Hum saath saath hain-YHM,IPKKND,Swaragini,ETRETR SS – Part 12(Last chapter)

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Hum Saath Saath Hain Part 12
Arnav,LAKSH,Raja and Rani were standing at the veranda.
They:Raman bhaiyya and Ishita bhabhi.
They hugged them.They were very emotional.
LAKSH:Get ready.We came here to take you both back.
Arnav:What but?
Rani:You are worried about mom’s reaction.Right?Then only told us to bring you guys back.
Raman and Ishita were stunned.
Arnav:Bhaiyya…you were right that mom loves you a lot.
LAKSH:Do you know what happened?Mom did this to save your life.
Raja:Yes.It’s a scary story which took place without your knowledge.
They explained everything.Raman and Ishita were shocked.
They:Can’t believe it.

ISHITA:Raman…you always had a belief that Mummiji loves you a lot and she will call you back.It’s true.
Raman was very happy.
ISHITA:When everyone blamed mummiji only you saw goodness in her.Now only everyone else could see it.I am proud of you Raman.
Raman smiled.
ISHITA:You had a strange feeling now.Right?It’s because our family came to take you back.
Raman smiled.
Arnav:Get ready soon.Dad and mom are waiting there.
They were very happy.

Hearing sound Prerna turned back.She could see Raman and Ishita along with Arnav,LAKSH and Rani.
Raman,Ishita,Prerna and Rishab became very emotional.


Prerna:I am sorry beta.I kicked you out of this house and I was supposed to bring you back.But I did’nt come to your house to bring you back here.
Rishab:Prerna was finding it difficult to face you.So I stopped her.
Raman:Though you did’nt call me back directly I know that your heart was calling me back.And why you feel uneasy to face me?You did all this to save me.
Prerna became very emotional.
Prerna extended her hand calling him.Raman ran to her to her.All were stunned.
Arnav:Raman bhaiyya…
Raman did’nt hear anything.
Prer:Raman…you ran after many years.Your leg is fine now.
Ishita smiled tearfully cupping his face in her arms:Yes Raman.You are fine like before.
Raman looked at his leg unbelievingly.
Khushi looked at Arnav emotionally:I told you Arnav…Raman bhaiyya will be fine one day.
Arnav smiled emotionally.
Rishab,LAKSH,Rani and Arnav hugged Raman.
Raman looked at Prerna:It’s because of you Maa.You called me to come near you.I was so happy that i could’nt wait anymore to be near you.So I ran towards you.This made my foot fine like before.
Everyone smiled emotionally.
Prerna wept:My beta!

She kissed his forehead.
Prerna:Forgive me for wounding your heart.
Raman:How could you say sorry to me Maa?Because of you only I am alive now.
He hugged him.Ishita stood near them.Prerna caressed her.
Prer:Thank you for being with my son through out.
Ishita:Don’t say thank you mummiji.I did it out of my love for him.
Prer:My son is very lucky to have you in his life.
Raman:Papa…Maa…Arnav..LAKSH…Khushi..Ragini…there is a happy news.Yesterday only we got it confirmed.Ishita is expecting.
Ishita was shy.
All were excited.

Rishab:I am going to be a Dada.
Prerna:I will be a Dadi.
Arnav and LAKSH:We will be chacha.
Khushi and Ragini:We will be chachi.Wow!
Prerna kissed Ishita’s forehead:I am so happy.I can’t wait for our grand child.
Raja:Daddiji and Mummiji…you both are not only dad and dadi,but also nani and nana.Rani has started showing the symptoms of pregnancy.
All were surprised:Really?
Rani blushed.

LAKSH:Double surprise for us.
They hugged Rani.
Khushi:I am a doctor.So I will not leave Ishita bhabhi and Rani simply.I will keep coming here for check up.
Ragini:Even I will not leave you guys.I will take Khushi bhabhi’s instructions and take care of Ishita bhabhi and my dear Rani.
They all were very happy.

When all were chatting Arnav grabbed Khushi’s hand and took her to a corner.
He leaned towards her soft pink cheeks and blew air on her face .She closed her eyes feeling his passionate love.

He moved towards her lips.She closed his lips with her finger.

K:Arnav,what are you doing?
Arn:I just want to inform you that I am willing to marry you now.Are you also ready to marry me?

She blushed:Yes.
Suddenly they heard everyone saying from back:We all are ready to arrange your wedding.
Arnav Khushi were embarrassed.
Rishab:Not only Arnav and Khushi,but LAKSH and Ragini also will get married on the same mandap.
LAKSH and Ragini were surprised.
LAKSH carried her in his arms in excitement.

Raman joined AR company as the managing director in a few days.

Arnav-Khushi and LAKSH Ragini got married on the same mandap.

Reception party…

Rishab and Prerna were very happy.
Rish:When our family had a split I was broken.But now seeing everyone together I feel so happy.
Prer:Yes Rishabji.All of them look very nice when they are together.

All the couples started dancing.

Phoolon Mein Khushboo Hai,
Is Dil Mein Ek Tu Hai,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain,

Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain,

Nainon Mein Jyoti Hai, Seepi Mein Moti Hai,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain…

Jaise Hanson Ke Sung Hansini,
Jaise Chanda Mein Hai Chandni,

Jaise Kaviyon Ki Ho Bhavana,
Jaise Man Mein Koi Kamana,
Diya Aur Baati, Hum Saath Saath Hain,
Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hain…

The end

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  1. IQRA222

    awesome will miss this story

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    awesome dear…..Full of family oriented ss….loved it alot…..
    my fav character -prerna…..i love her lot so good mom…..loves everyone equally…..not show any partiality….
    my fav scene – whn manorama talk against raja that time prerna should give a correct payback answer…..that scenes s my fav…..
    tkcr dear…..

    1. Jasminerahul

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  4. very nice matured ishra naughty ragini laksh, silencearnav and kushi

  5. Shakaib

    Wow..what a awesome starting point and ending point di…love this fan fiction to the core….like Ishita being pregnant. It was wonderful throughout every episode. Love the face that Raman’s legs got fine and he can walk properly now. My favourite couple…of course Ishra..!!! My favourite scene when Ishra got united and Prena and Raman patch up. My favourite character is Ishita…her true love wins here….Overall….all couples, scenes and character were nice. I love to read HSSH.

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    Fantastic…Loved it a lot??Raman n ishita too came home and Raman ran like before…Wow that’s grt…Thnks for making him alright because in movie it was not shown..Soo loved it here a lot….Good to know ishita n rani expecting and everyone got glad to hear it?arnav n laksh too got married…..Sad that it ended? but u gave a very good ending to it by the song?u could have written more on it….I loved all the scenes a lot…..Especially that scene in which u dint change prerna to movies Mamta….Loved raja rani,Ishra,prerna?

  11. Awesome story but sad that it had to end now. I was hoping that what Ishra and Rajani are expecting. Didn’t matter that it had to end very soon but am enjoying it.

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