry on hm ?BT why is he trying to tell I am fooling u again n again??Update soon?

  8. Shakaib

    Wow…awesome di… Okay…. Will wait for ishra scene in next part…. Shocked that Rama is prena’s stepson…!! Arshi scene was nice… Raga scene was also nice… Rishabh is shocked by prena..actually…. Manorama brainwash prena is real… Well… I love the parichary comment…. I took it for reality for a while…!!

    1. Jasminerahul

      In the introduction itself it was revealed that raman is prerna’s step son .thank you

    2. Rishab was married first wife who is Raman’s mother had died by giving birth to Raman.
      Rishab married again to Perna and gave birth to 2 sons Arnav and Laksh and a daugher Rani.
      Perna is the person that raised Raman since his childhood and always loves him as her son and she also love Arnav, Laksh and Rani equally because all children belong to Rishab.
      Manorama is not mature like other Rani and Ishita.
      Laksh is in love with Ragini but angry on Manorama for provoke Raman as disability and no girls will fall in love with Raman but Ishu heard it all and felt bad and she is in love with Raman and ask for hand of marriage. Raman had rejected Ishu pospone that break Ishu heart.

  9. nice update waiting for ishra scene ans waht will happen further pls continue soon

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