Hum saath saath hain SS- Character Sketch

Hum Saath Saath Hain Character Sketch
This SS is based on the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain.But it won’t be exactly like the movie as I will write it in my way.But the theme will be same.I wrote this on IPKKND couples.For my friend Piyali I’m re-posting this SS 4 Arshi,Ishra,Raglak and RajNi

Rishab Singh Raizada:Loves his family a lot.He has 3 sons and a daughter.His first wife died after her delivery.After that he married Prerna.

Prerna:Second wife of Rishab.She has 3 children-Arnav,LAKSH and Rani.Though Rishab’s first son Raman is not her real son she loves him like her own son.

Raman:Eldest son of Rishab Singh Raizada.He can’t walk properly like normal men because of a childhood accident.He is the step son of Prerna.He loves his father,step mother and his brothers a lot.Very mature,efficient and responsible..

Arnav:Second son of Rishab and the eldest son of Prerna.Very smart.

LAKSH:Youngest son of Rishab-Prerna who is fun loving.He has a huge crush on Ragini.

Rani:The daughter of Rishab and Prerna and the brothers’ pet.

Raja Shetty:Loving husband of Rani.

Manohar Kashyap and Manorama:Family friends of Raizadas.

Ragini Kashyap: Only daughter of Manohar and Manorama and she loves LAKSH a lot.

Shashi Gupta and Garima:Parents of Khushi.Shashi is a doctor while Garima is a house wife.

Khushi Kumari Gupta:Daughter of Dr.Shashi Gupta and Garima.Neighbour and childhood friend of the Raizada brothers.Arnav and Khushi love each other.She is a doctor.

Vinod Gupta:Shashi’s brother.He is a widower.

Ishita:The daughter of Vinod Gupta and Khushi’s cousin.

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  1. Aarti32

    Hey, I had also written a 3 shots on hum saath saath hain wid Ishkara, Devakshi n Archi as d three couples..But it was exactly like d film..Shud I post d links here??

    1. Jasminerahul

      Yes I know that.But this FF won’t be exactly like the movie.Scenes are completely different.But the theme is same

  2. nice awesome hope get more raglak scene

  3. nice awesome hope get more raglak scene plzz

  4. love ragini

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    amazing cc

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  8. nice pls continue soon

  9. Asra

    awesome dear….

  10. Piyali

    thanks for posting it dear…….its amazing……loved the Character sketch a lot………….Ishita-Khushi’s cousins……..awesome……waiting for part one…….LOve you…… happy……

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  12. Ragz_teju

    my favourite movie thanku so much for recreating it dear

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    Waiting for more exciting updates..!!

  15. Mansi

    Interestng CS? it’s 1 of my fav movie ?waitng for d actual story to start?

  16. really excited and awaiting for further updates plz continue

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